We exist in part to grow as human beings. Some of us never face our our failings because we are afraid. This fear prevents growth. So, we look to outside sources when we decide we must change...and changing for the better is what it is all about.

Recently, I went through a great and challenging ordeal: I stopped taking all my pain medication, and went through four weeks of almost soul-killing withdrawal. What kept me going was a strong, almost primal desire to experience reality as it really existed, and not through a haze of medication...I did it.

The reason I have posted this question is to ask you for your sources of strength, for my battle is not over. Now, I have to really face reality as I have not done in three decades, and I need inspiration. I am full of faults and bad habits.I want to grow!

Help me.

Thank you,


asked 22 Aug '11, 11:06

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hi, 1st n the most important pre-requisite to grow, is by having n aim. have a dream, a goal, whether physical, mental, intellectual, psychic, spiritual, financial, sosial, or any kinda goal. think of the greatest desire or urs. think of wht u really wna b if given an opportunity. and dream and dream and dream. it cn be anything, from an ascetic's desire to liberation, to a tantrik's desire to fly in the air n walk on water, to a businessman's desire to become a bill gates, to a casanova's desire to have one night stands every night (its ok if the feeling r pure), to a lover's desire to bring bak the love of his life to anything/aeverything u desire. make a list. and dwell on it. think of them. dream doing thhem (i m not toking abt manifestation here), just dream, enjoy, derive pleasure from those wishes, feel them, play with them. and go on doing this till eternity. one day u will fell that there has been enuf of dreaming, now u really need to have it. thhis will be ur greatest inspiration. it is this that made a no1 into krishna, a no one into jesus, an ordinary guy into ur fav superstar, and will work for u the same way. coz a burning desire to gt what u wnt is most important.


answered 28 Aug '11, 17:03

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abhishek mishra

Abhishek, this is a beautiful answer, filled with wisdom and inspiration! Welcome to Inward Quest! It will be a great joy to read ALL your answers, if they will be like this one! Blessings and Aho,>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(28 Aug '11, 17:31) Jaianniah

thhnx.. itsn my 1st day.. n m loving it.. it feels gr8 to share what life has taught.. though i still need to learn how the web site works.. hehe..

(28 Aug '11, 17:42) abhishek mishra

Hi Jai, I know I sound like a broken record, but EFT helps to get rid of the fears that are preventing your growth. Karen Naumen posted a link to the clean sweep method. I had read somewhere that if you start tapping on one thing, not to switch it around, so I didn't think you could combine issues. Well in the clean sweep, you do a few related set ups and then some related reminder phrases, but you get several issues at once. To be honest, my list is so long of things to tap on that I had stopped for awhile, as I was overwhelmed. This clean sweep helped me to group some things and take them down at once. I took her example and made my own. When I first went to tap on it, after writing it all down, I was too upset to even say the words, all I could do was sob. So, I tapped while reading it in my mind. Then I blew my nose, and started again from the top, but this time I could say it outloud, but still sobbing. It took a couple of rounds of tapping for the list, so I did the list 2 times outloud. I stopped when I could do it without feeling all emotional any more. I often forget to do the SUDs.

I would be glad to create a script for you, but would need more specific info. There is an example on the link though.


answered 22 Aug '11, 13:17

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Fairy Princess

You don't sound like a broken record...I have a lot of PTSD issues that need to be gotten rid of...I will do what you suggest. Right now, I'd do anything just to sleep....Thanks! BTW, there's a pic I posted of me and Wade at http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/15959/is-it-true-that-you-cannot-hurry-love Love ya! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(22 Aug '11, 13:38) Jaianniah

Nice picture, thanks for sharing. You both look very happy. I am happy for you both. I too have a lot of PTSD issues to deal with. I am so greatful that I found EFT. I have overcome so much. But I still have so much to overcome.

(22 Aug '11, 13:58) Fairy Princess

you have taken the first step, recognition of your need to change and grow.
call on the same will power that led you to that step whenever the thought of sinking back arises.
recognize your weaknesses and use your strenghts to keep them in check,
it is a constant struggle and does work out when you will yourself to grow


answered 22 Aug '11, 14:34

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Fred, I find your writing style interesting...I think with a bit of effort, you could very easily turn all your answers into poetry...work on making each line the same number of syllables, for example...I write poetry, so I think you could actually pull this off...just a thought! +1 from>>>>>>>>>>>>

(22 Aug '11, 19:36) Jaianniah

jai, thanks for your support, but for me it is not the structure of syllables rather the flow of thoughts on the presented topic and when it feels like enough was said.

(23 Aug '11, 23:38) fred

Please reconsider..I am not talking about Dr. Seuss rhymes here..rather, something unique and special...you have the idea, but the flow is "off", somehow...you'll need to work a bit to get this down, but trust me...your answers will become famous things of beauty! For example: you have taken the first step, recognition of your need to grow and change; call on the same source that led you there to keep you growing; recognize your weaknesses and use your strengths; despite your struggle, you will grow and grow...See? I just changed a few things and made your answer into a real poem. Consider it.

(28 Aug '11, 17:24) Jaianniah

You are so close, fred! just try it and see...most of all, try to keep each line similar in length, even if it means starting a new line...Blessings and luck,>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(28 Aug '11, 17:26) Jaianniah

what if one be of a different ray, a variant copy of your passion; your structure may be too confining, unrestricted flow of thought vs rhyme

(30 Aug '11, 03:09) fred
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Your clearness of thought, even though new-found, will be a big aid to you. Don't pressure yourself about this. As you go along, you will make changes as you need to and want to. You have had many changes in your life in just a short period of time, so pat yourself on the back for coming through the crucible....many can't or don't.....and I think you will find plenty of inspiration as you go along! Maybe you wanted a more definite answer, but be gentle on yourself for now!


answered 22 Aug '11, 18:57

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LeeAnn 1

You are so right...I am pushing myself way too hard. I think it is because I am so much more self-aware now...actually, I feel like I am made of emotional glass only...I feel fragile and am crying too easily. Fairy Princess and Wade have been teaching me EFT, which is helping a lot. So thanks for your advice. It is good. Love ya!>>>>>>>>>>>

(22 Aug '11, 19:20) Jaianniah

by learning from your fault and error to not do them again. you have free will and can do and experience what ever you want have faith. experience and enjoy.


answered 23 Aug '11, 02:53

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white tiger

thank you, wt!>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(23 Aug '11, 03:05) Jaianniah
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