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Lately I am coming into the realisation that life doesn't have to be the struggle that I always thought was necessary.

Slowly, I am daring to believe that life really can get better and better. Even with its peaks and troughs, maybe I can enjoy the ride of life for however long I have left.

It is an exciting time when you start to realise your own power and begin to feel proud of the life you are building.

Rather than reading about certain techniques to get out of difficult situations, lately I have been drawn toward focusing on the end results, but my imagination has hit a bit of a block.

I am starting to get a glimpse of the life that is possible but I am not quite there yet. I'm hoping reading some cool examples might stabilise this, or provide even further inspiration.

I'm hoping some positive stories outlining the possibilities could also be an incentive to anyone else who is struggling to stay on top of something right now, or can't see exactly where the path can lead.

If we apply these spiritual ideas, what kind of a life do we have to look forward to? What kind of heights have you reached on your journey?

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Life can get as good as you want it to in terms of form i.e. conditions provided you make the inner state the main outcome regardless of condition. Conditions are the mirror's reflection, and the inner state is the face. You're right about dumping techniques because the "how" and exact path is nearly impossible for the conscious/rational mind to work out with all the changing factors involved. Just dwell in the end state or the state of the wish fulfilled or it's emotional equivalent, that ensures you're showing your best to your mirror and the reflection is pretty automatic.


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