The user @ursixx provided me with this link:

Iso-Tones for which I am really grateful. I found the one for headaches produces immediate results. I suffer from headaches constatly and this has been a great help to me, so, thanks @ursixx :) Seeing this, I downloaded a lot. I wanted to try particularly the 5min long ones, such as Dreamy, Hazy, Relax...that users have reported in their message board to be such a trip! but nothing happens with me...not even with the longer ones such as Pyramids... I wanted to know if the brain takes more time to react to certain tones, and I should go on trying, or it is a case lost.

I wonder if the one for headaches had such an immediate effect, why the others don't???

If I should keep trying, what do you think for how long?

I have asked a similar question here a while ago, but I hadn't tried the tones and this post is written after having experienced them, so I beg this post not to be closed!

Thank you!


asked 02 Oct '11, 16:09

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@BJ09 A small question. How and When do you use them?

(03 Oct '11, 07:28) ursixx

@ursixx Well, the one for headaches as soon as I see one coming or I already have one. The others either before (rarely) or after naptime, with earphones always and eyes closed if recommended. if not, eyes open. I have listened to Dreamy more that half a dozen times already and nothing, but in two days time, not once a day for a week or anything like that. What do you suggest?

(03 Oct '11, 13:06) BridgetJones09

@BJ09 I wonder about the equalizing of some of the tones if they are recorded with as an example a lot of base and maybe your base is turned down.. just a theory

(05 Oct '11, 10:03) ursixx

think this is question 3000 congrats IQ!!!!

(05 Oct '11, 10:04) ursixx

@ursixx my EQ is in FLAT in one of the gadgets and in ROCK on the other. What EQ do you think I should be using?

(07 Oct '11, 15:32) BridgetJones09
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I think it depends on how long you have been giving the tones a try for. If you have done each of them once or twice with no effect, I would say that may not be enough of a chance. Maybe try to find one that you really enjoy listening too and stick with it for say, a week or more. Sometimes things like this affect people differently and you really need to give it a good solid go with a little trial and error. Also, I would recommend that you don't make this listening experience a "chore" but more of a fun and enjoyable thing to do instead.

I actually tried the healing Iso-Tone on the site you listed because of some sore throat troubles I've had lately and it actually relaxed me quite a bit. Now I didn't really get much relief from my throat but I expect it may take a few more tries to possibly see results. I personally would try the same tone at least five times before I made my decision if it was for me or not.

I can't really say why you had a good experience with the headache tone and not with the others. Maybe you were more open to resolving the pain that was shooting through your head at the time, then you were to whatever issue the other tones were for.

Look at the positive side, at least one tone did work for you so you can't really say it has been a lost cause. Give a few you enjoy a handful more plays if you haven't already and then make your final decision.

It might also help to have a decent pair of stereo headphones on. I know that helps me quite a bit when I listen to binaural beats or something similar that is used to relax my mind.


answered 03 Oct '11, 06:09

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@Cory I like my in ear headphones. they work well with them and easier when one listens laying down

(03 Oct '11, 07:19) ursixx

@Cory I like your advice. I might choose one and stick to it for a week or more. Only as I had such a success with the headaches one I was desperate to try the shorter ones, that other users were reporting as 'WOW, what a trip!!!' :)

(03 Oct '11, 13:10) BridgetJones09

@ursixx Whatever works best for you. I believe comfort is a key word when it comes to relaxing the body and mind.

(03 Oct '11, 18:20) Cory

@BridgetJones09 I hope you find something that works well for you. Good luck!

(03 Oct '11, 18:30) Cory
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Hey Bridget
I think it's a bit like wine when you look at the label or read a label on a bottle of wine.

Dark ruby with crimson glints. Good Tuscan black cherry and a hint of blueberry liqueur on the nose. Dark cherries and black plum flavors and a whiff of fragrant black pepper; very dry and built on a sturdy acidic framework.

Nice poetry but it's how it taste to you that is what counts.
I was wondering how would the Iso-tones work in in a blind test. If you didn't know what they were supposed to do or what the effects were . I think a bit of what makes them work is the placebo effect.
With that said I also downloaded a few of them and have them as MP3 files on my mobile-telephone so I can listen to them just about anytime(as long as I remember to have ear-buds with me ;) )
I like Hazy I find it relaxing. and Third-eye is also a favorite.I usually listen to them in relaxed unstressed atmosphere / meditation.
I do not use them that regularly maybe once or twice a week. But do enjoy them! I have tried others in the past and they did not have the same effect (could also be a download issue,bad stereo modulation). So if the headache recording works keep at it.


answered 03 Oct '11, 07:27

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Do you have an idea why most of them have that 'rotor-like' sound forefront part? That makes me think I have downloaded several times the same :P In what way the rotor sound plays a part in the effect, do you know? Another thing, I don't think it was the placebo effect with the headaches one because the migraine attacks I have are quite resilient to orthodox or unorthodox medicine, and believe me, I have tried EVERYTHING! xxx

(03 Oct '11, 13:18) BridgetJones09

I think the rotor sound has to do with the fact that is an Isochronic tones

(10 Oct '11, 06:11) ursixx
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