I just found out about Isochronic Tones and the Schumann resonance. I downloaded two mp3s of ten minutes each. I had no effect whatsoever, when the comments on the site were all 'wow!'.

Do they really have an effect on mind or body? Shoud I keep on listening? Maybe they have an effect on the long term?

Any info on this would be highly appreciated!


asked 25 Aug '11, 14:09

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http://www.iso-tones.com/index.php/tones/recreational I found some interesting tones here if someone does know what they are or how they sound

(25 Aug '11, 14:54) ursixx

Thank you, VERY interesting!

(27 Sep '11, 15:04) BridgetJones09
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Both isochronic tones and binaural beats are meant to have a similar effect, and personally i prefer binaural beats.There are plenty of free videos on you tube, here are some links you could try,



I've been using them daily for a few months and it does seem to make a noticeable difference.


answered 25 Aug '11, 14:50

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blubird two

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