Has anyone completed the exercises of the master key system? What are the results?

asked 04 Nov '11, 16:00

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Sure i have completed the 6 month course of exercises of the master key system ... what are the results? situations seem to change for the better with little effort, a deeper understanding of how and why things happen ... in short life becomes a lot easier.

I continue to practice because i feel there is a lot more to come ... in fact the more i do the exercises the easier abundance seems to flow ... it's a bit like tapping into unlimited resources.


answered 05 Nov '11, 07:57

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blubird two

Thats great Bluebird I haven't compleated the full course yet but am looking forward to it and it is wonderful to know you have expreianced positive results.

(05 Nov '11, 18:39) Paulina 1

Thank you blubird I am impressed and look forward to abundance

(28 Nov '11, 11:15) Austin

I have completed level 11 now and for the most part yes I can see changes. They seem to be more disruptions if anything. Then I took a closer look and asked myself "why" is this happening? "Why" is there now a strain in this relationship? "Why" have I started jogging when I've never jogged in my life? "Why" are all these idea's of changing my life flooding into my head?? "why" does it seem people are staring at me more?

All the signs are pointing at the fact that "I'm" changing. When looking deeper into the disruptions I see deeper reasons why! The strain in a certain relationship, I realized, was that deep down inside I felt that person was using me. Jogging because my body wants to get healthier. Idea's of changing my life because I'm really not satisfied with my current position.....it feels a bit uncomfortable because I'm so use to having these things (negitive or positive) in my life and now I'm questioning them.....change can be uncomfortable!! I feel a bit lonely!


answered 05 Nov '11, 19:43

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At the risk of sounding like a nitpicker, words like "completed" always seem to stand out for me. When it comes to processes, do you ever really 'complete' anything?

A question I ask myself is, "At the end of a given period of time, is this process right for me?"

For example, some people may like their personal development and spiritual growth wrapped in a religious setting. Others may be more comfortable with a scientific approach. And there are those who like some sort of hybrid of the two, using both to validate and verify each system of belief.

Being eternally expansive creatures, keep in mind that you will never get 'there' because there is no final destination. So the real questions become, "Does this process move me in the direction I want to go? Do I feel like I am making progress? Am I enjoying the journey?"

I would suggest to make questions like these your measuring stick. Keep in mind, there is no ONE RIGHT or WRONG WAY... only what's RIGHT for YOU! All roads lead to 'home'.


answered 14 Nov '11, 22:19

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Russ Hamel

Thank you for replying. Wye are told that the master System is based on absolute scientific truth and will unfold the possibilities that lie dormant in the individual and teach how they may be brought into powerful action. My question would make more sense if I asked did anyone reach the world within

(28 Nov '11, 11:39) Austin
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