In the part 24 of the Master Key it says:

  1. What is the method of destroying any form of error?

ANSWER: To absolutely convince yourself of the "Truth" concerning the condition which you wish to see manifested.

Well, english is not my first language and I have a bit difficulty to understand the meaning of truth and self ego. Can anybody give me explanation for this please???

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Haanel means that you know that what you want already exists.

As to how to convince yourself of the truth - one of the best ways is probably along the lines of the Focus Block method Stingray recently posted.

Another method is through auto-suggestion.

The most effective method of that type in my experience involves standing upright and confidently in front of a mirror, taking a few deep breaths to energize yourself...look into one of your eyes and then begin affirming the truth out loud as if you are talking to someone else. Keep your eyes locked the whole time.

Some teachings actually would have you do this on various things starting for 5 minutes and working up to one whole hour each time. You don't need to go quite that far (although, it is definitely interesting to do). You could just do it for a minute or so every time you pass a mirror.


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Thank you Liam! You just pull out of my mind a big ?

(25 May '10, 03:30) mojo
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