I started the "dynamic thought" course and stayed with it for a week then I stopped. I started the "master key system" course I again stayed with it for a week than stopped. I bought multiple new thought and self development courses stayed with them for about a week than stopped.

The thing that worries me is that it says in a few of the courses that you'll be left worse off if you don't complete or stop doing said courses. I sleep 18 hour days and often time don't have th energy to say affirmations or visualize the way I would like to. I tried giving one or two hours a day to this but I'm sometimes so listless and tired that I failingly fall asleep. I don't feel worse off but I do notice that I'm in peak mental and spiritual condition when I'm following these courses.

Also when I was younger I had the ability to focus on and read a book for eight ten - hours. Maybe I didn't read every book and maybe I wasnt the fastest reader but, it was helpful that I could do so. This ability ended in 2009. I want to become a new thought mastermind, a supermind, a superbeing. And feel that my ability to master new thought principles is in completing then using the techniques in these courses.

My question is how do you guys find ways to finish these new thought/self development courses when living life?

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You set up habits in your life that enable you to automatically study valuable material (or do anything else that is empowering to your life).

That way it feels effortless to engage in behaviors that will benefit you.

It seems to take about 21-30 days of daily repetition for most people to set up an habitual behavior. So if, for example, you wanted to make it a habit to automatically feel good, you would repeat it daily for 30 days after which time (if done properly) it will feel easy to carry on doing it.

Eben Pagan used to have a valuable course called Wake Up Productive with plenty of good information on this kind of habit creation. I don't know if it's available any more but you can probably track down copies of it with an internet search.

Also, take a look at a book called The Slight Edge which may change your perspective about the power of taking small actions daily to eventually get big results.


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Thank you.

(09 Dec '15, 19:41) newthoughtfanatic
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