Apparantly Bashar in one of his transmission recommended this guy. Dr. Schulze :

As a source for detoxification of the body. And indeed this site offers a few detoxification programs that look very promising. I ordered the "5 day bowel detox" (it's the one Dr. Schulze insisted should be taken first), since I live pretty far from the US it should take between a few days to a few weeks and I can't wait!

Anyone here tried the Herbs combinations by this guy? I'd like to hear about others experience.

EDIT The recording where Bashar talks about this is the one entitled as "permission slips". I was inspired after catching a cold (again!!!) to look for information from channelers on youtube and found this. I will let you know how it went.

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@Benjamin - I am thinking of trying the 5 day bowel detox program you mention above. What did you think of it?

(18 Aug '12, 04:49) Pink Diamond

i was wondering in what video does bashar recommend Dr Schulze, i like to hear it for my self what he exactly says, and what the context is.

Regards Alexander

(24 Nov '13, 16:33) Alexander
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I don't know about Dr Schulze's stuff but regarding Bashar's recommendations for detoxification...I came across an old Bashar recording where he recommended a specific mix of MSM and Vitamin C to be taken daily.

I've been taking that particular mix myself for more than a year now and have found it to be tremendously beneficial to such an extent that it is simply a permanent part of my daily routine...the only supplement I've felt inspired to use these days and I often forget to take it as often as Bashar suggests.

My wife is also a convert having seen the effects of it on her own health and vitality. My father, a retired medical doctor, who was previously in extremely poor health, started taking it recently despite initial misgivings, and it has transformed his own health. He was previously unable to even get out of bed for months on end due to frequent gout attacks and now walks at least a few miles a day.

If you search around the internet, you will also find many other cures attributed to a mix of MSM & Vitamin C.

I've explained that particular detoxification mix from Bashar previously in this answer: How can we equalize the mind, body, spirit complex?


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Hi Stingray, I would like to try this mix myself, but would you recommend it to someone who has heart problems. My dad has a few complications but he's pretty much ok since he uses herbs and a very positive attitude. I like this mix so i would like to start him on it, do you think it's a good idea.

(11 Nov '11, 23:59) MoonWillow

I can't really make specific health recommendations for specific people and wouldn't like to get drawn into doing so. That's something you've got to decide for yourself and your dad. But both MSM and Vitamin C are considered generally to be natural and safe by the established medical community. My own father is a retired medical doctor who had been a doctor for his entire life. His only concern with that mixture was the apparently high "dosage" of it so he reduced the dosage to comply with his belief system and still got noticeable results. But ultimately it's got to be your/his decision

(12 Nov '11, 13:15) Stingray

Thank you Stingray, I would certainly recommend it to him, he's very open to natural medicine and I'm certain he'll be glad to use it. Much appreciated!!!!

(12 Nov '11, 16:03) MoonWillow

Hi Stingray, I am new to the site and still figuring out how to navigate use it. What form of vitamin C do you take? I just started out with the MSM / vitamin C routine and am taking Vitamin C in the form of Calcium ascorbate. Is that okay. I thinking Im reading way to much about it on the internet... Thanks!

(17 Apr '13, 18:32) Soulful Adrenaline
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Dear Benjamin,

Dont know about the specific detox you are talking about but there is something I would like you to know about herbs. Everyone thinks that because herbs are natural that they are safe to use. Wrong for not all herbs are safe and unless your Dr. Schulze is a herbologist of a good number of years and has an excelent reputation than I wouldn't sugest you just take any old mixture of herbs.

Herbs can be wonderful but they can also be pure poison for the kidneys especialy if they dont agree with you. Some can take specific herbs and feel good while those same herbs can make soneone else ill. Please be carefull when it comes to herbs and if you are going to take this product anyway or ony other herbal preperation than please stop imediately if you feel any pain or uneasiness in the back of the waist for that means your kidneys can't handle those herbs or herb and are being damaged. See your doctor imediately.

The reason I'm telling you this is that In South Africa there are at least 100 deaths a year due to herbal preperations given to people by natural practicioners. Those deaths could have been prevented had the people had the knowledge to seek help the moment they felt pain or unease during their tretament.

Please be carefull.


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Paulina 1

I have no idea of this Bashar but I can tell you Dr. Schulze is the real deal guy. I own his "Save Your Life" video tapes and book binder. This is an herbalist that wanted to find out why herbs used to cure everything and now do not! He found out through his study that the old stuff was way way way more potent than what you can buy at you local herbal health store. With this discovery he started curing people that were so far gone the doctors gave up on them and said "Take him home and make him comfortable." He cured people that were in their last days of life!

Dr. Schulze passed his teacher the late Dr. John Christopher with his healing knowledge.

Here is an interview with Dr Schulze by Sam Biser.


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I do herbal detox's and Colon cleanse once a year! I use to use Dr Natura but Health Canada won't let it into Canada from the US anymore. I "praised" their products, the results were exactly what I hoped for....I remember when I 1st started using it and stuff started coming out of me and I said...."THAT!?? was inside me!!???"

I convinced my mother to use it "but" it gave her bad heartburn and she had to stop immediately. I had to move on to a milder product that Health Canada allows on the shelves, and it works good......"Renewlife."

Since I started cleaning myself out and "staying away" from the famous fast food chains, I have not had a flu or cold since!...and exercise everyday like walking.......The only down side is the products can be a bit expensive for a 4-6 week detox.


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My experience with detoxing and purifying the body say you can rapidly increase how fast your body removes impurities just by increasing antioxidant intake, vitamin B intake, water, and electrolytes.

What you want to do is streamline your body's metabolism (the vita-b's) while giving it the nutrients it needs for purifying (antioxidants, A, C, & E) and the water needed for handling all of this (water, +electrolytes to absorb. sodium & potassium here).

Adding herbs to this equation isn't a bad idea, just be sure you research its purpose before assuming its use.

Broad spectrum supplements & exercise regiments are of course very valuable. Trying to minimize solid food consumption during heavy detox processes can also be helpful, but be absolutely sure you're getting plenty of nutrient intake otherwise the whole exercise becomes counterproductive.


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