Hi everyone. I was scouring the internets looking for information on Vitamin C. Bashar was saying to do 2000mg - 3000mg Vitamin C 3x/Day and 2000mg - 3000mg MSM 3x/Day. So I have both the MSM and Vitamin C in those weekly tray things all set up and ready to go. Then I looked up Vitamin C again and am reading all kinds of things from it killing your kidneys to curing cancer and everything else.

The big thing that struck my eye on Vitamin C was that there is calcium ascorbate form and sodium ascorbate form. I read to stay away from the Calcium ascorbate but I just took 3000mg ot it with breakfast. I know Bashar is right but I don't know if he ever said one form over another.

I have the MSM and Vitamin C in tablet form.

Long question short; Am I good to go with Vitamin C in Calcium ascorbate form or should I do a different form? If there are any others doing this routine; What forms / products do you recommend?

Thank you very much!

Soulful Adrenaline

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Soulful Adrenaline

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Several months ago, someone pointed out the following on my YouTube channel for that Bashar video:

One thing that Bashar says about the combination of MSM and Vitamin C at 6:30 "high infusion natural vitamin C". It looks he is referring to natural vitamin C with bioflavonoids, not the artificial isolated vitamin C. He is very specific in the use of the words. So use the natural vitamin C + MSM...

Juan Moreno

I replied with the following:

Thanks for pointing this out. It is interesting phraseology that Bashar used there. What is puzzling about it is that although he did use that phrase, he didn't emphasize at all that isolated Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) was not appropriate which it seems to me he would have done because that is what most people, including the woman in the dialog, would automatically have assumed to use to get such precise dosage levels. As a result of that, I'm still thinking that just ascorbic acid might be okay

...and then I added...

Having said all that, I have been taking this mixture (with ascorbic acid for "Vitamin C") for about 2 years now and have noticed beneficial effects. So I might try getting some natural vitamin C instead and see if it makes a difference

I will be at a stage within the next few months where I will have exhausted all my current ascorbic acid Vitamin C supply and will be looking for a source of the natural Vitamin C to see what difference it makes.

I can't really offer any more help than that at this stage, I'm afraid. I'm not knowledgeable enough about Vitamin C production to know the differences between the various ascorbate forms, beyond the general information that is already on the internet.

I know that, after a few years, I'm still finding it beneficial to take the mixture though I generally only take it once a day in the mornings...mainly through laziness, since I've noticed that that seems to be just enough for me to keep me at peak levels.

Would be nice if someone could get clarification on this natural-vs-artificial Vitamin C business directly from Bashar.


answered 17 Apr '13, 19:56

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When you started out that routine did you do so full bore or did you ease into it. Today was my first day and only took 6000mg msm and 3000mg Vitamin C and was going to see how the plumbing works tomorrow morning. Can I ask where you purchase your 2? Bulk? Product names? Thank's for lookin' out!

(17 Apr '13, 20:27) Soulful Adrenaline

I put links to the stuff I use in the comments to How can we equalize the mind, body, spirit complex? . Personally, I would ease into it. I don't think I've had that many days (relatively speaking) where I've done the full three dosages a day. I'm already in good health and I guess I really just use this approach as a gentle on-going detox with the accompanying health benefits of that...fasting instead just seems like hard work :)

(18 Apr '13, 03:11) Stingray

@Stingray- Here in Australia (unless I order online) natural MSM only comes in powdered, crystalised form but my Vitamin C comes in tablet form. I do understand that a powder/liquid form absorbs into the bloodstream quicker than tablet form, any comments considering Bashar really promotes it's the combination of the 2 apart from one or the other? Does it matter one is tablet and the other crystalised?

(18 Apr '13, 06:05) Nikulas

@Nikulas - I've only used powders for both up to now but I wouldn't have thought that using a tablet instead would make that much difference. To my understanding, tablets are still designed to dissolve fairly rapidly once inside the stomach. Bashar's recommendation is to split out the daily dosage to three times a day which seems to imply that the mixture constituents remain active for at least a few hours...plenty of time for the tablets to "catch up" with the powders, I think. Just guessing

(18 Apr '13, 06:28) Stingray

@Stingray - I'm wondering what came about using Natural Vitamin C vs. Artificial Vitamin C ?

(14 Jun '14, 12:21) WeRadiateBeauty

@WeRadiateBeauty - After using Ascorbic Acid ("Artifical" Vitamin C) consistently for a few years, I used Natural Vitamin C for one month. I also tried not taking anything for a few weeks. My results were that I noticed no difference between the two Vitamin C types. But I did notice a (worse) difference when I didn't take anything so I went back to MSM/Ascorbic Acid. I still have a pack of Natural Vitamin C powder left before it expires at the end of this year. I may run another test to be sure.

(14 Jun '14, 17:50) Stingray

@WeRadiateBeauty - Also I continue to only take this mixture once a day in the mornings so it's at a third of the dosage that Bashar recommends for healing purposes. I haven't got anything to heal from so I feel I can afford to be a bit lazy about it :)

(14 Jun '14, 17:53) Stingray

@Stingray - Thanks for the comments! I just started taking the mixture today, I'm hoping I can suspend my own laziness enough to take atleast 2 doses daily :)

(15 Jun '14, 01:59) WeRadiateBeauty
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answered 17 Apr '13, 14:52

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I did read that thread prior. I am just looking to see if what chemical type or product of Vitamin C people are using for that program. It would be nice to get information on what types of vitamin C any potential site users may be using for the sole purpose of this program.

I did post a follow up question to Stingray on his thread on this as well.

ThankS ThankS

(17 Apr '13, 15:15) Soulful Adrenaline

Hi everyone, and thank you for posting about this great health topic!

I thought you'd love to know that you can get natural vitamin C from acerola berries made by this brilliant, trusted and reputable company that I have used for a long time now. It comes with all the flavanoids, all cofactors & nutrients. Love and blessings and I hope this helps!! - Owen Natural Vitamin C Powder 300g:

Here is the best vegetarian capsule, great quality MSM powder from another good company who I trust. Doesn't use cheap fillers or anything artifical. MSM 180 Caps:

Have a Great day! Peace & Health! Owen!


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@Owen, we've decoded the cloaked links you posted here and it is clear they are affiliate links which is against the rules of this site. We have to assume therefore that your answer is not a genuine one but financially motivated and we are suspending your account.

(09 Jul '14, 19:40) IQ Moderator ♦♦

Hey guys,

Made an account just to let you guys know about camu camu. The highest source of natural vitamin c on the planet.

Look into it...

I've started taking organic camu camu and high quality MSM, also started taking other "super foods" will let you know how it goes...


answered 16 Jul '14, 22:31

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Ascorbic acid is what most animals make in their own bodies, naturally. Apparently there is a gene mutation in humans, primates, guinea pigs and bats that we don't make it ourselves. So we have to supplement or eat a lot of vitamin C-rich foods. Supplementing is more efficient and plain ascorbic acid works just fine--again, it is the same thing, molecularly, as what the animals naturally produce. Here is Andrew Saul on this: http://www.doctoryourself.com/synthetic.html

I take more C and MSM than Bashar recommended. Currently I am taking 11 to 12 grams of C, along with 5 grams of MSM, two or three times a day.


answered 26 Feb '16, 15:25

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