I wanted to try the MSM and Vitamin C detox that Bashar suggested in one of his old videos...


...but I am not very sure of where I can buy the purest form of MSM powder or crystals and Vitamin C powder.

I have done some research but I am not sure which products to buy.

I have narrowed it down to the following MSM brands; Genesis Pure MSM, Happy Body MSM, No Boundaries Health and Wellness MSM, Gold Standard Organic Sulfur and Kala Health MSM.

For Vitamin C, I was thinking of taking camu camu powder or amla berry powder from Live Super foods website. Is it better to take ascorbic acid or a more naturally occurring form of Vitamin C?

Does anyone have any suggestions on what to buy and where to buy it from because there are so many different brands out there some with additives and everyone labels their products organic but I'm unsure whats genuine?

I would really appreciate all the suggestions you might have on what would be most healthiest and effective. I would also be interested in hearing what have been the long term benefits of this regimen for those that have been practicing it for a while.

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@TariG - check this out http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/13145/how-can-we-equalize-the-mind-body-spirit-complex#13146 and the comments. And also this http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/77186/bashars-vitamin-c-msm-program-can-i-use-vitamin-c-in-calcium-ascorbate-form-or-should-i-do-a-different-form. Your question seems a bit different from that two though so I hope it will be allowed to stay by the IQ moderators, just that maybe you should edit the title to make it a question instead.

(20 Sep '16, 11:27) kakaboo

I guess as the person responsible for putting that video up, I should probably put an answer here :)

With MSM, I don't think there's much of a controversy. Just get any decent good-quality one. I happen to use Doctor's Best.

With Vitamin C, the key words that Bashar uses in the video at the 6' 38" mark are "high-infusion natural" Vitamin C.

That doesn't appear then to endorse the use of ascorbic acid. Yet, that's what I use - simply for convenience. I did try a high-quality natural Vitamin C for a few months but didn't notice much difference from the ascorbic acid.

Then again, I'm probably not in the target market for this approach :) I've always been absurdly healthy, stay fit, drink lots of water, get lots of fresh air and exercise, avoid toxic substances, and make feeling good a major priority. See How can we equalize the mind, body, spirit complex?

So even though I've been taking this combination for years now (though only one dose in the morning, not three times a day because I don't feel the need), it's not for lack of health or to cure any ailment.

For me, I've noticed that it seems to give me that extra "edge" to a feeling of physical well-being. My wife has said the same. I have had occasions (usually when travelling) when I've been without the mix and have noticed "something" missing...can't really be much more specific than that :)

In any case, taking it is a firmly established habit for me that seems to provide some kind of benefit so I don't question it.

Under the comments to the video on YouTube, there's a woman who said this...

"I followed this and had phenomenal success in treating bladder cancer with this information. Cancer Free!! in for a year now."

...so I guess the MSM/Vitamin C combination does seem to have some value in it for those that need it as a healing substance.


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I'm a huge Bashar fan, but it is my opinion that his specifying "high infusion natural vitamin C" needs much clarification.

Ascorbic acid is what most animals produce naturally in their bodies, and more when under stress. It seems we had this ability in the misty past, but it was somehow mutated out of us. So in actuality, ascorbic acid is natural even though it is made in factories.

Ascorbic acid or sodium ascorbate is what is used in IV infusions. Whole food vitamin C is not used, and would not work. Of course, the "natural" brands aren't bad. They just don't do the job as well when high doses are needed. And we humans do need it in high doses, to compensate for our inability to synthesize it.

Page on pets and vitamin C, may help any pet owners here: http://owen.curezone.com/nutrition/petsvitaminc.html

Anyway. To answer your question TariG, PureBulk is a good and inexpensive source of high-quality ascorbic acid, sodium ascorbate, MSM, and many other supplements.


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