It has always been preached that there is an abundance of wealth in this world and there is definitely more than enough to go around. But how is that possible if every single dollar you get is actually a transfer from someone else?

If you find a $50 note on the floor, it is because someone else has dropped it.

If you get an increase in sales for the month, it is because more people are forking out their own money to buy your stuff or render your services.

So where does this extra wealth come from if the money (in terms of notes and bills) in this world is "limited" to a certain extent?

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But how is that possible if every single dollar you get is actually a transfer from someone else?

I wouldn't say that's an accurate statement.

Banks "print" more money whenever they need it - it's just meaningless paper and metal now, and often not even that...just arbitrary figures on a "bank statement". As much money is now churned out as required to meet the needs of those who are in control of the system. The financial system used to be vaguely representative of the amount of gold available (See Gold Standard) but that link was severed many years back.

People like David Icke have been lecturing for years about how the current world's financial systems are just a tool for controlling and manipulating the masses and keeping people so desperately occupied in finding ways to keep paying their bills that they never really contemplate life's "bigger issues". If you keep the prisoners constantly busy, they'll forget they are in prison :)

When I went to speak with Abraham early last decade they presented similar ideas - that the world's financial systems are manipulated by very few "clear minded" people - and when I spoke with The Ninth Dimensional Pleiadian Collective earlier this year, they also told me the same sort of thing, and elaborated further explaining (and I'm paraphrasing here) that those in control have an excellent grasp of the Sacred Geometry behind these systems and can control the energies of them with relative ease.

Consider how many people are living in fear and desperation right now because of "world recession"...and yet the trees and grass around us still grow abundantly, the sun still shines abundantly, water and air are abundant on this planet...the only recession that exists is an arbitrary man-made game of imaginary numbers that so many of us believe is real.

So, as far as the financial systems are concerned, every dollar is definitely not a transfer from someone may appear to be that way when you are chasing every dollar to make a living but certainly not at the "higher levels" of the game.

At a broader level though, away from those general manipulations, money is representative of human desire. Money flows towards where desire grows.

Many of the world's wealthiest companies these days are technology-based companies. And yet, before the 80s-90s, most of them either did not exist or were just a tiny, tiny fraction of what they are today. It is our desire to use technology to make our daily lives more convenient and enable easy communication with others that has transformed that sector.

So despite the manipulations of the financial system, one can still prosper. You can still align yourself with the waves of money flow and benefit from the financial floods. So it's not all bad.

Many, many people prosper in times of global financial hardship because, no matter how much the human-made system is manipulated, you cannot stop someone who is aligned with prosperity from receiving it somehow.

The Law of Attraction is the ultimate manipulator of all our realities :)


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I have heard or seen before that money is "unlimited" in today's current world because banks are printing more and more money every single day whenever they need it but that does not seem to be able convince me well enough :)

(08 Nov '11, 11:20) kakaboo

Not sure what you need convincing about. It's an acknowledged fact. It's a process called "Fractional reserve banking" :

(08 Nov '11, 15:35) Stingray

I meant that some people claim that there is an unlimited amount of money today because banks are continously printing notes.. but what about the past (where they had a cap on how much they could print or hold) or in the future if the ever stop printing notes.. then wouldn't the "pieces of paper" we know as money be limited

(08 Nov '11, 16:25) kakaboo

Money is more than just "pieces of paper". The true concept of it relates to what those "pieces of paper" represent, which is energy flow. Even if the actual number of those "pieces of paper" is manipulated and artificially regulated, other methods will still arise to give that form of energy exchange an outlet. It's difficult to say exactly what because we don't live in a world where those "pieces of paper" are limited. Until we do, it's all speculation. It's like trying to predict the advent of the internet for global personal communication when we were still using printing presses.

(09 Nov '11, 09:35) Stingray

Cool! I just had a light bulb over my head, never looked at it that way before. Thanks!

(09 Nov '11, 14:38) kakaboo
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Money is nothing more than a form of exchange. There is more than enough wealth to go arround it is just that some have too much while others not enough. Wealth is not measured in money alone but in many things and posessions. True wealth is measured in happiness. If you are happy you are wealthy.

Money is not allways necessary to aquire what you want and you can create that which you want without allways needing money. It goes acording to our culture and upbringing for one mans wealth could be anothers poor house or what some think is poor can mean riches to others.

As for paper money it is nothing more than a symbol of posession that can be exchanged for whatever one wants. Money itself can be represented by many things like credit and stocks and bonds and some even store gold and diamonds or rare art and precious things so that they can later exchange that for money so that they can exchane the money for something else they want or need. You could say everything in the world today has some monetary value and can be exchanged or sold or stored for whatever purpose.


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Paulina 1

One one level, that is true. If you choose that idea, you cut yourself off from finding money on the ground and being handed money. I used to find money on the ground all the time. Not big bills, but money. I often felt guilty that someone else had to lose it. At one point, I decided that it was wrong to rejoice in finding money that another person had lost. So I stopped finding money. Then, I realized the error of my thinking and decided that it's ok to find money. That there is more than enough resources for everybody. Then I started finding money again. As I release my limiting beliefs about finding money, I expect to find more and bigger denominations.

Wealth and money don't have to be the same. Health, family, friends can be wealth. You can aquire 'things' without the exchange of money, you just have to be open to it. You can trade items or services.


answered 08 Nov '11, 15:43

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Fairy Princess

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