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I'm curious that how many people had these beliefs here:

It is easier to pay a small amount than a large amount.


It is easier to work for a small amount of wage than a large amount.


It is easier to get my job payment than developing a million dollar business.

What are your limits ?

asked 10 Apr '11, 20:24

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Tibor S.

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Beliefs are only limiting if they don't currently serve you. i.e. if they are not allowing your current desires.

So for someone who is happy with a relatively small amount of money, I don't see those beliefs as limiting.

We all accept many limiting beliefs in order to participate in this physical reality anyway - they provide the focus to make this interaction possible.

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answered 11 Apr '11, 08:57

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Tibor, we are brought up in a society to get an education and get a good job. yes, it is always easier to pay a small amount than a large. That is common sense. However, I think most people don't have the self-worth to gt paid what they're worth. They settle for less. Therefore, as a business owner, I want to get the most value and service from someone's skill and expertise as I can for the least amount of cost. and Yes, for most people, they don't want to think and go through the hassle of starting and running a business. Therefore, it is easier to apply for a job and work for less pay than owning and operating a multi-million dollar bisiness.


answered 11 Apr '11, 04:10

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Percetion to me is reality.

Whatever i can perceive as possible or probable i will receive.

There are many limiting beliefs and perceptions.I have no doubt they hold us back personally and as a race.

Source will do what we believe Source will do.

That can be the only limiting factor.


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answered 11 Apr '11, 16:01

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Monty Riviera

I clarify this a bit. These examples are not keeping out your desires to manifests but shaping their from when they does. I think that the limiting beliefs are the beliefs that not serve you or extreamly narrowing the probable forms of the manifestations. Take this example :

"It is easier to work for a small amount of wage than a large amount."

It is a belief that is maybe true for a lot of people. Deeper we notice that this comparing association results that "large amount of wage" => "hard".

If you think that this sentence is true, how can you accommodate the "hard" quality with joy,fun,light and ease ?

By the way I just ask you what are the most reality integrated beliefs that you reconised as a limiting or an extreamely narrowing one ?

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answered 14 Apr '11, 06:41

Tibor%20S.'s gravatar image

Tibor S.

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