The kingdom mindset (abundance consciousness) is something we all strive toward. I used to think I was doing well leaning toward abundance consciousness. But something Jai told me shocked me, there are people that spend $500.00 on one meal at high class five star restaurants! I thought Applebee's was expensive!

This made me actually angry thinking $500.00 I could buy enough groceries to last maybe two months!

It is hard when you are trying to find quarters nickels and dimes to buy some gasoline for your car.

I know about believing I am blessed and living the kingdom life. When I heard people blow away $500.00 on a meal, it shows me my kingdom consciousness is more like fake gold thought because to me $500.00 is a lot of money!

So as I know wealth is coming, someplace in my mind there are limits that say watch how much you spend and make it last, try to get the most from your money!

That is not wealth consciousness, that is not kingdom consciousness.

So how do you feel knowing that there are people happily spending $500.00 a meal? One meal, this isn't even one days worth of meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner but one meal! Even if it were $500.00 total for the day, breakfast, lunch and dinner it would still be way over the top of my spending and make me angry.

I am reminded of something my grandfather said once, "If there are no prices, then they are ashamed to print them."

If I am fully living in the kingdom, $500.00 a meal shouldn't bother me, after all the kingdom life is ever abundant.

But right now had I that much money to spend that, no matter what the atmosphere or how good the food, I'd be in shock maybe a long time.

I know I don't fully have that kingdom mindset.

Edit added thanks to all...

While I see not many answers mentioning God or Jesus, I do find these answers useful.

God gives us, as his children, "toys" to play with. But if we take each and look at it as rare and we better watch or we may lose it or break it, better to just put it in a closet in a box and not use it. This is not what God wants for us, any parent wants to see his sons and daughters enjoying their toys.

So practicing this abundance game is learning to enjoy the blessings of this Kingdom mind. As we learn to enjoy the blessings we appreciate them, and parents that see the appreciation give more and more. God seeing our appreciation gives more and more.

Furthermore as we pray we are to pray as if we already have what we are praying for. So as we play this game we are in a state of already having and appreciation.

I think The Prosperity Game is a good way to make that Kingdom Mind solid, not abstract but really here.

Thank you so much, I really appreciate these answers and look forward to others as well.

I think each day before each deposit we could thank God for the money to deposit. Again appreciation, and already done praying comes to mind. Thank you so much everyone and thank you God for these friends with these answers.:-)

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Wade Casaldi

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@Wade Casaldi - It's all relative. I once lived for several months in a country where the peasants make about 10 cents per day, and the middle class make about 5 dollars per day. Imagine what they would think if you were to tell them that you don't bat an eye spending $11.95 at Applebees!

(27 Jun '14, 01:19) lozenge123

"But right now had I that much money to spend that, no matter what the atmosphere or how good the food, I'd be in shock maybe a long time. I know I don't fully have that kingdom mindset."

You actually can get in that mindset, probably within a matter of weeks, by playing Abraham's Prosperity Game. Try it out and see how your feelings change about spending. In the beginning you may feel guilt or anger, but that will change as you play:

(27 Jun '14, 01:21) lozenge123

@lozenge 123 Actually I don't eat at Applebee's for that reason. LOL But I do see your point and I will check out that game. Thanks so much!

(27 Jun '14, 02:02) Wade Casaldi

@Wade Casaldi - No problemo!

(27 Jun '14, 17:08) lozenge123

@Wade Casaldi - I don't want to make you angrier, but $500/meal is actually not that much. $500 is okay I guess, I would think meals get pricey when you hit the $3000 - $4000 range.

(29 Jun '14, 17:42) WeRadiateBeauty

@WeRadiateBeauty All I could say to that is, Wow! I had no idea, now that is expensive!

(30 Jun '14, 14:08) Wade Casaldi

@Wade Casaldi - "ask, and ye shall receive, that your joy may be full." - John 16:23-24

(01 Jul '14, 13:13) lozenge123
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I agree with the comment that @lozenge123 made below your answer.

Namely, that Abraham's Prosperity Game will get you into that feeling of spending that kind of money even if you don't have that kind of money yet...and then Law of Attraction will have to match that improved feeling about money by manifesting more abundance in your life.

That vibrational-matching may come in the form of money or the abundance may come through other forms. In any case, playing the game daily will work wonders in transforming a scarcity mindset into an abundance mindset.

I'll repeat the link @lozenge123 mentioned because it's a nice, concise explanation of how to play the game:

There is further information about playing the Prosperity Game in What problems am I facing with the 'Prosperity Game' and 'Wallet Process'?

So how do you feel knowing that there are people happily spending $500.00 a meal?

To people who are spending that amount of money on a meal, it's really no big deal. I've done so myself a number of times. There's no particular emotional reaction (like happiness) about it because it just feels normal. It's just a meal out. See the analogy about a person with a million dollars.

I remember one time I actually went out for dinner with the sole goal of spending as much money as I possibly could on a meal (excluding drinks costs and tips) just to see what I could manage...a real life attempt at playing the Prosperity Game. My rules were that I couldn't book anywhere in advance and it would be in a major city on a Friday night when the better chefs are probably on duty.

alt text

I actually didn't do that well. It was several years ago now and I can't remember what the exact final figure was but it was certainly less than the equivalent of $500. (It was a European city and so was in a different currency)

I found it's surprisingly hard to spend more than a few hundred dollars because most publicly-accessible restaurants, even good ones, are not really geared up to charge that amount of money just for food (excluding alcohol), probably because they think people wouldn't eat there at those prices. So I guess that means there's many good restaurant owners with limiting beliefs about money also :)


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There's the magic word......"it just feels normal."

(27 Jun '14, 11:51) Eldavo

I believe that game would help build my faith but the hard part may be switching when the time comes to real money, but as I recall the mind can't tell the difference between real and imagined so this play would condition thought toward providence and abundance.

(27 Jun '14, 12:29) Wade Casaldi

@Stingray - The nice thing about the process is that it works on such a wide range on the emotional scale. I actually prefer playing the version of the game wherein your money doubles every week...but I think the $1K increments might be an easier place for many people to start.

(27 Jun '14, 16:04) lozenge123

@Wade Casaldi - "as I recall the mind can't tell the difference between real and imagined..." Playing the game, in the beginning, can bring up all sorts of "guilty" feelings about spending seemingly "large" amounts of money. It is profound proof of the incredibly thin (if nonexistent) vibrational line between "the world of make-believe" and physical reality. The nice thing about this game is how it helps turn those feelings around.

(27 Jun '14, 16:14) lozenge123

Practice living the Kingdom Mind. I like this answer, each day thank God for blessing me with another check then think of all the ways to spend it. Practice enjoying the abundance of blessings. Practice builds faith and graditude, this pulls the attraction to you.

Excellent, thanks @Stingray and also @lozenge123

(25 Jul '14, 11:45) Wade Casaldi
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Wade, I don't think you're going to like what I'm going to say here but I easily spend $500 on a night's entertainment. I want the experience, not the money. Although that may change because of my current employment situation is ending very soon. But something inside me says it's going to be better than before. When I hear you mentioning $500 for a meal, the first thing that comes to my mind is "Wow! I would like to try that meal!"......never thought "OMG! That's $500!!"

I wasn't always like this. ....for a brief period 6 years ago I was flat broke, unemployed and I was evicted from my apartment in the city I lived in. I had nowhere else to go, so I moved into my mother's house in the country for the next 3 months. I even remember borrowing money from her to get a coffee. But my mother treated me like a 17 year old kid and had no respect for the adult me. She laid down "ALOT" of house rules, including what time I should go to bed and what time I was to get up, and laid out a list of chores that were to be done by the end of each day.

By the end of 2 months I wanted out of my mother's house!!....BAD!!

I remember sitting in a chair and saying to myself, with a hint of anger, "I've got to get out of here and start building my life again." The desire came from my gut. This desire gave me the drive to pick up the phone, send a few emails and act on idea's that started to appear. I took action!

In a matter of 30 - 40 days I was in a new city, living at no cost in a luxury hotel waiting for my new apartment to be ready, I was starting a new job at $50K, and had a new luxury car. It all appeared out of nowhere in the form of a phone call. Just like the movies, my mother answered the phone and called out to me while I was stacking firewood.

I thank you Wade for this question because it had triggered this memory I had forgotten. With my current unemployment situation almost upon me I now know what to do. "Act on your inner desire....fear is the only thing holding you down."


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@Eldavo I hope you thank your mom for doing what she did. If she let you wallow around in your pity party you might still be sitting in her house today. Structure is important to ones life and when a person is down and out that is one of the first things that flies out the window.

(27 Jun '14, 00:25) ursixx

Wow what a inspiring story! Amazing!

(27 Jun '14, 02:09) Wade Casaldi

@ursixx yes I absolutely did thank my mother. In retrospect, I am so glad she didn't have sympathy for my pity party (and that's exactly what I was doing) because yes I would still be there today. Instead my "desire" to get back on my feet skyrocketed to the point that it over ruled my inner fear that kept me down

(27 Jun '14, 12:05) Eldavo
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It's a good thing Wade that you know the value of 500 Dollars. That is your Value. Now a person that has money to spend 500 dollars on a meal has their Value. A meal at that price is not just an Applebee's put on a nice plate and eaten with silver spoons. There is a lot behind it. The staff, the location, the quality of the ingredients.
But this is beside the point.
Wade it has to do with your self worth.
Wade are you worth a 500 dollar meal?

Meals are a good metaphor for what kind of life you are going to live. When we go into a restaurant and look at a menu. It is often stated here and other places that you should "Follow your Joy" and what better place than a restaurant. here you can see what joy you want and decide if you want to accept what you joy is going to cost. See if you set a price tag on your joy. Also your abundance.
Do you order the earlybird special to save some money? Or do you follow your joy and order the prime rib? Knowing that the is unlimited abundance!
Wade grab your power, man!
Spread those wings and fly like an eagle.Don't be a chicken scratching the ground. Know that you are worth a 500 dollar dinner! Those that eat that kind of meal are also the one's that give ten fold that to good causes with out a blink of the eye. And I think that is the kind of person you want to be!
The Glass is half full and more water is on the way! Fly like an Eagle!


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Very well said ursixx! A different perspective

(27 Jun '14, 11:45) Eldavo

That sounds good ursixx, now to find how to make that kind of money, hmm...

I do enjoy that be an eagle thought.

(27 Jun '14, 12:39) Wade Casaldi

@ursix it depend on what @Wade Casildi is earning if he gets 500$ for the month what is he going to eat the other 29 days of the month? he will be scratching the ground a lot. better for him to divide that 500 by 30 days= 16.66 per days to eat, he might also have to pay other stuff rent, car, gas etc.. also it is not the amount that you spent that give quality to the food that you eat. often you eat better at low price then going in a bigger restaurant with bigger price. if you eat each day and-

(30 Jun '14, 21:03) white tiger

like your meal why pay extra for food that you do not like? and be stuck not eating the other 29 days. then your eagle is like the eagle that saw a very big fish in the water and dived to catch the fish for is meal and the fish cached him for is meal. going in extremes bring you to the extremes opposite.

(30 Jun '14, 21:04) white tiger

That's just it. It's the mind set that sees the 500 as extreme and unattainable. That makes it just that! As far as eagles being eaten by fish. Well don't really think that happens.

(01 Jul '14, 07:50) ursixx

@ursix like I said before we decide the value of money and product in this world. if the money value is lower then the value of the product you might come short. as for the 500$ being to much for only one meal it is true for most of the people it is not a question of belief it is a fact. and if you eat always meal at 500$ per meal that makes 15000$ per month just for one meal per day if you earn that much you are one of the fee in this world that makes that much. so you are not one that know-

(01 Jul '14, 18:23) white tiger

the revenue of the mass. you see as long as there is iniquity many will have problem having a 16.66 $ lunch each day and only a fee will have no problem eating a 500$ meal each day. but you see do not compare yourself with other because you are not in the many so your perspective is very small compare to the mass. and there is nothing to feel good about eating a 500$ meal when you know that some people in this world do not have 1 meal per day or that some barely make a living.

(01 Jul '14, 18:30) white tiger

if you would be really rich you could pay 500$ meal for everyone in the world then you could feel good about your self since you shared your good fortune with everyone with out making iniquity, at the place of trying to show your self better then other when in fact you are not. when you are able to come on equal footing with other with out making iniquity then you are all ready better then all the rich in the world. luke 13:27

(01 Jul '14, 18:35) white tiger

ursixx, another consideration is to stay consistent with Nature. She appears to favor economy, not surfeit or austerity yet each may be used to restore balance that unbeknownst we set into motion. if her work is made easier she may not have to be so violent and all have greater peace of mind

(01 Jul '14, 19:52) fred

@white tiger. You are truly an empathetic person. I see your point. But if I am following my joy and in that there is a 500$ meal.So be it! If I had the funds for that, I would also have the funds to help others (in a larger scale than I do now). So following your joy should not make you feel guilty. The world will always have people in difficult situations. Our work is to see that we are happy. And if it costs so be it

(04 Jul '14, 09:27) ursixx

@ursixx you said: The world will always have people in difficult situations. Our work is to see that we are happy. And if it costs so be it. the question is why? and how to change this? as for the cost what is the cost? since everything we(humans) need to have this in this physical experience in this world is provided and we(humans) invented money we(humans) put value or tag on stuff. we make the choice. so what went wrong? to have poverty and war in this world. where is the division and-

(07 Jul '14, 19:43) white tiger

iniquity happening. how come some have billions in bank account and some people are dying from poverty? each problem have a solution you just need to find it. but if you do not even see the problem how can you find the right solution to solve those iniquity? the riches and the poorest in the world are at both extremes. why then are not the richest taking care of the poorest? after all they like to build stuff or make enterprises of all kinds. why not put them back on their feet and give them-

(07 Jul '14, 19:46) white tiger

jobs? so they can become out of poverty and self sufficient. why not give more pay to employees and lower the taxes so they will be able to buy more. if people buy more they are making more money. when the price is to high people do not buy or buy very fee what happens when a business is not able to sell is stuff? it close or go bankrupt so why do some place sell their stuff 2 to 3 time at higher price then some other place? lower the price you sell more and make more money.

(07 Jul '14, 20:00) white tiger
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I have spent more than $500 on a meal, following my joy buying the food and wine I wanted without looking at the prices. Abraham has said in the past to just allow yourself to want what you want without letting the price tag define what you want. You decide.

I agree the prosperity game is great for changing your mindset to abundance I grew up in an average, middle-class home so my comfort level would have been around a $120 spend for a meal out at a restaurant. To raise my abundance level I played the prosperity game.. It really works well but you have to give it time and you have to enjoy it, don't do it to "get money" do it because it's fun to spend lots of money in your mind. That part can be just as much fun as actually spending it and I can say that in all honesty because I have done both.


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In The Kingdom there will be no money, just FREEDOM.

You'll be as free as the animals. You'll be as free as those few societies that's living in joy without money even today.

Animal is innocence. They do not judge all things as 'good' or 'bad', they do not have a system of control of all shelter and foods. It is FREEDOM.

Even animals who serve a Queen Ant or Queen Bee are free to do whatever they want as long as they come back to give some food to the Queen they will be ok.

Focusing on manifesting FREEDOM is what will really change the planet.


answered 27 Jun '14, 01:38

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I live in America myself so I have freedom but I do believe all countries should be a republic as America and have the same freedom. As a matter of fact America is suppose to be the great experiment for the New World Order to be based on.

(27 Jun '14, 12:35) Wade Casaldi

I agree 100% Wade Casaldi. America is based on The Constitution based on Life, Liberty, and The Pursuit of Happiness, but our reality is built from our mind and intentions and it is up to all of us to keep valuing Freedom in order to keep that in our reality. To Me, God is Equality, God is Unity, God is Love, God is Power, and God is Freedom so I know what I choose to Value and I will speak my truth. :)

(30 Jun '14, 02:45) arpgme

yes @arpgme money is an external concept, a tool invented by humans ... freedom is an internal state and as such you can be free anywhere in any part of the world, even in prison ...

(04 Jul '14, 02:28) jaz
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perhaps the real kingdom of
mind is other than abundant
materialism, though
the glamour satisfies taste


answered 27 Jun '14, 10:35

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Good point, the Kingdom mind or life is suppose to be that you have so much faith that God takes care of all needs or wants. You do not know lack or fear or worry, you are in a constant happiness knowing that you are well provided for, watched over and guided. In other words blessed on a continuous bases. There's always more where and when needed.

(27 Jun '14, 12:23) Wade Casaldi

wade, and whatever is believed is what runs the will, yet one can choose to be guided knowing that all actions taken carry a responsibility as it learns what part of the wheel it plays

(27 Jun '14, 20:52) fred

Realize that you already have it and are possibly selecting more negative than positive states from this Kingdom mind, and perhaps that's why you ask the question. The Kingdom is the state of infinite potential or true you or source which is pure formless potential. It's really a question of accepting this and also engaging in Self discovery via meditation, practicing positive focus/imagination it does require a selection from both positive and negative potential which is the Infinite nature of the kingdom. All is good ultimately because we get to freely choose any type of experience we wish because each one is but a perspective in an infinite number of perspectives, so we could actually select a seemingly negative state and then use that to select a rather unique bunch of positive states from Infinite formless potential. It boils down to what we'd like to experience, we do "incarnate" into a certain starting state the choice of which is determined by us for reasons of our own and then take it from there. In all states, we are aiming to realize or sense either consciously or unconsciously (: in the case who don't necessarily thinking in "spiritual" terms :) that we are always one with Source and have access to Infinite potential to express ourselves with by deliberate focus of our imagination and choice of thoughts (: always aiming for the most resourceful beliefs or thoughts :).


answered 22 Jul '14, 17:15

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capability to access is there in all, yet whether it can be uncovered/found plays a role on how this lifetime is used

(24 Jul '14, 21:05) fred

money does not make you happy. maybe the person spending 500$ per meal is living over is revenue. or maybe he is stealing enough people to be able to do that. like you said you could have done a lot more thing with that money. so be happy that you do not live over your revenue or budget. be happy that you can make wiser choice, be happy that you do not steal a lot of people to pay for a meal that cost 2 week of revenue to people that spend their money wisely. also in some country they have less high revenue but they also pay stuff at a lot lower price that someone with a higher revenue will pay. so the person with the higher revenue is pay a lot better then in the other country but stuff that is sell to him or service will cost a lot more then the person in the other country. that one is cheated on is pay and the other is cheated on what he buys. both of them suffer iniquity.

you see one of them think I do not earn enough people in other country earn more then me, how come I do not earn the same? and the other think how come in other country they earn less then me and they are able to have those things that I am not even able to buy because they cost to much?

you want some example: how come you buy something from a country right next to yours and you have 50$ of delivery, and you buy it from a country across the globe from where you live and pay less for the product and there is no shipping cost?

you want another example: how come you buy a product made in your country, and you buy it from another country and it cost half the price that if you would buy it in your country?

is it logical that if they send it to the other country and send it back to you it should cost you more to buy it from another country because of the travel charge?

then why can you buy it half price and the person in the other country is still making money?

is it because in your country some one is making a lot of money on product and cheating people out of their money?

and after they say buy from your country to help your country.

well I prefer to buy it half price from another country if they are able to make money selling me the product half price, it means that here they are selling it at price that are very to high and people do not know what is the price that it is sold in other country for the same exact product.

you have free will after all. know the truth and make your choice.

as in the kingdom above where their is no iniquity no darkness at all a kingdom of peacemakers with a pure heart where they are able to be humble and say that they do not know everything,

compare to the kingdom below where people lie and speak about what they do not know to show them self better then they are. when in fact when one knows the truth it only show that they are the opposite of the outside image that they show when they open their mouth.

It is not what you put in your mouth that will defile you it is what comes out of your mouth that will defile you.

What goes into someone's mouth does not defile them, but what comes out of their mouth, that is what defiles them."

After all, what goes into your mouth will not defile you; rather, it's what comes out of your mouth that will defile you."

if you want to have the kingdom mindset.

Truly I say to you, among those born of women there has not arisen anyone greater than John the Baptist! Yet the one who is least in the kingdom of heaven is greater than he.

If I have been your helper so be it and let it be.

Let there be light, be the light that you can be, experience and enjoy.


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white tiger

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@white tiger - "be happy that you do not live over your revenue or budget. be happy that you can make wiser choice, be happy that you do not steal a lot of people to pay for a meal that cost 2 week of revenue..."

Do you mean like this? :)

(28 Jun '14, 00:49) lozenge123

I was fascinated reading your answer, @whitetiger. It's a wonderful example of how fixed our beliefs can become. You have a belief on what a '2 week of revenue' is which is vastly different to my idea of what $$'s I would want to acquire in 2 weeks. The Universe will expand or contract, to reflect your beliefs to you and my beliefs to me. I get blown away by how amazing the law of attraction is. We are creators and we can choose any lifestyle we choose, tight budgets or free budgets. Amazing! :)

(30 Jun '14, 14:44) Yes

@yes you said: You have a belief on what a '2 week of revenue' is which is vastly different to my idea of what $$'s I would want to acquire in 2 weeks. actually it is not a belief 500$ is about what people earn around here in two weeks pay net after tax and all that is what is left in their wallet before they pay for stuff that is the majority of people some might earn more but very fee on the mass. so you see it is not a belief it is a fact. and it can vary from one country to another.

(30 Jun '14, 20:49) white tiger

White tiger, that is my point about different sets of beliefs. I could say the same about people that surround me, my friends and colleagues 'earn' (receive) much larger amounts than $500 during a 2 week period. So my average or 'fact' is different to yours. Our beliefs or 'facts' were set in place before the money streams arrived. Wade is trying to alter his fact/belief leaning towards higher sums in order to provide more financial freedom in his experience. We all have that creative choice. :)

(01 Jul '14, 07:02) Yes

@yes we all have the choice each responsible of their choice and how it affect other people choice. better to know the truth then belief. a fact is something that as been proven to be the truth about something. a belief is not always true at 100 %, some belief are true some are wrong and some time some belief are true only to a small portion of a more complex things.-

(03 Jul '14, 00:42) white tiger

and I tell you when some one stop to learn the truth or do not listen to someone else telling him the truth thinking I know all or I am higher or better then him. very often he is on the opposite direction from where he think he stand. and to judge the other person does not help him at all. it would be better for him to be humble and learn the truth that he does not know about. at the place of trying to prove is supremacy with only a small portion of a more complex thing,

(03 Jul '14, 00:48) white tiger

by is own doing and stubbornness he stop him self own growth as for example I will keep this simple so you can understand what I am telling you: it is like someone telling you I know math 1+1=2 and you cannot show me anything in math I have nothing to learn from you! when you are trying to help him learn 1-1=0 1x1=1 1/1=1 and to show him that he as still more to learn and he can eventually need that stuff. if it is his choice there is nothing you can do for him he is not ready to grow more. just

(03 Jul '14, 00:55) white tiger

like I said before it can vary from one place to another the amount of money that some one earn yet for the mass 500$ is what people make around here net in two week once the tax is take. and I know about some other country where they earn even less then this even in 1 month. and I am talking about the mass not about the fee that have higher revenue. also in the question the person that asked said that it was insane amount of money, here is what is written-

(03 Jul '14, 01:05) white tiger

Even if it were $500.00 total for the day, breakfast, lunch and dinner it would still be way over the top of my spending and make me angry. Do you think it is good saying live large like eagle do not be as chicken that scrape the floor to eat? is this creating a division somewhere? can the person feel better then someone else eating a 500$ meal? -

(03 Jul '14, 01:11) white tiger

and if you say yes to this when some one else tell him 500 is nothing you are like a chicken that scrap the floor I eat 5000$ meal is that also not making a division even worse then the first division? you see I could care less that someone eat food at what ever the price tag he is not better then any one else. if he as joy because he never experienced paying that much for a meal good for him. if this brings is end or is downfall because he wants to think that he is better then any one-

(03 Jul '14, 01:15) white tiger

else who can he blame? it is his choice and responsibility after all. he cannot blame any one but himself. as he judge also will he be judge after all. also you could listen to this video:

(03 Jul '14, 01:17) white tiger

Interesting points there. :) I don't really see divisions anywhere on IQ or in the world at large. We're all equals with the power to create any life we choose. It's fun to learn about the points of view of others too. The world is beautiful and I think IQ represents the diversity of us humans really well. I loved hearing your opinions on this, white tiger :) Good debate!

(03 Jul '14, 06:50) Yes

@ Yes You go by belief I go by the truth. you say: So my average or 'fact' is different to yours. is it not strange that two person living in this world do not see the same thing I told you from what I know about this area and other place in the world. and you based it on: my friends and colleagues 'earn' (receive) much larger amounts than $500 during a 2 week period. is that amount net or before tax? around here if you count everything they take around 50% of your pay.

(03 Jul '14, 16:52) white tiger

you are tax on your pay before you receive it and also at the end of the year and you also pay 15.9% tax when you buy something, so your meal at 500 $ is now 579.50$ you could also go in some other country where 500$ is more then they earn in 1 year. you do not see division in the world let this open your eyes a little.

(03 Jul '14, 17:05) white tiger

maybe you blind your self to this and prefer to see this: Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God."

let me ask you those question: if a men loves money more then himself and other how can he properly love him self and other? then how can he loves the neighbor as himself? and how can he:-

(03 Jul '14, 17:10) white tiger

Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.? how can he escape is bond and be set free?

(03 Jul '14, 17:27) white tiger

I still don't see divisions in the world :) I can see that people create different experiences and those variations in lives were all chosen and much-wanted. Abraham says something like 'the world isn't in crisis it's step-one-ing' and that's how I see it. There are some people asking and not allowing what they've asked for, but that is ok too. Contrast is a rip-roaring ride of highs and lows and I want to enjoy it all. My wish is that others allow more, but they must have their free will also.

(04 Jul '14, 10:07) Yes

@yes do you want to kill other? do you want to get killed?. do you want to live poor? do you want other to live poor? all those things happen for what reason? do you think it is natural to hunt human with a Gun? do you think it is natural to make other people poor to think you are better then them? Do you think it is natural to tell your self lie for the sake of your desire when in the end it will harm or kill you and other? is there not a better choice to make? who is responsible of this?-

(04 Jul '14, 18:53) white tiger

Who can make better choice to have life abundantly? if you cannot see the division yet and prefer to call it contrast. then where is the middle of that contrast? then you will probably need to know where the two extreme are to find the middle. when you walk do you always walk only on one leg? or do you use both of them? if you would not know where the middle is you would always fall down with each step being out of balance. then you know what step-one-ing is.-

(04 Jul '14, 19:01) white tiger

I do not thing that people chose war and poverty out of their own free will. they are very blind when they do this, seeking only their little desire, to the detriment of them self and other. and the other often do not have the choice on this matter they are trap with someone else decision that caused this. the only choice they have is the choice to try to change this or to move far away to not be affected by that choice. and eventually someone will have to change this so it does not grow like-

(04 Jul '14, 19:05) white tiger

cancer. Abraham can say what he wants but the world is in crisis because of Human choice. think about it this way if no human would live in this world then there would be no war or poverty. then what is the cause of this it is human decision who can solve it a human. you see animal do not make gun or nuclear weapon. Did you ever see a rabbit try to steal another rabbit fur or grass where another rabbit will pass? did you ever see a bird steal feather from another bird thinking I will fly-

(04 Jul '14, 19:13) white tiger

higher with more feather? more is not necessarily better. you can pay huge amount for a product and have a better product at lower price. the amount is not the quality. More is cheaper made and faster at the reducing the quality. quality is less being made, slower at the reducing of the amount being made. if you go in extreme one way or the other it will not serve you.

(04 Jul '14, 19:22) white tiger

white tiger, I really enjoyed this debate, thank you :) it's always fascinating for me to hear different people's views on the world 'out there'. :) I love how unique we all are. We're amazing. :) I love your passion too! As Abraham (or is this Esther?) often says 'good time for a segment of refreshment' :) Good to talk to you, good fun! :)

(05 Jul '14, 08:45) Yes

@White Tiger - "it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God." I think the mistake a lot of people make when quoting Passages such as these from the New Testament, is that they fail to realize that the NT is not a complete system of Christ's philosophy, but rather, a series of transcriptions of oral teachings. As such, many of these instructions were likely tailored for individuals. It's like with martial arts, where...

(06 Jul '14, 22:52) lozenge123
2 instructor might tell a beginner to maintain perfect form at all costs. However, this is not a universal instruction. Later, after the student has mastered the form, the instructor will tell him to break free of it and create his own variation of the art and science. Similarly, Jesus's warnings about wealth are very good instructions for someone who is a materialist, who ignores the spiritual side of things. But for someone who is farther along the spiritual path, like the wealthy...

(06 Jul '14, 23:04) lozenge123

...centurion, such instruction is not necessary (indeed, this man with servants is declared to be more faithful than any other that Christ had encountered in Israel). Thus we have instruction for more stable, faithful practitioners: "ask, and ye shall receive, that your joy may be full." - John 16:23-24. Food for thought? :)

(06 Jul '14, 23:11) lozenge123

@lozenge 123 the centurion add faith that if he said to is soldier do this is soldier would go and do it. that is why Jesus said that he add not seen any one with more faith. as for this passage: it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God. it still stand and for good reason since someone that love more money then himself and other cannot enter the kingdom-

(07 Jul '14, 20:21) white tiger

until he loose is love for money and start to love him self back and love other back. if he cannot love himself he cannot love other then how can he properly follow the first and second greatest commandment? I have shew it unto you. If I have been your helper so be it and let it be.

(07 Jul '14, 20:22) white tiger
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