I believe that Universal Consciousness created this world in a way that is logically consistent; that is, the laws of physics are what they are because they make the physical universe function properly. This gives us things like gravity and friction, for example.

Given this, is it possible to transcend those laws? If it is, are you changing the laws of physics, or are you moving into a dimension where those laws simply do not apply, and then reappearing in the physical dimension?

Are you simply "changing your mind?"

If you need an example, consider "walking through walls," or "transporting your physical body over a distance, instantaneously."

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I also believe that the world (or universe) is created in a way that is logically consistent.

If we can appear to transcend physical laws - such as walking through walls, or teleportation, both of which I believe can be achieved with sufficent desire and alignment with that desire - then I would say it is not that we are transcending physical laws but that our understanding (and therefore subsequent application) of what those laws really are has changed.

That is, it is the limitations of our beliefs regarding those laws that is being transcended, not the laws themselves.


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I believe there are millions of parallel universes and we keep shifting between these parallel universes when we are manifesting things.

So, you will move into a parallel universe where the laws of physics do not apply if that was what your desire was but if your desire was for only YOU to defy the laws of physics, then the law of physics will apply to everybody around you but not to YOU. So, the laws do not have to apply to the whole universe you are in but they can do. Its up to you.


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You are moving into a dimension where the physical laws do not apply. Some people may not apply under the physical laws.

I am sure you probably can find some one that can do out of the box things that appear extraordinary; maybe that person just has an gift and just has trained all of their lives to perfect it.

We can do nothing about others; all we can do is seek and improve upon ourselves to the best of our abilities. If there is someone that can walk through walls then he has left his physical body behind. But than again I don't know anything about it so anything is possible.

I am sure there are things that can be done by people that most would deny was impossiable to do. But just because we have not seen it done does not mean it can not be done by someone especially someone born with the gift for their bodies was completly made to do what ever it is that they can do. We should not have search an closed box for this sounds more metaphysical. When you do things like this you proboably have shifted planes within this dimention.


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The real answer would be, "do we fully know and understand the laws of physics". Do we know for certain what the limits and boundries are. Have we discovered all the laws that apply to this reality. Does anyone really understand and can describe Gravity for example or this so called string theory. I think many people try to understand or pass off the notion they understand because they have a need to be accepted and taken seriously. How many times is Steven Hawkings going to change his mind about what he believes?


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It is possible to observe gravity's effects (and even make some simple assumptions about the nature of gravity) without the need to delve into particle physics. Doing so is what allows us to walk (or do anything else physical, for that matter).

(28 Nov '09, 20:06) Vesuvius

Yes, it is possible to do a lot of things, but you have missed the point completly, our understanding is limited, how can we change or transcend "The Laws" if we do not completly understand them. Oh sure someone may get lucky and find a way. However the real test would be to duplicate this miracle not by one person but by all people.

(28 Nov '09, 21:57) Goodisevil

Does this make sense? (This answer I mean) cause I've often pondered this "what are the limits of physical laws" ever since I saw David Blain doing levitation on TV.

Until then, the idea was just a dream. Then I saw this guy on TV & I went "Hallelujah the transformation of mankind has begun".

But then I found out that he directed or produced that whole thing & he actually doesn't levitate but the illusion was created rather convincingly with careful editing.

Then I returned to an Idea that has always been the explanation from my inner source (that I have learned to trust over the years but I don't talk about it with anyone. This is the first time I'm sharing this Inner source stuff with anybody, and would you know it, it feels great. I feel like I'm among people who can actually relate to this nonsense).

Ok so finally here is what I'm gravitating towards. When someone says anything that you believe is possible, and you happened to be sitting in the audience listening, and decide to trump that statement by saying "Hey wait a minute, if this is so, then Can I instantly grow wings & fly like a bird?" And of course we can all agree that, that is impossible. The answer the speaker gives to you here is irrelevant. Because the clue to this example is in what happened within you when you asked that question.

You know that the example you threw at this person is impossible to manifest. But how did you know that it is impossible? I know, on the surface you go "Oh come-on everybody knows that's not possible" but that layer is not what I'm looking at. From where did that example instantly awaken already passing the litmus test of impossibility?

I believe that deep within there is a wisdom that already knows the line that differentiates what is possible & what is not for each of our reference point of manifestation potential. It is this knowingness that already had the wisdom to throw the "Impossible example" at you.

So deep within us we are actually not lost at all for we tend to automatically envision & dream of exciting adventures for ourselves that we already know on a deep level as "Possible." But the fear on the surface, of the effort required for this manifestation, becomes a constant companion, maybe because of accumulated memories of failure or what ever (I'm not focusing of the failure side of this idea)

Could this be something that is going on within us? This is the explanation I am currently accepting from within myself. But I constantly drop ideas & change to different ideas as they awaken & make more sense (or trump the previous explanation).


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