Do you think that everything that has happen to a person is solely because of their own manifestation (reality creation) or some of the manifestation of others as well?

Other people constantly speaking to you and others postive or negative things about you or your life. They may even be saying an continous negative or postive words over and over about you.

Some people don't even know you take an like or an dis-like to you. And start their bad mouthing you to others and want bad things to happen to you. Some people want good things to happen to you and speak good things about you.

Some people may want to kill, capture, steal from, multilate or torture some one and they meditate on it day and night.

Some people can even hate you so hard until you can feel the hate or dislike radiating from them towards you.

Some people may want the best for someone and others who they do not know and always speak and thing good things for people. They send up prayers for people they know and don't know and ask the Lord to watch over them and protect them and bless them with prosparity and wellness and to be one with the Lord.

Some people go out of their way to help and bless other people whom they know and a lot they don't know.

So what do you think?

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This is a very interesting thing to ponder on, most of us lay someplace between the world's way and God's way. So this is like a graph high points and low points like a wave.

The evil eye exist and is so much more simple than most believe, jealousy or/and envy are all it takes. Example "Just look at our neighbors boy they got the money they don't know what problems are!" This is nearly no I wont even say nearly in feeling this is wishing something bad on those neighbors, holding them in disgust is the same as cursing them. This does a few things, these people these neighbors may be very nice even sharing people but when we feel disgust this turns to hate and pushes away any chance of friendship. That is very far from God's way, there is no love or compassion there and the person judging them has no idea what their life is like they could be living a life of hell on earth and need a friendly neighbor but instead they get snubbed. Here is the funny thing about this the one judging feels snubbed like these rich neighbors are snobs and it is the other way around but we experience our own feelings.

Back to that curve I was talking about, on good on God days we are high on that scale and nothing negative can affect us! But on our low days when we may be feeling down or depressed or upset and angry now there is an opening for negative to enter and not only to enter it is welcome (subconsciously) ever hear of the saying misery loves company? So in our down time our worldly time we are affected by this neighbor's envy or jealousy or both and in the effect we experience things go from the frying pan into the fire (bad to worse).

So we must try to be in God most of the time (all of the time is the goal) and we will have on the armor of God, nothing negative will affect us, we will be able to causally take a walk through the valley of the shadow of death and have a good time happy calm and unaffected.


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Wade Casaldi

Boy oh Boy the armor of God I am so glad you brought that out. I knew that it did effect people over time. It kind of like when someone stairs at you for an while and you can feel it. That is energy sent to you and you felt it be it postive or negative. So if someone adds like or dislike to it than that is sending more energy your way. Now you may have your armor of God on or your vibrations frenquecy turned up so high that it jsut bounces off but if not an it finds an weekness in your bubble than it will pounce.

(23 Nov '09, 08:27) flowingwater

Yes exactly :-D

(23 Nov '09, 10:20) Wade Casaldi

Thanks Wade Casasdi. Wade will you pray for my friend Patty she has that real bad case of cancer in her stomach and I have ask for an prayer for her on another comment somewhere on this site. She is an music teacher and she touches the heart of so many children and lifting their spirts and self esteem up so high. Thank you for you decide to pray for her. If you need her last name I can get it she hasn't been too long gotten married so I don't know it but I will get it if you need it.

(23 Nov '09, 21:19) flowingwater

Yes I'll be glad to yes location and last name would make it easier, I could say "unknown (yahoo)'s friend Patty" but I wonder how far that would work? Since you are a brother in Christ I'll give you a book that may help. 100 Fold Strength by Sterling Bristol Xulon Press ISBN 1-59781-642-6

(23 Nov '09, 23:14) Wade Casaldi

Her name is Patti Fenley and she is an music teacher and she lives in Winona, Ms she has cancer in her stomach and it was spreading to her lungs, liver, bones but we h ad an prayer for her at an certain time and day and everyone prayed for her and so what they thought was cancer which had spread to those places was non-cancerious so that is good news and the power of the Lord. She was taken chemo obut now they had her on that bad chemo which kills all of your good cells as well as the bad. They say most people don't live long with this kind of cancer. Your prayes will be greatly appreciated.

(25 Nov '09, 10:21) flowingwater

Thank you so much for praying for her. I will check this book out thanks. Have an nice day and a happy Thanksgiving. I was trying to say the word prayers I mis-spelled it on my other comment I can't edit comments yet I don't have enought reputations yet or points.

(25 Nov '09, 10:31) flowingwater
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Most of your question describes negative people or people who don't like you. I would first examine
your own thoughts, emotions and attitudes, and see if you are not attracting these kind of people
(like attracts like).

That said, I believe that the influence of negative people is overrated. If you have confidence in yourself and what you are doing, negative people won't matter. Your best response to them is to radiate love and well-being toward them, and be a shining example of how a decent human being should behave. Over time, if they are basically good people, they may begin to show signs of more civil behavior towards you.

However, some people are just toxic. You can choose to remove yourself from their influence by removing yourself from their presence (i.e. avoiding them). If you do that, they will obsess over something else besides you.

Some people may want to kill, capture, steal from, multilate or torture some one and they meditate on it day and night.

They have to act first. If this is a genuine concern, get the police involved.


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No, it just that everyday you here about someone being killed, kidnaped, sometimes tortured, and people will sometimes knock someone in the head an kill them. Some people are just pure evil, some people don't seem to have an conscious or moral value of not doing harm to others. Some people sit and plan for days or years what they are going to do to some people it is so SAD that human beings act this way. I know the angels of God are just shaking their heads in disappointment at some humans. Now, I heard of one man broke in to steal and went to crying and was sorry and only took $20.00.

(23 Nov '09, 06:25) flowingwater

We, need to pray more to lift people up who don't know to start co-creating their own reality. We must not leave God out for he is our creator and I hope we can raise the vibrational frequency of an lot of people so they will feel better about them selves and raise self esteems and bring more food, good health, and love and people be able to pay their bills with more jobs and better paying jobs so they want be so stressed out. Human Beings have an great Power within them and a strong connection to God with all power who loves us. Thanks for the concern I appreciate. Vesuvius!

(23 Nov '09, 06:37) flowingwater

Yes of course, We are manifestations of others. we are creatures, and creators as well. look to the bright side, but it's equally important not to forget the dark side. part of us, is spiritual, this part needs energy to live. where do you think this energy comes from? .. from within and without. if we don't produce enough energy - spiritually - for this inner being, it will seek energy from other - outer - sources. ever heard of psychic vampires ? .. they are all around you. in fact, you mentioned them in your question. so you know them very well already. that's a good start. and I can see that you know exactly how to stop them. don't feel any guilt. do it ! .. being affected my manifestations of others is not always a .. positive process. the negative side is very dangerous. if you are aware of it happening, then please don't allow it to continue. it's your life too. only remember not to fight fire with fire. one drop of water, could be very effective.


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But what do you use for the water.For human beings most see kindness as an weekness. People are losing their abilities that God gave them to care about other people and they are off the charts with going out of their way to pull others down negatively. Watch out for smiling faces with undesirable intensions towards others.

(25 Nov '09, 10:15) flowingwater

Everything that is in our reality is our own creation, not the creation of others. Anything that happens to you happens due to your dominant thoughts, vibration and state of being.

Now, everything you see and feel around you has an effect on you if you let it influence your thoughts, vibrations and state of being. You are right when you say that if someone intends or is thinking about harming you, you can feel it sometimes. You can just feel that something is not right. But then, you have a choice. You can either let that feeling dominate your vibration by giving it your attention. So, you start getting scared, worried, uneasy and you think about it non-stop. These will all contribute to bringing your general vibration down to a not so good feeling place if you give it enough attention and thought. It is then that you are in trouble and you get harmed.

What you should really do is try not to focus on those potentially harmful things and give it the least amount of thought possible. Focus on good feeling thoughts.


answered 24 Nov '09, 19:13

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Pink Diamond

Abraham said what people think or say about you is none of your business.I like that!

(25 Nov '09, 02:36) Roy

Well this idea is valid but it has one glitch.

When you are in a "negative" frame of mind, which by 'negative' I mean exclusion, you are sending your negative thoughts, feelings, prayers and so on to others. Yes, they can have an effect on other people, like shamanism or voo-doo often do. But they are often driven by ego-minded individuals, who want to purposefully will other people to profit them. It can be a powerful thing but often these beings work alone or in small groups and ultimately they all have diffrent agendas.

When it comes to 'positive' prayers and thinking, the 'positive' means integrative. It means that we make EVERYTHING our own and make every experience valid, aspart of our experience. It's the opposite of ego-centerted 'negative' action.

So when a group of individuals come together to meditate for example on subject of healing Mother Earth, there total energy that they send out doesn't add up. In fact it is EXPONENTIAL. It means that 2 positive charged people can energatically overpower 4 negative people, 3 positives can overpower 8 negatives, 4 positives - 16 negatives and so on.. It is like that because they all act from their higher purpose, from the feeling of cennectedness and feeling of being One with ALL That Is. That makes the work of light workers so overpowering for dark forces.

And that's also why you can hear often, that EVERY person matters. EVERY one of us is giving off a vibrational frequency and it is estiamted that it takes over 100 thousand of light workers to ENERGETICALLY overpower 6 billion people on Earth! That's hoe powerful we are. We are getting near that point and EVERY person matters more than ever.

In fact we are already past the 2012 treshhols and Earth is now on ascension, whereas it was on the decension for thousands of years. It means that we are now energetically 'tipped' slightly to the positive and more and more information is going out about how to reach your true potential.

After 2012 everyone will be given a choice: Either they are going to go with the ascension, or they are going to be left behind. What I mean by leaving behind is that some people will die out, some will just disapear from the face of the Earth, some will simply experience a parallel Earth which is not in the ascension process but in it's decension, like this Earth has been.

I assume if your reading this, you made your choice to go with the 'wave'. That means clearing ALL your life out. It means clearing your beliefs, your relationships, look at where you live and what you do for a living. It's ALL essential at this day-and-age. You WANT to be riding with the wave, you don't wanna get left behind. It means that their's no more time for procrastination. Lie your life as if that moment of your life is the last one and live it with impeccability. YOU want to be the One creating this reality with Us, YOU wanna have the 'vote' as to HOW will the New Earth look like. Come with ALL of Us light workers and create a magnificent future for ALL. All is One, One is All.


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I believe that we are divine souls that are having a human experience here on earth and that the other souls we are interacting with, either positive or negative, are the ones that love us most, by having mad an agreement with us to help us learn the hardest and toughest lessons we have to learn on the last days on earth. I do believe that we manifest our own world and we can decide ourselves how to react to the other people. If someone is bad mouthing you then this says more about them than about you and all you have to do is send them thoughts of love and forgiveness. Have them in your thoughts and keep repeating: I am sorry, please forgive me, I love you, thank you. Repeat this a few times when something happens that bothers you and see what happens than. Scientist have discovered that the behavior of molecules changes according to the expectations that the spectator has. We consist of molecules (= energy) so we should be able to influence the behavior of others in a positive way, just by expecting that. As Jesus said, treat your brothers and neighbors the way you want to be treated yourself by them. I wish you love, health and prosperity.


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