Are there techniques that can be employed that can help us focus the mind, deepen our understanding. and accelerate our learning abilities?

A concrete example: I fancy myself learning the guitar, and playing it well. Is there a way to get there in six months instead of six years? How about six weeks? Six days?

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Yes there is and you said the magic word Guitar I have an exact story about when I was learning guitar that fits this exactly.

I was learning to play a "difficult part" with guitar, and as I was working on learning it I kept messing it up! Each time I would say to myself "oh man I screwed that up again this is so hard!" I would say that and similar things reinforcing how difficult the part is and how hard it is to learn, I am lucky I caught myself before going into the self pity mode of "I'll never learn this!" All of a sudden I was enlightened "ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh wow what am I saying what am I creating here? Yes this is not my spiritual studies but that applies to all life and this is a part of life!" "I am going to recreate this experience of learning in the image I will have it to be", next mistake I made I said "Oh wow how could I goof that up it is so easy." "Opps I made a mistake on something so incredibly easy!" The more I said that the more my experience changed until I was playing the part perfectly and I burst out laughing "THIS IS EASY!"

Always remember something you think is difficult to someone else is easy, it is neither it just IS. Where do we want to classify it in our experience? Do we want limitation and believe we can't or to know we are capable of more and believe we can?


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Wade Casaldi

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So it's only hard because you think it is hard? Have I played the guitar before (in some other lifetime) and I just don't remember?

(03 Dec '09, 19:54) Vesuvius

I think it is more of what experience are we creating about learning, but you are right I had never thought of it from that angle. The angle my thought was from is that my mind and the infinite are one and anything I want to know infinite mind already knows, so therefore my mind already knows at some level, learning is like remembering oh wow this is so familiar. because we already know it in the mind from which our minds come from.

(03 Dec '09, 20:47) Wade Casaldi

This thought just came to me, whether you have or you haven't learned in another lifetime approach it like you have and you know it you are just trying to remember it, you know it and you can! :-D

(03 Dec '09, 20:50) Wade Casaldi
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answer: meditation! wall gazing! observing nature!you migth not know all but it will give you wisdom and growing knowledge!as for time it is another lesson! one should not be in hurry to achive something but enjoy the moment(the journey) and what you get from it!the journey is more important then the target! the goal will not make you happy if you just run after goal you will miss the most important! and will never be satisfied!


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white tiger

to bring your mind up to the theta waves and delta waves are a GREAT way to learn susconsiesly, as well as "sleep learning". Thes two are more of a sub consies thing and can be achived by medditation and also the Equisync type soundwave sytems.

love n light,



answered 10 May '11, 13:05

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TReb Bor yit-NE

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