Since it is said that we create our own reality, why do we create aliens as part of our reality? Is it our reality, or the alien that is within? What do you think?

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I believe the concept "We create our reality" is highly misunderstood.
From a conceptual point of view it is a proper description of the phenomenon. But in terms of measuring the effect of our ability to actually create our reality, it doesn't translate.

There are other concepts out there that better explain the effect that we create our reality. What we are really doing is hallucinating reality. Our individual hallucinations are a choice out of an unlimited potential of availability at any given moment.

As a species called "mankind" it seems we are participating in a sort of mass hallucination. So in a way our reality, that is the collective reality, is the mass common denominator of the mass hallucination. This mass effect is, in itself, changing, or self realizing with every thought within every person.

How is this intelligence to coordinate all the individual choices possible? This is where the concept the consciousness within you is the consciousness within everyone comes in. It is not many people working together to create a common denominator reality, but rather the same consciousness filtering out a common denominator of reality from an available unlimited potential that satisfies the needs of many points of reference as individual entities.

(This paragraph was added later for a better explanation) A good way to see this phenomenon is to observe a child playing with many dolls, let's say 3 dolls. Now if you observe the child for some time you will see that each doll has a separate personality and a separate set of circumstances of existence as assigned by the child. Now you will notice that what ever one doll does is automatically incorporated within the experience of the remaining two dolls. But each doll appears to have free will when the child is creating playful circumstance for each doll. We know the reason for this is because the dolls don't really have a mind of their own. The dolls mind is actually the child's mind which incorporates the needs of all the dolls accordingly. Our consciousness is somewhat similar to this. Individually it seems we have a point of reference with free will. But every seeker who has travelled back within their mind to the source & experienced enlightenment describes the experience as "it was like the consciousness within me became the consciousness within all creation". (End of new paragraph)

From our individual point of reference, I don't think we create the aliens, if they exist in the first place. We have as much ability to create aliens as we have the ability to create the flowers that grow upon a meadow at the base of the Himalayas. In other words, those flowers don't exist because we imagine them; there is already a portion of creation that is busily going about making flowers appear, and maybe event aliens. This power of creation is not us. If we had that power, our wonderful leaders would have destroyed this entire reality long time ago.

All we have is the power to ask and receive. But one should not dismiss this power as "not the same as creation power". Because I believe, it is the same power as creation. We have the ability to direct this power of creation through the mechanism of asking & receiving.

I have not met an alien or seen one. In my childhood I saw something I don't remember, but experienced missing time during that sighting. I am afraid to discover what that experience was all about, so I have never had the courage to go to a hypnotist to examine what the details of that event is.

Why did I bring up this story? Because I believe that they exist, but I have no proof of it. (Nor do I want to meet one). There is plenty of channelled information from the so called "aliens" out there. True, or not there seems to be an agreement among all these aliens, that we, the humans, actually have greater access to the power of creation than most other intelligent life forms out there. According to them, we have the gift of commanding creation with free will. It seems this power we have is highly sought after by various outer world races. This maybe why some of them attempt to suppress our real abilities, while at the same time try to capture this ability through cloning experiments.

But this information in not verifiable, nor is it capable of giving us greater Joy in our existence as humans trying to find happiness. So to put it into perspective, they may or may not exist. But if you give attention to the idea, and they do happen to exist, circumstances will put you in the right place at the right time for you to witness a real alien or the evidence that they exist.

Either way I don't think they appear because of our power to create, because I don't think we have that power. We only have the power to ask.


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The Traveller

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You are right I think somethings were already here or create by God but I think we bring these things into our own reality if we dwell on them enough by going looking for them and most of the time what you are looking for you will find. For first off you want see anything else only what you are focusing on you will most likely by past all other things. There are so many other beings, dimentions, planes that occupy maybe this same earth and this same space just on another plane or dimentsion and there are portols of thin places in the lining of the fabric on earth that most men are unaware of.

(04 Feb '10, 09:51) flowingwater

Very insightful answer, Traveller, and very educational too. Thank you.

(05 Feb '10, 06:47) Inactive User ♦♦

Thanks Elsa & flowingwater for your comments. Flowingwater, your mention of other dimensions & planes is exactly the vision that awakened in my consciousness in trying to answer this question. The fact that there are so many dimensions & yet we "lock in" to the same set of circumstances that are common to our collective species.

(05 Feb '10, 07:46) The Traveller

Thanks for your comment Elsa and Traveller. Traveller thanks and I am glad I pick up on what you were saying. Like for instance when you die your physical body decay into the soil but your spiritual body goes to another plan or dimention outside of this physical plane we are living in this physical world. Everyone once in a while we humans get a clance of something out of the conner of our eyes or we close our eyes and we see things with our spiritual eyes but when we try an look with our physical eyes than it disappears. There is more to this physical world than merely what we see.

(05 Feb '10, 09:34) flowingwater
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Your question is hinting at the fact that humans own this world. I don't think this is the case. I think there are many other "creatures" who inhabit this world.

I think there are several parallel universes that exist and aliens inhabit one of those parallel universes. It is possible to make the transition from one to the other. This is where I think the concept of aliens actually came from. Some humans have been able to make this transition and see aliens.


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Pink Diamond

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Would it be to help aid in the question ."There has got to be else something out there?".If evolution worked here why wouldn't work somewhere else and what if they started earlier(evolving) had a head start?


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For more interesting friendships ;)


answered 10 Dec '10, 19:36

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Hu Ra

Are you familiar with Aliens?

(10 Dec '10, 23:46) Inactive User ♦♦

Yes. I am one and so are my best of friends.

(11 Dec '10, 17:39) Hu Ra

actually aliens may have helped elevate material man to have self consciousness, there is now more written evidence that the literal instead of symbolic (mythos) interpretion of the 'fall' has distorted what is perceived to have been our evolution.
almost seventeen centuries of ignorance is beginning to become enlightened


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Yes, I am still very curious about the subject matter, more so to know if they really exist, and how if any, will their presence affect our environment, and humanity at large!

(11 Dec '10, 02:04) Inactive User ♦♦

At the very beginning of the Bible there is a part which states that there were 'those that came down to earth'.. it has been translated as angels.

There is also the 'jealous god' - what would a loving God of All That Is possible have to be jealous of? There are also the 'god/s' who slaughtered women and children.

I'm with Zachariah Sitchin all the way with his translation of the Sumerian tablets. Worth noting that the first time I came across the word 'sitchin' was in a dream .. there were two brothers in the dream who told me that 'we be sitchins, we be sitchins'. It was only some months later that I thought to google the nonsense word 'sitchin'. That is when I found Zachariah Sitchin, and his book "The Twelfth Planet". The book remains one of my very favourites, and it based on the translation of the Sumerian tablets - which feature two brothers, Enki and Enlil.

Dr Harry Oldfield has also invented a lens which can actually photograph flying saucer type things in the sky that are invisible to the human eye. Fascinating stuff.

Yep - I believe in aliens, but I am not itching to meet one :) Just call me yellow.


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Wait. What? We created the aliens?



answered 10 Dec '10, 19:40

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jim 10

Well, the subject matter about Aliens remains with a big question mark! It is a well talked about subject, and some people believe that they are out there, and you also have the people that do not believe in Aliens.

I was having a discussion on the subject matter, and I decided to post the question to hear other people’s point of views!

(10 Dec '10, 23:59) Inactive User ♦♦

My response was tongue in cheek, I hope I did not disrespect. It was not my intention :)

(11 Dec '10, 06:42) jim 10

There is no such thing as "alien" hollywood style, only different. The word alien is meant to conjure up separateness and fear. Did we create aliens in our world? If some would like to believe that, then that's exactly what they'll get. Are there other beings then us terrestrial humans, sure, but they're all like us, part of the infinite creator, experiencing and manifesting itself.

Thank you, namaste


answered 11 Dec '10, 11:42

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Very nice. A lot of people think the Oneness of it all ends on this planet. :)

(11 Dec '10, 17:43) jim 10

Thank you for your thoughts on this issue, appreciate!

(12 Dec '10, 00:18) Inactive User ♦♦
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