If you've seen the movie (the first one), do you think the movie metaphorically illustrates our relationship with God, the Universal Mind or Source energy?

Of course, perhaps we're not batteries feeding a giant evil computer, but what about the relationship between the matrix world and the "real" one? Does that feel genuine to you?

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It certainly contains some profound insights. Well worth re-watching after 10 years...

(04 Dec '09, 08:49) Eddie

The interesting thing about that movie is, when I saw it the first time I thought someone has made a movie like my dreams! Now when I see this movie it does remind me of how our reality is and influenced by thought.

There have been many that say our reality is like a hologram, I have seen others that say it is like a computer, as I used to program on my Commodore 64 in basic (what is that, what are either of those! LOL) I remember a program works by one logic rule "what is next?" With that logic I do see a big connection to reality, but what opened this to me were my dreams. I saw that what I expected happened from my emotion if it was fear next there was something to fear, I noticed in my dream if I feared walking into a room I would find something I did not like, but the fear came first then the experience, next I'd fear it wanted to get me and it wanted to get me, I'd fear it was going to chase me next it was chasing me. I realized this and I could see how it applied in life, like walking down a ally way past a dog or gambling and fearing this is too good to continue etc..

So in all of this I believe it shows how thought creates experience, and that is a good point of the Matrix, but as well downloading information, the God mind knows all and there are Idiot Savants that do tap into this and know something one moment that they did not know the moment before. Some Indigo Children do this too something they do not know at all they can touch and know it fully like they were a master of it. I do this myself with music or writing it flows through me.


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Wade Casaldi

I love 'The Matrix'. I think I have seen it at least 10 times now. Yes, we can clearly associate the matrix world with our physical reality and the real world with the non-physical world. Morpheus can be regarded as our inner being, which is the non-physical part of us which is always there to guide us.

It brings great insight into how everything we manifest comes down to our beliefs. At the start, Neo did not believe that he was the chosen one with limitless powers and that is exactly what he got. However, once he changed that belief at the end of the movie, he achieved the impossible.

Great example of how we are only limited by our beliefs.


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Pink Diamond

No, because in the matrix the people were being controlled and connected to machines and their minds were program into an halogram of what they wanted them to perceive while they used their energies.

God does have all power but he does not control us he gives us a free will for us to choose to believe in him or not and to do this or that it is entirely up to us. So we much pay attention and stay fully informed of spiritual and physical information and data so we can make wise choices. We must keep our spiritual eyes open wide as well as our physical eyes. We must also stay prayed up and connected to God, Jesus Christ, Universal Consciousness which is still God our creator.

We also must learn of ourselves,understand our selves, have an oneness with God, the Christ, and realize that we are indeed children of God and he did create us in his own image and breathe the life into the first man and woman called Adam and Eve. Jesus said that we can do things greater than he because God gave us that ability we just must discover it for our selves and believe we can as a heir to the throne of God.

Our faith in God, in Jesus and the power of our thoughts and the power of our speaking words are indeed very powerful. The words the bible says we can speak with the tongue has the power of speaking life and death. If we can speak life an death than we can speak good health, wealth, prosperity, love, peace, happiness, a successful business,healing, joy, oneness with the Lord and other things as well.


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I have always been interested in spiritual or philosophical stuff. From this perspective the Matrix movie made a lot of sense but there was a lot of information that was clearly hinting at something that I couldn't "FIT" into a spiritual or philosophical explanation.

Then recently I stumbled upon conspiracy theories. Not just one or two, I'm talking about everything I could get my hands on (ok my mind on). I'm extremely, extremely open-minded so nothing is too far fetched for me to handle. How ever, I must point out that I stay clear from Horror, & horrific images or movies (real or documentary). I want to save some of the innocence of my soul.

My point is, Ever since I got into conspiracy theories, the Matrix movie makes complete sense to me. The movie is trying to reveal the Hidden reality of manipulation upon this physical reality.

Have any of you wonderful souls stumbled upon this connection?


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The Traveller

I haven't really with conspiracy theories, but I will say I used to know a girl that was heavy into them, and feared most everything. From her food to the airplanes everything, everyone was out to get us or use or harm us. Please watch or you will become paranoid and scared of everything.

(13 Dec '09, 19:04) Wade Casaldi

Yes. It feels entirely genuine as an in-accurate representation of the truth. An in-accurate representation of OUR own ultimate truth; but has ultimate truths woven in through it and out of it. The simple ultimate truth is that there is no ultimate truth, we all came from the same origin and manifested differently, subjectively, as individuals. 'The Matrix' as it is talked about in the movie can be replaced with the word God; then which time you will stop tripping out and go: ahhh it all makes sense now why this movie is so trippy. Neo is related to by everyone because he's on the same journey we are; the seeking of his own ultimate truth. And so as we take the place of Neo, the main character, we trip out, because we are taken on a truth-seeking journey of unbeleivably creative proportions that just wow us time after time, until the end, where at the end of the movie, our sense of relief comes from the ultimate realization (atleast in neo's shoes). The ultimat realization is this: there is no truth. We create it as we go; we have been all along; except with out realizing it yet. Now we realize it, fully, and can go to create out own truths, consciously, as we go. This is the ultimate truth, which is different for everyone and everything, but at the same time is the exact same; for we are impartial to eachother, our truths are OUR ultimate truths through our own experience, but the entire ultimate truth is all of OUR ultimate truth's combined; thus the Universal Mind. But which one will you choose? To identify greater with connectedness and less with individualness is to be more selfless and less selfish, and thus, be greater in contribution and less in self-wealth and self-generating. To be greater in identifying further and greater with one's own truth is to be greater in selfishness and less in selflessness. We're always fluctuating, and we always need balance, we always need to be giving, then taking, taking then giving. I say the 60-40% rule just to start, until we come closer and closer and further into balance: which is the 50-50% rule; here is where there is optimal living, optimal being; but here is an impossibility to maintain for a lifetime; for we are everchanging, ever-fluctuating, ever at cause and effect with our environment; there is a continuum here, that is the beauty of the matrix, the true matrix, is that creation is everlasting and never-stopping. Point in sum; identify with those and give to those that give to you, disidentify with those and take from those that take from you; but only take from them what they have taken from you, then love them anyway, and get away from them as fast as possible and disidentify with them entirely by becoming yourself again, your true self, with your ultimate truth. God will always come first, in my life, and in others. To not acknowledge him is to not acknowledge your own source, and with that will come always suffering. Such is the nature of god consciousness.


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