Since we evolved on this planet, we may need it much more than we presently acknowledge-For example, we know that we need trace minerals like chromium, gold, silver and even arsenic in our diets. If this is so, then maybe if we are slowly messing the planet's ecology up, then wouldn't it follow that we are also hurting our very own existence? Could this explain why we are seeing an explosion of cancer (as an example)?

What do you think?

Happy Thanksgiving 2011,


asked 24 Nov '11, 02:45

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Evolution AND religions teach us that we were created from the Earth, through one method or another. When we die our bodies are buried and we return to our source. To some people our connection is simply in our joint consumption of the same resources, but I don't think this is reasonable.

Not to sound excessively 'spiritual', I believe our connection with the Earth is just as strong as the connections we make with the ones we love or our ancestors whom are responsible for us existing in the first place. 'Mother nature' was a phrase that was coined for a reason, and it is very common for people to say 'Mother Earth'. To me this meaning is exactly what it sounds like, Earth is our 'parent' just as much as our blood parents are.

I do believe the assumption that damaging our planet is also damaging ourselves, and that is a very reasonable conclusion to draw. But we are capable of healing our planet just as much as we are capable of damaging it. I'd say the sooner we stop treating the Earth as an object to be stepped on to reach where we want the better off we all will be. Soon people will learn that the Earth is a living and breathing entity of life to be respected and treated as an equal, just like ALL life.

On the topic of cancer specifically: I am not a doctor, and in no way claim that anything I say on this topic or any other is anything but my own beliefs. That being said, I personally believe that our mind and spirit have 'bodies', just like our physical one. And they need to be kept active and healthy, just like our physical one, otherwise they will age, deteriorate, and die. I believe many ailments people suffer from in life, cancer being one of them, are caused by spiritual or mental wounds that manifest themselves physically. A mild example of this is hypochondriacs that honestly 'feel' the pain they believe they are experiencing. If your mind can hurt you physically, what would be stopping your spirit from doing the same? (I believe this idea can also work in any possible combination of directions, including a lack of attention to our physical beings resulting in mental or spiritual wounds.)

Happy Thanksgiving to you as well, and everyone reading this. A wonderful day to be discussing the appreciation of life, though it would be just as wonderful any other day as well. ^_^


answered 24 Nov '11, 07:06

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Now this is a great answer, Leo! Thanks! Happy Thanksgiving to you, and all reading as well>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(24 Nov '11, 07:49) Jaianniah

Just was thinking...I'll bet you liked "Avatar" as much as I did...Right?>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(24 Nov '11, 08:07) Jaianniah

Absolutely. But it saddens me how literally nobody I know appreciates just how deep the meanings of the movie go and how true they are. But I think it is a sign that there are others out there who DO, and they're trying to spread the message using any voice they can, be it music, art, movies, speech, or any other influence. You keep asking about where humanity is taking itself... I think you should have faith in knowing that if you look closely enough the true good message is everywhere, and anyone with a 'voice' to share it with, like Avatar, is doing so. Slowly..people are listening. =)

(24 Nov '11, 08:56) Leo

I know at least that I am listening, and I am trying to help the Earth any which way I can...Thanks so much for sharing! Happy Thanksgiving! (2011)>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(24 Nov '11, 17:38) Jaianniah

A wonderful answer Leo. We are glad to have you here. Thank you and a Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

(24 Nov '11, 21:02) Paulina 1

Thank you very much, and the same to you. And I'm glad to be here. Just having people to talk to who are wise enough to not have a closed mind is more invigorating than I can express with words.

(25 Nov '11, 03:39) Leo
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it may be that we, physical humanity and planet earth, are from the same source,
each with an individual destiny yet interdependent


answered 24 Nov '11, 12:47

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Well said Fred.

(24 Nov '11, 20:56) Paulina 1

Hi Jai, Happy thanksgiving. Physicaly we are made from the same stuff as our earth and spiritualy we are connected to all there is in the universe. Yes the earth is being compromised by the way we humanity treat it and yes that effects us humanity on many levels.

Not only is mineral depletion effecting our health but the digging up of minerals from one place and depositing it elswhere effects the balance of earths very survival. That includes Gold, diamonds and oil to mention a few and especialy oil for these things have been mined for many decades and shipped all over the globe. Just like our body needs balance by having certain minerals in certain places (like calcium mainly in the bones and teeth) so does our planet.

What happens if you take calcium and deposit it elswhere in the body like kidneys for instance? As any kidney stone sufferer will tell you this is excrutiatingly painful for that is no place for that specific mineral. The body becomes unbalanced and disease happens. The same goes for our planet for by digging up minerals irrespective of what they are unbalances the earths magnetic field. I think this also has a lot to do with the crazy weather patterns we get these days.

What we need to do is put mother earth on a strictly organic diet and maybe to replace some of those minerals where they belong. Of course this is only my own insight and nothing more than a pipe dream but maybe a few hundred years from today when science wakesw up who knows?


answered 24 Nov '11, 21:22

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Paulina 1

I absolutely agree about the importance of balancing the Earth, and you bring up an interesting point. But I don't think replacing the minerals specifically from whence they game is necessary, though making sure that we are giving as much to the planet as we are drawing from it is just as important as sharing positive energy with any other bond we create. But I believe it's possible using Earth as a source shape other planets near us and make them inhabitable for more varieties of life as well.

(25 Nov '11, 03:43) Leo

Hopefully soon we will figure out how to create atmospheres around other planets, and then there will be no limit to how far we can expand, or what we will be capable of. Especially considering the universe is constantly expanding... But before we do that we need to make sure we are worthy of populating the universe, and I think that is why we are not yet capable of doing so. Like I said, I do believe we are in Eden, or the source of life, and it is our calling to fulfill our duties as the guardians of life.

(25 Nov '11, 03:45) Leo

As for restoring minerals: Nothing is destroyed when we live properly. We absorb the nutrients our bodies deem necessary, the rest are returned to the Earth. When we die, anything we have held on to is also returned. The same goes for any buildings or creations we make, the question is simply how long it takes it to break down. I believe one of the biggest problems we face is our wastefulness, producing items needing decomposition at a faster pace than we have figured out how to break them down.

(25 Nov '11, 03:48) Leo

Thank you Leo for your thoughtfull and insightful comments and yes you are right. It would be wonderful to be able to create livable atmospheres on other planets and it would solve the problem of overpopulation. I do know that nothing is destroyed and it simply returns to its original state what I ment is that some of the minerals man has mined over the years are not allways where they are suposed to be and maybe could be placed where needed to bring earth into equilibrium. Not necessarily where they come from but where needed.

(25 Nov '11, 12:26) Paulina 1
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