I've been noticing lately that when the climate where I live changes ( air isnt so humid, skies are clear) that I am so much more excited and happy and my business just booms when the weather is awesome.

When it gets cloudy and humid for stretches of time I find myself depressed and usually I lose opportunities, and I have to acclimate to a lower place. Is this why so many millionaires live in southern california and philadelphia is mostly in poverty?

Just wondering if weather influences our vibrations- even on a miniscule level.. If so that would be pretty unfortunate...

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I'd say that it definitely has that potential.


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Ursixx is spot on here. Weather can definately affect your vibration if you let it. I used to let it also. Then I started a Positive Aspects list for each Season of the year. This helped me improve my Vibration on the Weather. There is always Positive Aspects in Everything.


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"Does weather affect your vibration?" Sure it does . If you choose to let it. And so the opposite is true also. If you choose not let the weather affect your vibration, it will not. Kind of like mondays If you hate them and wake with a feeling of dread they have a hard time getting better. But wake with a feeling happiness and the start of a new week they tend to be alright


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There are benefits to getting sunlight. There are also benefits to being physically comfortable. More important though, is how we feel about the weather. I love the rain. I love the fog. So these things make me feel good, cozy. However, to those who don't like the rain or fog, the feeling is not good and cozy. So learn to feel good about the weather, and you can be happy whether the weather is sunny or rainy.


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I was just thinking about this the other day, kicking around the idea that it is healthy and beneficial that the weather is so facinating and fun to me, because it is so very much in the moment, and keeps you there when you are mindful of it.

I compared it to breathing, the ultimate Now to focus on. Weather is Now, and really nothing else, if you think about it. I'm thrilled watching clouds and sunshine chase eachother across the sky, or feeling a cool rogue breeze come up and unexpectedly blow my hair all around. It removes me completly from the job, the bills, the traffic etc., and I'm fully engaged in enjoying the Now. It is the same when all sound is muffled by fog, or the smell and pattering sound of rain steals your attention away from a boring meeting... Mmmm...

See - I got so swept up talking about it, I'm not even sure I've properly answered your question lol! I would say my vote is a resounding yes! The weather does effect your vibration.



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I understand where you are coming from and most people do seem to let the weather affect their moods but isn't that just the wrong way round.

Although this was not always the case, I actually like the variety in weather conditions as I just get bored quite easily with things staying as they are all the time.

The different weather conditions also gives me the opportunity to do different things. On a sunny day, I might fancy a day out or a bike ride, whereas on a rainy day, I enjoy watching a movie with a nice hot drink and occasionally, I would even go out for a run as it is just different.

So, the key is, as pointed out in other answers also, to try and make the most of your day and stay in a happy place whatever the weather conditions or any other condition around you is. We can find ways to be happy in any physical condition instead of letting the physical conditions dictate our happiness.


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I think it's different for everyone. My mom says it does, and will call off an event if the weather throws her mood. For me, it depends. I decided against going to the summer carnival because of overcast/rainy weather because rain and summer carnivals are clashing Associations. But I had no problem driving to Livonia (which is about an hour away for me) in pouring rain (which later cleared up a bit). It just depends on the Association, I guess.


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I believe it does, especially if you feel you have a deep connection with your environment.

That being said, I'll also have to agree with others that it will only effect you if you let it, especially if you feel that the weather is bringing you down.

My personal experience is that whenever the weather is dark, wet, misty, rainy I tend to feel relaxed. I'm happiest when the sky is dark or filled with stormy clouds. Thunderstorms make me feel excited and/or happy. I also prefer the cooler weather of Fall and Winter. I associate this sort of weather with snuggling, cozy warmness, cuddling, hot chocolate and how beautiful the world looks in a different palette of colors.

Sunny weather can also be nice, as well as windy. I think of flowers and newly budding trees, butterflies, great puffy clouds, and in the case of windy, I think of big colorful kites and, oddly enough, big bright hot air balloons!

I think the only sort of weather I don't like is maybe the hot still sweltering days we can have in Texas, but I think that can be understandable! Even then, jumping into a crystal clear pool and paddling around is enough to make me happy. I have a lot of happy memories this summer splashing around in a pool with my husband.

I think it really does have something to do with your own personal associations with the weather and your ability to find something about the weather to happy about.


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