Our species is like no other that has ever existed on Planet Earth. We now have the power to manipulate our genetic code; hypothetically, we could someday create any sort of creature we desire. In between now and "someday", we have already begun fixing genetic problems in humans, and are busily mapping the genes of the life that already exists here on Earth. But should we circumvent the process of evolution? When Covid-19 became a pandemic, I heard whispers about just letting the virus kill people, leaving a population that would be resistant to the virus. I feel just awful thinking that way. That is the trouble; humans feel compassion and grief, and hate those feelings with passion. We love one another, and hate suffering. This is why we are wearing masks and all the rest. We are trying to make Covid-19 extinct!

Science fiction has explored all of this in depth. Read "Frankenstein" by Mary Shelley. Shelley wrote this novel two hundred years ago, and it bears re-reading. The subtitle to her novel is "The Modern Prometheus ". Prometheus was one of the Titans, and was the God of fire; he was credited with creating humanity. Thus Dr. Frankenstein becomes a sort of modern age Prometheus. But it bears noting that Dr. Frankenstein was horrified by his chimeric creation, and regretted doing it.

Today, we can readily imagine manipulating genes to make humans that are free from aging, as an example. (Why do living beings age? How does aging serve evolution? Another question to ponder!) But will we end up regretting this power in somewhat the same way we regret harnessing the horrible power of atomic energy? I am sure that woolly mammoths will soon walk the Earth again. It seems only fair considering that we humans caused their extinction.

But just because we can does not necessarily mean that we should. How does our new "power" fit in with evolution? Have we become exempt from evolution?

Jaianniah October 18th, 2020

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Hi @Jai "we are trying to make covid 19 extinct" ... "the balance of nature" created covid, surely that means we're not exempt from nature's laws, we're an intrinsic part of it and cocreator of covid :)

(21 Nov '20, 00:02) jaz
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Evolution is an idea.

Do we have the right to mess with it is another idea.

How we feel about these two ideas is a third idea

That third idea of "how we feel about it" will affect all three ideas because feeling a certain way about something is the most powerful tool in how we create our reality.

So that; "we can interfere with evolution and that it is a bad thing", is an idea that will create the physical interactive plane where we can physically engage with the props of projection where the emotional response will re-create the experience "this is bad" and engaging with those props will also close the loop of creation that started with the belief.

On the other hand, the exact idea with the opposite feeling such as "We can interfere positively with the evolutionary mechanism for the benefit of mankind" will produce almost similar looking props of physicality, except when you engage with these projections, you will be curing physical ailments & conditions that, up until now have had no cure. (just to give an example)

Both are an interference in what seemingly is god's plan that should be left alone.

but both are projections of our five senses of an internal emotional state within existence.

So the balance of nature exist within our selves.

it exists within our emotional state of balance, anticipation and deservability.

Some of the things that appear to be un-fair, make more sense when existence is seen as something that we are before we were born and will exist after we die.

existence does not begin with birth and cannot be annihilated with death.

it is also not affected by aging, Covid-19 or the circumstances of ones existence.

What's happening in the world is the reflective wake up call for the self to take self responsibility for what is happening outside.

The more we claim responsibility within our selves for a process happening within us to be the cause for the world being the way it is, the more one gains great insight into how that inner process is connect to the outward projection.

This brings a great sense of strength, understanding and hope that we can actually change the outside by making changes within our inner state of existence.

And that changes everything

Slowly.. but.. by a tiny little step every day.

And every day is right now

All of existence is right now

so only (inside of) right now can you change anything.

How you feel about anything right now is the continuously updating state of how things are for ever.

If you want anything to change, change your interpretation of how things are right now within right now to a new right now where the exact circumstances are full of possibility and hope.

For that is the only mechanism available to us right now, so long as we exist within right now.


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The Traveller

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@The Traveller- Lovely!♡

(17 Jan '21, 17:10) Jaianniah

nothing in 3 dimensional
form escapes the 'balance of
nature', it is the 'spell' of
linear thinking believing so


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But just because we can does not necessarily mean that we should. How does our new "power" fit in with evolution? Have we become exempt from evolution?

This is a massive philosophical debate that I dont feel you can answer or even discuss here. It has more to do with your own morality more than what others should do.

Nature triumphs all. Humans, despite their advancements, will never exceed natural law such as nature. (But they may think they can).


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