What causes illness?

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Stress and the holding of history in the tissues or cells of the body. If the immune system is keep at an a high enough peak than you want get sick and if you keep your vibrational frequency at an high enough pitch than you want get sick and if you clear all of the negative energies through out your whole physical body, spiriual body, auras and clear all contracts of past and present. Pray to God for complete healing and than thank him for your healing as though you are already heal. The subsciouness of the Universe is God connection to us. Than you will be healed of diseases.

There is an lady who helps you to remove stressful emotions and history out of your body.



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Thanks for the link.

(25 Feb '10, 16:32) Brian

You are so welcome hopes it helped Brian

(02 Mar '10, 05:59) flowingwater

For a one line question, here's my one line answer :) ...illness results from pulling more energy through you than you can allow.


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H1N1 notwithstanding?

(21 Nov '09, 02:30) Vesuvius

That's an effect, not a cause

(21 Nov '09, 02:42) Stingray

I'm almost afraid to ask...What is the cause?

(21 Nov '09, 05:59) Vesuvius

Here's the cause ;) http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/1833/what-causes-illness/1834#1834

(21 Nov '09, 09:14) Stingray

Alright, well I really don't understand the statement "pulling more energy through you than you can allow. Can you elaborate?

(21 Nov '09, 19:48) Vesuvius

When you have a lot of desire flowing through you and you have a lot of resistance to that desire (for example, you don't believe that you can have what you really want), you put a great strain on your physical apparatus and this can cause problems (dis-ease). If you don't have much desire and you have a lot of resistance, it doesn't really matter...not much flowing anyway. The way the energies on Earth are increasing these days, few people have the luxury of having little desire, so diseases appear to be getting worse as a result. Not sure if this helps you at all?

(21 Nov '09, 22:55) Stingray
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Dis-ease- the body is not at ease, one is creating resistance,thus causing a blockage and not allowing life energy to flow.


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