The subconscious mind does not know reality; so should we be careful about what information we let into it?

Since it is a collector of informations, feelings, and thoughts. Should we treat it like it is an small child and only allow in what we want it to learn and know since it can not distinguish between right or wrong, good or bad, reality or fiction. It creates what ever the conscious mind tells it to consciously and unconsciously since sometimes we send it thoughts we are unaware of.

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Yes, absolutely. Many images and experiences bombard us every day and will have very little or no long-lasting effect, however it is the information which is repeatedly impressed upon our subconscious mind which stays with us and affects us. Remember, Mr. Haanel refers to the conscious mind as the 'watchman at the gate', and with good reason.


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Paul I

"It creates what ever the conscious mind tells it to consciously and unconsciously since sometimes we send it thoughts we are unaware of."

You answered your own question :) I feel that our ultimate goal is to creathe EVERYTHING conciously, which means learning not so to control our thoughts but to monitor them and ask questions: WHy do I think that? What belief would I have to have to make this true for me? ANd if something seems out of allignment with who you feel you truly are just change your belief and act as you wish. It's that simple. The more you work on your thoughts and examine them, the less thoughts you will actually have.

In my experience all of them come either from past or future events. If you can examine your past and make peace with it it will stop hunting you. The reason why the thoughts come up in the first place is to bring your attention to that place. Once you acknowledge them CONCIOUSLY and adress them appropriately, their on their way.

The same is with the future. Why you realize that you can't control everything and let the space for spontanity in your life, you can find yourself less and less worried about the future. First you start to have faith in your life as to that everything that comes up in it is their to serve you in one way or the other, you just need to see it. Then your feith will develop into absolute KNOWING which is above everything their is, KNOWING that your life is to be lived with exiliration and excitement, that this is your birth-right and what you choose everyday.

It is a journey. It needs practice. Feelings of




for what you already have will speed up the process. Also following your excitement at any given moment. That way you will start living in the NOW more and more, which is wher everything exists anyway, NOW. Past and future are only illusions, the only true moment is the NOW moment.


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''The subconscious mind does not know reality'' this is the common belief. in my opinion, it's wrong. fiction or imagined reality, is another level of reality. and what is reality ? thoughts are things. what you imagine does exist. if it doesn't exist you wouldn't be able to ''see'' it. that's a higher level of existence, the spiritual level. and ''as above, so below''. if you treat your subconscious as a child, you will be asking it to act as a child. imagine a child with absolute power taking control of your life !! :-) what you should be careful about is what enters your mind, unconsciously. information in the background, messages between the lines, feelings attached to words and images, conclusions and beliefs .. that's what your subconscious collects.


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I certainly think that we should examine our beliefs and decide which ones serve us well, and which ones just cause us pain.

I think we can choose which ideas work for us. The notion that we should filter what comes into our mind suggests that we are puppets on a string, constantly buffeted by the changing winds of the ideas we are exposed to (actually, I think I know a few people like this). But it doesn't have to be that way.

Hopefully you are in control of your own life, and you have not ceded that control to someone else. You can listen to ideas. It doesn't mean you have to accept them all.

"The most important question you'll ever ask is whether the Universe is a friendly place."

-- Albert Einstein


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Very perceptive--Vesuvius,This is a well thought out answer that should be taken very seriously Don V

(20 Sep '10, 18:59) Don V
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