1. Jesus said, "Damn the flesh that depends on the soul. Damn the soul that depends on the flesh."

do you know what it means and why he said that?

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white tiger

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What Book, Chapter and Verse does this come from? I thought I knew my Bible pretty well. I do not remember this verse though.

(20 Dec '11, 02:15) Wade Casaldi

wade it comes from the Gospel of thomas and was hiden by the church. here is a link to it. experience and enjoy.

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(20 Dec '11, 03:26) white tiger

The Gospel According to Thomas, commonly shortened to the Gospel of Thomas, is a well preserved early Christian, non-canonical sayings-gospel discovered near Nag Hammadi, Egypt, in December 1945, in one of a group of books known as the Nag Hammadi library.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gospel_of_Thomas

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(20 Dec '11, 03:30) white tiger
  1. Jesus said, "The Pharisees and the scholars have taken the keys of knowledge and have hidden them. They have not entered nor have they allowed those who want to enter to do so.
(20 Dec '11, 03:34) white tiger
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yes i do, is that when we becoime too dependant on our body too live a happy existance we are damed because we loose our spiritual path and when we depend only on our soul we become missplaced in teh pysical realm, pysical existance was MENT to be pysiicalk and we must find teh balance in this areana to do well,

love n light



answered 16 Dec '11, 02:17

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TReb Bor yit-NE

Hello white tiger, the following interpretation of this precise phrase seems good ...the article was gleaned from the Sanatanic Society ...

quoting " The body is but a manifestation of the self (the soul). If the self identifies with the body and becomes the ego (the soul that depends on the flesh), it will be unhappy (damned). And if the body or the ego believes that the self will make it immortal (the flesh that depends on the soul), it will likewise be disappointed. The body is expendable, replaceable. The self can only depend on itself. All else is ego."

ref; http://www.sanatansociety.org/yoga_and_meditation/Thomas_Gospel_Jesus_yoga_ego.htm

have a great day :)


answered 16 Dec '11, 10:49

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blubird two

The soul and the flesh are one and they are separate, depending on how you look at it. Each is a level of communication. Once you attach one to the other, you cancel them out. They exist on their own. To attach them to one another takes away the individual power of each. But they also stand on their own when it comes to understanding. It is relative to the observer to understand the difference.


answered 19 Dec '11, 04:58

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The Knights Alchemy

I'm very intrigued at some of the comments made here.. it seems my view differs greatly.

I believe this quote was intended to explain that we must keep ourselves healthy, in body, mind, and spirit. It is possible and common for bodies to exist with very limited spiritual awareness. Similarly, it is very possible and common for spiritual individuals to let go of their body, which as you should recall Jesus tells us is the temple of The Holy Spirit.

Be aware that my references to characters like "Jesus" and "The Holy Spirit" are purely for relatability, and it is actually another very different spiritual belief that my words actually stem from.

Back to the topic: Imagine for a moment that you have two bodies, a physical one and a spiritual one. Imagine that they are just as corporeal as the other, though the spiritual one is much more capable of changing shape and slightly more 'ethereal' or hollow/bright in color. Now imagine there is a gateway between these two worlds, a door so to speak. It allows your two forms to work together. This door is your mind.

Jesus taught to respect both bodies, as well as the gateway between the two. The original idea was that by maintaining a strong and healthy 'trinity' one could live for incredible lengths of time, far beyond the typical lifespan of a human today.

So working with the simile of the body being the "Temple of The Holy Spirit", imagine with me a fantasy scenario. The Temple (your body) is actually a physical structure; a real temple. Now imagine that The Holy Spirit lives inside that temple. How well maintained it is determines how quickly He heals, and how complex or fancy it is determines how happy He is. Now imagine there is an altar in the temple, which is a place for worship to God. The bigger the altar, the more "offerings" you give it, the better materials it is made with, the more time and compassion put into its construction, all of these things determine the connection between The Holy Spirit and God.

Now there is a problem with the cast of this mental play, two people are filling more than one role. "God" in this tale is also The Holy Spirit, and the "Temple" is also the "Altar".

So a more accurate story works more like this: God is hanging out in the sky, and his name is "Sol". You can't actually talk to God directly without a whole lot of training and preparation, because he is a very loud person. So instead, he communicates to you by the use of light. Not a metaphor, light. Real light. You, are darkness. You are the absence of light. Inside of you exists the only places that God will not go. These "holes" exist at specific points in your body, such as your forehead, palms, and heart. They are numerous and varying in size, shape, and orientation. (Some are even mobile)

So this "gift from God", the "Son of God", is actually the "Child / Children" of Sol. So through light, we are given the "warmth" of God. This is why when one speaks of direct exposures to "The Holy Spirit" they always describe feelings of warmth, happiness, energy, wind, and fire. When prophets "spoke in tongues" they are always described as "tongues of fire". The reason for all of these sensations is simple: they are all "positive" energies. Fire is positive, warm, full of energy. Water is (in a natural uninfluenced state) cold, heavy, immobile, dense.

This is also the reason that Angels, whenever seen by mortal men, were always "bathed in an unearthly light."

Now that I've gotten dramatically sidetracked, my real "answer" to this question:

Extra strength in your soul allows it to take some of the weight off of your body, but it is draining on your soul and hurts it. Extra strength in your body allows it to take some of the weight off of your soul, but it is draining on your body and hurts it. Both can survive "independently" from the other, but only in the weakness or near-absence of a "mind". In some situations it is even possible for a person's soul to be partially bound to the soul of an animal, most often in cases of extreme distress on behalf of the human. This is why animals can be so helpful in healing sick patients.

Jesus taught that it was unhealthy to use your body as a wheelchair to carry around a weak and immobile soul, and equally unhealthy to use your soul as a wheelchair to carry around a weak and immobile body. They may be alternating utilized as a "crutch" to help the other heal back to being able to stand on its own, but extended stress on one or the other can cause extreme repercussions.

And so, my interpretation: "Damn the flesh that depends on the soul, and can not hold its own weight. Damn the soul that depends on the flesh, and can not hold its own weight."

Though both sentences should also be appended with "(and doesn't work towards regaining the strength to hold its own weight.)"

This answer is marked "community wiki".

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sure you will live longuer because when the body die you will know that you are spirit. but one that depend on is body or one that depends on his soul(mind emotion) is damned because is soul will see the body death has the end and the body will depend on the soul(mind emotion) ego to survive.

(19 Dec '11, 19:13) white tiger

I refer to "life spans" in physical context only, because there is no such thing on a spiritual or soul level. Your soul will never die, and I think that might even be a point we both can agree on. But I must admit I do not understand what you mean by the rest of your writing, so I cannot respond to it.

(20 Dec '11, 04:19) Snow
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