This is something I have always wondered about...I am hoping that someone knows the answer! Blessings, Jai

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During astral projection (when you consciously will your self to separate from your body), people describe a golden thread connecting the body to the spirit. But this adventure & discovery is not for everyone.

I definitely would not recommend exploring this area until one has first dealt with establishing a confidence in the self (the spiritual self). A knowledge of being very sure (even if you are not sure of what you are searching) the idea, "I am confident in what I am doing and I know without any doubt that I am protected by my higher power", has to be firmly established within your self before venturing into this (is my soul connected to my body) exploration.

Speaking for myself, I don't find any beneficial purpose in understanding this now. I will face that lesson during or after my death. I am not worried about death so I am not interested in knowing the answer to this question. And my instincts tell me that those who are worried about death should be staying even further away from this subject. (Because when you are not sure, you can be guided by someone with an ulterior motive). The short answer is "YES" they are connected. The "HOW" is not our problem.

There are too many deliciously exciting explorations of consciousness that you can explore especially the demonstration to yourself that you are the initiator of every thing that happens to you. The freedom you will discover in experiencing this truth is invaluable and far more beneficial in comparison to the curiosity about the body-soul connection.


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The Traveller

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During astral projection the is a golden cord that connects to your body but it's not your main soul that leaves the body that soul is above your head that stays with the body the soul that leaves the body comes from your solar plexus in a lot of cultures this is also known as zombie soul and believed it could keep the body functioning but hence like a zombie would not be able to talk or function like a human with out main soul which stands above your head about 3 feet look in to Chinese beliefs you will find much more on this topic.


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