I have read several places where people refer to God's children. So who are God's children?

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Fairy Princess

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Kathleen Kelly ♦♦

We are all "gods children",we are all from the same source, what else could we be ?

"Through intense deep meditation you reach a state that is beyond thought, beyond change, beyond imagination, beyond differences and duality. Once you stay in that state for a while and come out of it without losing any of it, then the inner divine love will begin to pour through you.You will not see people as different, separate individuals.You will see your own Self in everyone around you.Then the flow of love from within you will be constant and unbroken." by Swami Muktananda

have a great day


answered 27 Dec '11, 05:12

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blubird two

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Love your answer Bluebird you are right we are all Gods children.

(30 Dec '11, 07:21) Paulina 1

it may depend on the level of your 'god',
fashioning a human form from the resources of earth,
or was it the source of the breath of spirit.
but, yes, a bit of the old flame is in each of us


answered 28 Dec '11, 01:46

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Thats right Fred we all have the flame of God within us, we are all children of God.

(30 Dec '11, 07:23) Paulina 1

I like this question a lot.

Anyone who answers with their own species is probably in big trouble, by the way..

'think of the "divine right" that dictators claim to have to rule. Hey! god told me to enslave people and live in a palace while my slaves work their asses off!'

Yah hokay buddy.. show me where in the Bible it says that, because I must have missed that verse...

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Even dictators are children of God they just dont know it yet for they haven't awakened love/God within themselves and are therefore not living from the point of love, respect and human desency but when they eventualy wake up they will stop being dictators.

(30 Dec '11, 07:28) Paulina 1

Yes yes, I suppose you are correct. But what if they refuse and continue to try to hurt everyone and everything around them? Then what are the 'good' people supposed to do? Allow them to continue being that way?

(30 Dec '11, 08:16) Snow

the living one in your presence. experience and enjoy.


answered 29 Dec '11, 16:35

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white tiger

Short and sweet as usual. Right on White Tiger.

(30 Dec '11, 07:30) Paulina 1

Chances are I could probably piss you off by saying don't believe everything you read ( but I know you don't... believe everything you read that is) and I also know Fairy Princess that you know we're all God's children, so why even ask? ( sorry!!)


answered 30 Dec '11, 04:40

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We are ALL one. We are all Gods children.


answered 30 Dec '11, 07:35

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Paulina 1

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