a hermetic principles ensures that our universe is mental, because it lies within the mind of God, and therefore is transmutable as well change our mind. How to reconcile this assertion with the real world?

asked 03 Apr '10, 15:09

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Just as we, as humans, create our own personal world mentally with our thoughts before it becomes a physical manifestation - the Universe is created, mentally, within the mind of God or All That Is before it comes into existence.


answered 04 Apr '10, 01:33

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excellent response which confirms the principle of mental creation. Everything that exists materially was once a thought, a vibration, a mental creation. Just as God creates universes in the blink of an eye, human beings can create mentally, according to the hermetic principles, the reality that surrounds them, bridging the gap between God and his children

(04 Apr '10, 01:47) Robert
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