This seems to explain so much...

I have been thinking a lot about this, especially in reference to schizophrenia. If the two sides of the brain once did not work as cohesively as they do now, then people would have seen spirits, heard voices, and then assumed that these phenomenon came from outside of themselves.

I thought this would be a great topic to toss around.

I have even considered that perhaps our perception of God comes from the natural "split" between the two sides of the brain. What do you think?

Blessings, Jaiannaih

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jaianniah,maybe you should be looking at our mind and not just our brain. i'm not so sure that today's human brain is that functional, though it may be more developed as part of our evolution over time

(08 Feb '11, 00:40) fred

Actually, I think our brains worked better (or at least more "naturally," if there is such a thing) in the past.

Today, we are so focused on the analytical, linear part of the brain that many of us have allowed that hemisphere to dominate our daily existence, and have relegated the "spiritual" part of our mind to the background.


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vesuvius, no doubt a free choice by them to be where they are. our thoughts of the physical realm are no more than 1/7 of reality. as we were more etheral in the past our brain had different architectual plans, processed what we are beginning to learn now. yes, we are on our way up.

(07 Jun '11, 01:52) fred

I was watching this video awhile back, and it made me think that there is a connection, or should I say disconnection with the left brain and autism. When someone recently posted the vidio, I watched it again. This time I did a search to see if there was a connection there. I found this article that do indicate retarded development patterns on the right side which is controlled by the left brain. It also indicated that similar patterns are apparent on the left side of children found later to have schizophrenia, which connected the dots for other previous thoughts on the matter.

So it seems to me, that underdeveloped or otherwise damaged left hemisphere produces autism where the person is connected to the whole without the linear left brain processing. While underdeloped or otherwise damaged right hemisphere produces schizophrenia where they have the linear processing, but not the connection 'out there' so that they think their thoughts are 'out there' and not just their thoughts within themselves. So they lose control of the thoughts, since they can't control what's not a part of them.

So the autistic person is connected to the whole, but disconnected to the linear, separate you, me, them so they are sensitive to everything because they are connected to everthing. Where the schizophrenic is not connected to the whole and only sees the linear where they are separate from everyting, even their thoughts and sometimes their body.

So I don't think it is that our brains used to be a certain way, but that we have varying degrees of usage of both parts of our brain creating the extremes of autism and schizophrenia and everything in between. I think I am right in the middle of using both side equally. I think this ballance is ideal. I also think that Two Hands Touching could help balance the two sides. I have yet to experiment with that. (I have been calling around to universities and heartmath and stuff to find someone who will do experiments. The right opportunity will appear at the right time.)

Based on my understanding of all of this, it seems to me that THT would connect Now with All that is.


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You have just stumbled on the Bicameral brain! Yes this is very big in the S.O.S. Julian Jaynes wrote about this very well and used the Iliad and the Odyssey to demonstrate awake and asleep to the bicameral brain, the Iliad was the example of the brain unaware of its two sides, the Odyssey is the example of the brain aware.

This is why I have hinted a lot of using this by telling your right brain to work on problems for you while you "forget about it" and do whatever you want, the answer is worked out.

Here is an excellent article on this phenomena! I don't think of this as God is just a product of the brain but as God is hardwired into our brains in other words they found the plug. Like saying when I plug this plug in the wall the light on the lamp goes on, therefore the lamp must not really be out there but in the wall.


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Interresting article. I am still reading it, but wanted to mention their interpretations aren't necessarily accurate. For example, they mentioned that laughter is a signal to the group that it is OK, false alarm, don't rush to help. I don't agree. I slipped and fell on my backside. It was the kind of fall that you just end up on the floor, I didn't even feel myself falling. I laughed as I lay there before I got up. It was not a signal that I was ok, I had a goose egg on my head and my hips jambd

(11 Sep '12, 13:44) Fairy Princess

I was in a lot of pain for a long time, and I still have problems with my hips. So the reason I laughed? I would have to say it was a nervous release. I wasn't laughing because I thought it was funny. So I think when people get hurt and they or others laugh, it is a nervous reaction like fight, flight, or freeze.

(11 Sep '12, 13:48) Fairy Princess

@Fairy Princess yes that is a good point, I suppose it is up to the interpretation of the scientist that find these findings. Like I said I more think of it as they found the plugs not the cause but the areas let let us plug into a bigger cause that we haven't as yet found except in our religious teachings.

(11 Sep '12, 14:02) Wade Casaldi
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Through channeled workshops it has been explained that back in the beginning of mankind, we were more spiritual beings, more connected to our God Selves and less physical in our thinking. This is why the Egyptians for example, had so many Gods and such God related lives. They understood more about the connection to God but much less about the nature of physicality. They had tons of physical problems, and had no idea as to how our physical reality works, much less manifestations. As we grew through history, we became more and more "separated from God" which the peak was apparently within the past century. We reached the most separated point we could possibly reach and now there is nowhere else to go but back towards our true God Self (which was the devine plan for the experience all along so we can't consider that a bad thing). They probably used other parts of the brain more than we do now and we use parts they didn't. Now that we are headed out of separation (Ascension) we are beginning to open more parts of our brain and reconnect the parts we shut down. Now we had the Lemurians and the Atlantians which were highly evolved Beings and my guess would be that they did have better balanced useage of the brain but they werw not experiencing being separated Humans in the same way we are so we can't really make comparisons there. So, the answer to your question would probably be YES if you put it in those terms because we are now beginning to unite all aspets of the brain we can at this time, and are doing it from the lowest, slowest, most separated point (human). Without getting into a page of explanations, it could be looked at from a higher or spiritual perspective like the Egyptians and Mayans were working from the top down and we are working from the bottom up which is pretty frickin cool as this has never been done here on Earth before.


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what makes you assume that people that have two side of the brain not working together they hear or see ghost or spirit and mistake those voice for them self?( that If the two sides of the brain once did not work as cohesively as they do now, then people would have seen spirits, heard voices, and then assumed that these phenomenon came from outside of themselves.) it might be the other way around people that have a better brain or mind as a whole perceive more of reallity,and the fact that they see or hear stuff that other people do not see or hear does not mean that it comes from them,and even if it comes from them if it helps them to see more and know more or help them cope with the darkness of the world. who can be a judge of that? human specie are still very young and far from their optimum potential. think about it, is there some stuff that needs to get fix in this world? are some men and women suffering in this day and age? is not the darkness making a division and corrupting some people?making them seek money and power for their own benefit?are they not making war in this world? then one that has schizophrenia does not make many die or make other suffer because of is own inner darkness. also so the humen mind awareness in general is of about 5 percent to 10 percent of its full potential. humen where making war and casting stones at each other 2000 year ago and still do the same today, so i do not think that we have made alot of progress in the mind and heart and spirituallity departement. the humen specie made more progress in science and technologie. but eventually they will shake off their the light that they can be ,experience and enjoy


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Everytime that I drive down a highway in rush hour traffic or shop at a Walmart or similar, I start thinking that many people have an issue with neither side of the brain working correctly.


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