How do we increase our hearing and seeing capacity?

I am asking this question because a while back I read about this woman who had serious eye problems. She could not see well without her glasses, and one day she ran upon something metaphysical and she tried it and her eyesight got better and better until she did not need her glasses anymore, which was good for she was to take a test for driving, I believe, and she didn't want to use her glasses.

Anyway she passed and she saw very well in the daytime but when it came to night she couldn't see so well. So she worked on the night vision and she was able to see better at night than the daytime, and she had to start wearing shades for her eyes for the daytime if the light was really bright.

Her mother saw what she had done for she had been like this for a long time and was about to go into surgery and tried it on herself for an month or two and she did not need surgery on her neck.

But I lost the site; maybe you all know of what I am talking about she did. I honestly don't remember, or maybe I didn't understand it.

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Thanks Vesuvius for your edits of my works. I appreciate. Have a nice day!

(01 Dec '09, 03:39) flowingwater
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Deepak Chopra has a technique for improving sight (focus) & vision (sensitivity of the nerves) I don't have his permission to share this but I'm sure He wouldn't mind.

Sight: hold up a pencil or finger at the distance closest to your face where you can still focus on it comfortably. Now face some distant target that you can comfortably focus on (this is your Infinity target).

Now alternate your focus between each target, waiting long enough for the eye to fully focus on each. Do it for a minimum of 10 to a maximum of 30 times every day. Your sight will improve but by how much I can't say. I had poor vision & I tried this. It really works.

Vision: look at the early morning sun with your eye closed, (NOT OPEN) & allow the light receptors at the back of the eye to be stimulated. Look for 30 seconds & then away with the eyes still closed. Gently massage the eyelids in a circular Motion. & watch the lightshow. Repeat if necessary but only to a maximum of 3 times.


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Thank you Vesuvius for the edit.

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The sight one works by exercising the muscles that focus the lenses of your eyes. The benefits are variable because as we age the lenses get stiffer and harder to focus.

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@TheTraveller: No problem.

(29 Nov '09, 03:24) Vesuvius

Thanks The Traveller don't want you to get in trouble for sharing this informations with us. Appreciate the answer.

(29 Nov '09, 03:32) flowingwater
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This is not really a metaphysical solution but I have come across pinhole glasses lately through one of my friends. It can improve your eye sight in many ways. This site gives a good summary of how it works and the benefits.

I managed to get hold of one of the glasses. However, I have only used it a few times so far. But the few times that I have worn it and then taken it off, I can instantly see the an improvement in my eye sight. There is more clarity and focus. I am short sighted and I currently wear prescription glasses when I drive. Apparently I don't need to wear it any other time. I am hoping to see a gradual improvement through using the pinhole glasses.


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Pink Diamond

Thanks for the link Rani Oberoi.

(29 Nov '09, 11:35) flowingwater
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