Could it be that every spirtual person that has walked these grounds ALL had the same message?? But us as humans could not interpert this ONE beautiful message properly?? therefore WE ourselves have created this illusion of what it truth, and what is not. Yet deep down ALL were trying to convey that same ONE message??

crazy ha??

asked 17 Feb '10, 19:02

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ONE ring to rule them all...

(17 Feb '10, 19:06) Vesuvius

One message, one truth, one universe, but the problem is: humans have different opinions about what the truth is to them. This is what makes us humans interesting. What a great life, and lots to think about. Good question.

(17 Feb '10, 19:29) Inactive User ♦♦

Imagine how peaceful the world would be just by solving the religion-based conflicts. If there only exsisted one universal religion...

(17 Feb '10, 19:39) Asklepios
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Most of the confusion, I think, comes about because we have forgotten our true relationship with our Creator. We came here pretending to be something we're not, and then spend the rest of our lives rediscovering our connection with Source.

We think we have control over the waves, when in reality all we do is steer the ship by making choices. This is especially evident in government, where decisions are made all the time, and credit is taken for the results (if they're positive), or blame is cast if the results are negative.

We think that we are separate, when in reality we are part of the whole. We point to things that happen to us as evidence that we actually accomplished something, when in reality we are merely facilitators, sorting the things we don't want from the things we do want.

We step on our own feet, but it's still fun pretending.

Learning is finding out what you already know. Doing is demonstrating that you know it. Teaching is reminding others that they know it as well as you do. We are all learners, doers, and teachers.

-- Richard Bach


answered 17 Feb '10, 19:31

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I think you are right, Mebb.

There really is only one message and it is reinterpreted in different ways in different places in different times by different people using different language...but it's still really just one message.

When we truly understand that message, the solution to every problem becomes clear and the resolution to every conflict becomes obvious.

Yes, I agree with you...

One Truth...One Purpose...One People...One World...One Consciousness.


answered 17 Feb '10, 21:19

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yessir. thank you for the response my friend. also nice addition to what i had written down "One Truth...One Purpose...One People...One World...One Consciousness.". i like that:) p.s. you said you were originally muslim no?? if so yala salam alakium habibi:) lol.

(18 Feb '10, 04:49) Mebb

Wa Alaikumu Salam Wa Rahmathullahi Wa Barakathuhu, Mebb :)

(18 Feb '10, 07:13) Stingray

People will see the truth, and people will believe what they want to believe regardless. The truth can appear different from one person to the next; given this analogy, what is the truth?

Two schools of thoughts: the Christians believe in the Bible story, they are others who believes in evolution, the black hole, and that man came from the Apes, still there is another group who is undecided as to what to believe.

So, indeed we have a problem: who is right, and who is wrong, who can see, and who cannot see? Can the blind lead the blind? In the Bible Solomon says: “Each to his own!” Therefore the question comes down to: what do you believe the truth is?

Now what do you believe the truth is: maybe it is very different to what someone else believes the truth is? But let us dig a little deeper; who is right in their beliefs, you or the other person? We all have a set of values that we were brought up with that are important to us, and we believe in them; so who is right, in theory both of you are right.

We live in a very multicultural world, with people from various backgrounds, religions, spiritual beliefs, and practice; but we as an individual, do not have to confirm to anyone religious beliefs, and practice if we do not want to. We have to be true to ourselves, and learn to respect other people’s beliefs, even if it contradicts with our own beliefs.

The truth is there is only one universe, and we all live in the same one universe, so it is wonderful that we can share our school of thoughts with each other without trying to place our values on each others.

In my opinion, we are all seeking the same things in life: “Survival,” a job, a place to live, and food; so we need to unite to help each others in whatever ways that we can regardless of our personal beliefs. As humans we can work together to make this world a better place to live for everyone and that is what the truth is to me,” fellowship!”


answered 18 Feb '10, 05:04

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crazy no :)


.. Tower of Babel and the confusion of languages?


answered 19 Feb '10, 00:01

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no that is totally seperate. the reason why god created confusion and division amunsgtt he people is becuase they were too strong when united(which is not a bad thing) but they had evil intentions. they wanted to be LIKE god, they did not humble themselves therefore god had seprated them all and caused confuion through language changes. BUT i HIGHLY doubt that god created confuision in regards to religion, why would he?? that would be VERY VERY unfair. i think WE created it by not interperting the messages given to us properly.

(19 Feb '10, 05:08) Mebb

I think the truth is too great for us to handle and therefore we each grasp that part of it that we able to respond to. Imagine billions of people all with their little piece of the truth and not realising that they have need to fit the pieces together again... maybe that is our purpose.. to learn to work together to find our way back God.

(19 Feb '10, 05:52) Inactive User ♦♦

agreed^^ agreed^^

(19 Feb '10, 19:36) Mebb
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