Several years ago I read about biofeedback machines that allowed a person to control bodily processes that were previously regarded as involuntary. Some of these machines allowed you to control your Alpha and Theta brainwaves.

More recently, brainwave entrainment audio CD's such as Holosync seem to have gained popularity. Their mechanism is different, but the principle is essentially the same: stimulate the brain to produce Alpha and Theta brainwaves.

What are the applications for producing these brainwaves? Is this a way to help a person perform spiritual work by entering deeper mental states, or increase learning and creative abilities? Are there better methods for doing this such as meditation, and why?

asked 30 Nov '09, 20:13

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The purpose of Holosync Technology is to help create the brainwave patterns that are associated with deep meditation. Just go to , they can explain the process way better than I can and if you want they'll even send you a free demo cd.

I have been listening to the cds for more than a year now and have definitely found them helpful for meditating and for the growing awareness I have attained. I don't think they necessarily help a person perform spiritual work but they do help create awareness so a person can see more clearly how they have been doing things in a dysfunctional way and when you can see clearly with awareness the dysfunction tends to drop away.

Like most meditative practices it can also stir things up emotionally and make you more aware of things you have been repressing, but as I'm sure you already know all growth and change requires a willingness to look at our dark side. The cds themselves are very relaxing to listen to and if one decides to move through the program after the first level a person can have their own subliminal affirmations incorporated in the cds.


answered 30 Nov '09, 21:08

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