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I know this site is for questions but may we have thread to express our gratitude?

I would like to give my heartfelt thanks to Simon Templeton for providing us with a true treasure trove of books to help us find our path to our understanding of ourselves, our lives, our purpose, and the other burning questions we have had that have led us here. The books I have encountered here, such as The Master Key, and The Message of a Master, have been valuable stepping stones in my quest for knowledge and understanding. This new web site that gives us a chance to meet and exchange questions and our knowledge is also a very generous gift.

Thank you Simon!

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Very good idea.

(07 Oct '09, 11:44) flowingwater
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Couldn't agree more. PsiTek is a very special website for me and I am starting to love this place too. So much inspiration! So, thank you Simon and keep up the good work!


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Thank you Simon Templeton for having the site with the free books which we can read for free at our own time. This helps a lot of people who don't have the money to buy the books. This is reaching out and touching and helping people. Have an great day and thanks!

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Thanks for all the nice comments folks. It's always nice to hear that someone has found PsiTek useful.

As you've probably gathered if you've been on the PsiTek mailing list for a few years, I don't tend to say much about myself or indeed, PsiTek.

But I'll let you into a little secret here...I only ever really created PsiTek for myself. I just thought about the kind of website I would like to go to and what I would want to do there and how I would like to feel while I was there.

And that is basically why that site is the way that it is now.

Every so often, I think to myself..."it's time for another book"...and another book will end up on the site. Or I'll think to myself..."I don't like the way that layout looks anymore"...and I'll change it until makes me feel good again.

In fact, this same approach applies to Inward Quest too...I guess I just wanted to read interesting and inspiring messages from folks like you. And, so far, that's what I'm seeing so I'm happy. :)

So why am I mentioning all this?

Because in that principle lies a very important key to success for much that you do in life.

If in whatever you do, you hold yourself to the standard that it must be done in a way that would please you if you happened to stumble across it (whether it is a product you sell, or something you paint, or a message that you write on Inward Quest, or anything really), then you'll be setting yourself up with the perfect vibrational tone for success.

A principle worth considering, perhaps?

Anyway, that's enough preaching for now! I'll let you get back to reading all the fascinating comments on the website.

All the best,


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answered 07 Oct '09, 23:04

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Simon, I thank you for two things especially. First, this website. While I agree with what everyone before me has said, I must add that I have learned more in the past week (because of this site) than in the past six to twelve months! And that is primarily because of the wonderful answers people have offered, as well as all the links! Yes, the links. So many websites to go to that I may not have stumbled across on my own for years! And I go to them all to read and learn.

Second, you have just shared a principle very worth considering and living by-- to hold myself to the standard that in whatever I do, I must do it in a way that would please me if I happened to stumble across it somewhere. You've shared with us a valuable secret of your own success, something we can all put to work in our own lives. Thank you!

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answered 14 Oct '09, 07:27

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Really John you have learn more in the past week than you have learn in 6-12 months fascinating I must agree the answers, the comments, and the links are very important full of knowledge that no may have stumble upon by themselves. Jolly Good Simon Jolly good!

(14 Oct '09, 08:16) flowingwater

I agree PsiTek is special


answered 05 Oct '09, 18:57

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I agree with all of you, and will also take this opportunity to say "Thanks"!


answered 05 Oct '09, 22:02

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Thank you Simon!

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answered 06 Oct '09, 13:47

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: ) Thank you Simon! PsiTek is a blessing in my life.

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answered 06 Oct '09, 19:11

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Thank you, this site has definitely helped us to THINK


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answered 07 Oct '09, 11:39

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Thank you Simon. This is a great website!

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answered 07 Oct '09, 23:43

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I too am grateful for this website.

BTW at my website I have an online gratitude journal.

Feel free to express gratitude there! Your entry will also be tweeted to my followers on Twitter.


The more the merrier!

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answered 04 Dec '09, 00:25

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thank you simon and good job!

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answered 22 Apr '11, 23:10

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white tiger

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