I haven't read the book but the method/stance described in the reviews seems to be an effective releasing technique. Basically you let go of resistances to your desires by standing in a specific position and sending blocked energy down your legs.

It reminds me a lot of Zhan Zhuang. I had thought a while ago that Qigong stances could be used as releasing techniques but didn't investigate the idea further. But now I realize that when doing Zhan Zhuang I don't even have to think about anything. It just releases blockages automatically and easily.

So using this comfortable approach to letting go of resistance could be valuable in my opinion.

Have you read the book or do you have any experiences with that kind of bodily releasing techniques?

The practice itself combines a body and mind method. It utilizes a type of standing meditation that trains the mind and body to become coordinated, to draw on the energy of the Earth and to use this energy to create the legs into a conduit and forge for transmitting power for healing and manifestation. At the same time the mind and body is trained to release all blockages downward with the flow of gravity into the Earth.


Here is the book. It's free to read online:


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@releaser99 - I've not heard of this but I notice Jack Greenwood has turned up before on IQ: http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/71330/nine-steps-to-manifesting-happiness-in-your-life/71426

(21 Jun '13, 05:42) Stingray

I just started using Greenwood's body method, with pretty good results thus far. I hope to update with an answer once I've had at least a couple of weeks' practice, just thought I'd bump this up to see if anyone else wants to chime in :)

(31 Mar '15, 11:42) cassiopeia
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I bought the book a couple of years ago. I liked it, at the time it was something quite different to me (in the Law of Attraction area anyway) and I had not considered using Zhang Zhuang in such a manner as it proposed. I think if the money is not an issue for someone, it is worth taking a look at just because of how different (yet still valid) it is in its approach to LoA.

That said, knowing how most people are, it would not be very practical for them. The method is supposed to require about 30 minutes to even an hour of Zhang Zhuang every day, during which one does certain energetic things while maintaining relaxation in the whole body. I used to do Zhang Zhuang years ago for that time frame everyday when I was more into Qigong, but I have other "esoteric" training systems I prefer to use nowadays and an extra hour a day is really not in my schedule.

But it is still interesting and for those who actually had the discipline to do it, I'm sure worthwhile because it has a basis in other things that I know from experience work. Though even if it didn't, Zhang Zhuang that long can have amazing benefits in and of itself.


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@Liam Thank you for your review. "knowing how most people are, it would not be very practical for them" I agree. And I also think that there are some people who are willing to make releasing techniques work, but they can't for whatever reason. And it might work for them because you don't have to use your mind a lot. And I believe that this approach could be especially valuable to some that are sport type of people and who prefer physical activities over mind work.

(21 Jun '13, 08:04) releaser99
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