Appreciation feels good. It brings more good things. It raises our Vibe.

What more do we need?

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Without a doubt, true appreciation carries a high vibration. When we can truly appreciate from the heart center,we are in a feel good place and what we attract is in alignment with that.Combine it with love and you've got a sure winner - not much else we need.


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While appreciation seems like all we need, that is more fooling ourselves because after a while it gets to be repetitive or false.

There is an example of this in the movie 'Bedazzled' with Dudley Moore and Peter Cook in it. Dudley asked Peter (playing Satan) why he rebelled. Peter sat on a mail box to show why and told Dudley to go around the mail box and praise him. So he did, and Peter said "more praising throw dirt on your head and keep praising me." Dudley asked "what else am I suppose to do other than going around below you praising you?" Peter said "nothing, now keep going around praising me." So Peter kept going around saying, "you are the best, I am not worthy, you are all mighty, there is none that can compare, you are the greatest!" Finally Dudley said "oh come on how much do you want I keep telling you and praising you, isn't that enough? What's in this for me?" Then Peter got down and said "ahh do you see now why I rebelled?"

By the way that was only a funny film not what God really wants.

Can you see the point, if someone appreciates you to the point of that it just seems like they want to make you feel good or as would be called in business world "Brown Nosing" then at that point appreciation is actually unappreciated!

Appreciation is nice if it is real, then maybe you are right we don't need material things all we need is to be appreciated.

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Genuine, sincere appreciation and acknowledgement of God's love is quite different. It is not trying to please God to have God bless you as the above example but a recognition of the love God has for you.

In other words, you live in a constant state of amazement and wonderment, like a child on Christmas that gets excited when he sees the gifts. He feels like, "Wow! What did you get me!" I find every time I acknowledge God and say or feel "Wow thanks God this is just what I wanted, or needed!" What else did you get me? It is an excitement that if God gave me this he will give me much more. It is an acknowledgement that God loves me, a true appreciation and feeling of love and closeness to my Father God.

This is NOT a tool to manipulate God into giving, it is not an effort or something I have to apply or even think about consciously doing. It is much more a real love, appreciation and acknowledgement that my Father God is an AWESOME DAD! I am well taken care of and everyday I feel like, "Wow God, what did you get for me today! Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! God is home and he brought gifts!" "Thanks so much God. What more wonders do you have for me next?"


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What more do we need?

Someone who does, indeed, appreciate us!

I live alone, and it would really feel nice to have somebody living with me who would appreciate me!

Blessings, Jai


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