I always believed that the world exists, and my brain "sees" it, through chemical messages that are passing through my brain all the time. I have taken psychology, and understand that my observations about the world are colored by my own perception. In other words, I might see a rose, and because of my perception, I say it is a beautiful rose, that it is pleasing to me, and it has meaning to me because I love roses.

On the other hand, another person sees the same rose, and doesn't give it much thought at all. Yet another person sees the rose, and notes that it is a Tropicana Variety Rose, and a fine one, too, but it doesn't make them feel the way I feel when I see the same rose. And so on.

But the rose has a real existence, and I did not "think it up". I noticed it. So how is it that it can be said that I created the rose with my thoughts? Isn't the rose real?

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The rose exists. But as you pointed out, your particular experience of that rose only exists with you.

I think the way you posed your question is a very clear picture of one view-point (and a valid one at that). Yes, you see the rose because your brain sees it, and your experience of that rose is uniquely colored by your own perceptual filters.

Consider my brother, who is colorblind, and whose colorblindness can be very objectively measured, tested and proven to exist. To him, that rose will never exist in the same way that your experience says it exists, because his vision cannot perceive the same colors that you do. You cannot explain to him what "red" looks like, because he cannot see red. How do you describe the color red to a person who has never seen it?

How do you describe three-dimensional vision to someone who has only one eye? (3D glasses will not work on such a person)

In the same way, we discuss things on this board that many people cannot see, either because they choose not to see them, or they believe these things don't exist. We talk about source energy and manifestation. We talk about asking and receiving. We talk about psychics and auras.

Some people do not believe these things exist, which means these things do not exist for them.


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I know I gave this answer in response to some other question but I don't remember where or when.

This reality that surrounds us can be seen as a field of information. With our five senses, we interpret this field of information into sight, smell, taste, sound and touch.

But we have a sixth sense organ. It’s the mind. It’s a non physical organ. (By the way all our physical organs have non physical components to them). With this sixth sense we interpret the same field of information into consciousness. So this is how consciousness & reality is connected. They are different ways of interpreting the same field of information or "creation energy, unlimited potential, whatever you want to call it".

If you dissect any of you five organs you won't find the data that those organs produce in them. The same way, if you preserve & dissect the brain you won't find the consciousness that it produces. It’s a processing unit, not a producing unit. The mind, which is non physical, I believe produces the thoughts, how else can you explain that it is possible to think while outside you body as a spirit?

The brain is very good at working with thinking or memory data but not very good at listening or thoughtless data. So the more logical you are, the more you rely only on the thinking data & you reject everything that does not match some experience or memory that was gathered from birth until now.

Relying on this "gathered" information only, allows the "thinking" person to arrive at the conclusion that all knowledge is a sum total of accumulated knowledge form birth till now. In reality the thinking person is just as capable of listening without thinking, but rejects everything that they cannot "match" to an existing memory.

The listening person on the other hand can learn to listen without thought & choose to think when they need to work with inspiration that has a resonant match to accumulated knowledge or memory. If you want an example of listening without thought imagine trying to compose a musical tune, a tune that you have never heard before. Don't imagine a song with lyrics, just the tune. (The spoken word is too distracting, because we think in words not visions)

This is one of the realizations that is waiting for us to stumble upon when we start meditation & self observation of the nature of our consciousness.

I know this doesn't exactly answer the question one way or another. My point is I don't know if we know enough about our consciousness to actually put our finger on the answer to that question.

After Vesuvius's comment I felt compelled to add this part.
An organization of any sort needs both types of personalities & we all should try to develop the other missing side of this equation, because either extreme causes problems. If you are completely logical you can't see a way out of a situation if it isn't already part of your knowledge database.
Conversely, if your are all inspiration, you are an irritating dreamer that really doesn't get anything done but gets praise for the brilliant ideas that you have no idea how to put together in real physical terms.


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The Traveller

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+1 It might not answers the OP's question, but it answers mine. Your answer makes perfect sense to me, and satisfies a nagging objection I have had to the whole reality creation thing: where does your intellect fit in? I am one of those logical people you so eloquently described. Thanks for the insight.

(17 Dec '09, 05:53) Vesuvius

Hi Vesuvius, Now I feel bad about the phrasing of that idea. But if I have insulted you in any way may I make the point that the world will completely fall apart without you logical types. Because you have an ability to work with reality based data that stays within predictability, you can easily solve real nuts & bots situations. The dreamer like me is good with the un-known but how useful is the un-known in a 3D reality based existence? But obviously, both of us are somewhere in the middle with a slight tendency to one preference or the other. Other wise we wouldn't be on this forum.

(17 Dec '09, 06:54) The Traveller

The answer may be in your first word "I". A recent attempt by Psychologists and neurologists to define just what " YOU" or "I" really are; concluded that each of us consists of a story. We each a are a story. Each story is different. and since we each view something from a platform of a different type there can be any number of different perceptions of anything. Add to that the fact that each of our stories is always changing, It's amazing we can share so many realities.


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Gary 1

@ Gary: There is a lot of truth to what you have, and I enjoyed reading your answer!

(15 Mar '11, 05:34) Inactive User ♦♦

That's a good question.

Of course I wouldn't state that I am a 'very' spiritual person, as in highly evolved, but I'm striving for that.

The way I understand it is that, according to metaphysics and now quantum physics the entirety of nature is made up of energy.. matter is only a collection or a certain density of energy, underneath the atomic structure of 'matter' is pure vibration... strings (particles/energy- we aren't quite sure of their make-up - they are only mathematical constructs right now) vibrating, if you will. The quantum universe is odd - it changes when observed, so you could say that it has a relationship with the observer...also it pulses, off and on. Sometimes it exists and sometimes it doesn't. Also these quanta exist in dualities - there are two particles.. and distance doesn't matter - what one does - the 'twin' does also, instantaneously.

That's quantum theory in a nutshell - and missing a whole lot of stuff - Like Schroedinger's cat and the double slit experiment. What is suspected is that the mind, thought, affects this odd universe.. that on a subconscious or superconscious level our 'universe' has been created by the collective consciousness (see: Jung) People who are on the path of spirituality notice things like synchronicity and manifestation once they become aware and then correctly (I believe) make the statement that one creates one own reality. But it isn't as simple as wishing for something and being able to instantly change the world - however it does seem to work on a micro-level.. the macro being affected by the mass of consciousness of many beings. It's more complicated than just making things change or happen because once one gets on the spiritual path you become aware that there is a larger agenda that encompasses all reality and going against this flow doesn't work very well.

It is a truism though that one's perception, or belief matrix can deeply affect one's reality. Take the difference between how a clinically depressed person views their world and a person who is an optimist... attitude is more powerful than you can imagine.

That's how I understand it.. or a little of it anyway.



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Great explanation Ravenstar! thank you, namaste

(15 Mar '11, 07:38) daniele

I know that some people are saying there is no God, the Universe was created from the Big Bang, and modern Science is now looking towards the quantum-theory. So what is the truth, or should I be saying what is the truth for you, may not be the truth for me? But in essence, does any human know what the truth is? And I think this where many of us gets lead down the garden path, without really knowing which path leads to the truth.

The beautiful thing about being a human being is that we do have choices. Yes, we have the wisdom to choose what resonate well with us, and it is from this wisdom, we will gain our knowledge as to how to choose what the truth is for us. Of course everyone’s truth may not be the same truth, but we do not have to change our truth for their truth, remember we all have free will. The Red Rose will always be a Red Rose, no matter what you, and I think!

In general, we are responsible for living our life the way we choose, and we know from an early age which class of family we are from etc. So in generally it is up to us to choose our path in life, meaning you have to be focus, and have goals for the future. This in my opinion is creating your own reality, manifesting the things you want in life, an education, a career, a house, a car, and a wealthy life style. And of course we all use the LOA to manifest our desire!


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well the reality can be many things depending where your reality is someone looking always at the groud will believe that the reality is the ground! someone looking at the sky will believe that only the sky exist! someone that see all will know that all this exist! when you start to believe something you are starting to create your own reality! so to find the absolute reality one must empty the mind and experiance the reality for what it is with no preconcept! to explain this if you do not accept something in the reality you are blinding your self to the truth! and if you think something about someone else and make some choice in that matter you are creating that reality!according to your concept and belief! why do you think it is said do not judge or you will be judge with the same mesure! or you reap what you sow! or there is no worst blind then someone that does not want to see! or How can you say to your brother, 'Let me take the speck out of your eye,' when all the time there is a plank in your own eye?


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white tiger

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