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I have had many dreams that in my dreams I have incredible powers. I can turn myself into animals or change form to something else entirely. I walk through walls like they are not an obstacle. I fly through windows and doors that are closed without damage. I multiply myself, I fly sitting in a Lotus position. I command the weather and time as I need. I think things to come to me and they fly right to me. I walk up walls and on ceilings. I beat everything that attacks me most easy.

I remember a dream that I had my brain removed and put in an alien body, I thought it was cool and fun at the time.

I have had great initiation dreams that might scare most people, but for me were challenges.

Here is my latest dream of power. It is a short piece of a dream I believe.

I was brought into a meeting room of men all dressed in suits, black three piece, white shirt and black ties. The man introducing me is a friend as a matter of fact all seem to be like we are organization brothers. The man says to the others, "Here he is, this guy can walk on water, fire can't hurt him! Here watch this!" He lights up a flame thrower and sprays me all over. It feels like a vast gust of wind. Modestly laughing I say to him "Will you stop that! Enough with the fire! Look what you are doing to my jacket! You're melting my jacket!" He laughs too and says "See, this guy is great!" Everyone agrees and laughs and welcomes me to the table.

I woke up, end of dream.

Have you had dreams similar?

What experiences have you had?

asked 25 May '13, 02:39

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Wade Casaldi

edited 25 May '13, 07:55

Remember these are dreams. I'd get out of there quick if someone tried using a flame thrower on me, or have my goose cooked and be a dead duck! LOL!

(25 May '13, 03:02) Wade Casaldi

Judging from the tumble weeds and crickets here apparently I am unique here. I guess I am the only one here that has dreams of incredible powers that just seem natural.

(28 May '13, 01:42) Wade Casaldi

@Wade I don't but my nephew & his wife do - ALL the time. I think it's because they had so many obstacles to overcome & faced so many challenges. Like you, they are always triumphant. Their dreams are exciting - superpowers are very awesome..

(28 May '13, 01:48) ele

Thank you ele. I was thinking of deleting this question. I am glad to hear someone else has dreams like this. :-)

(28 May '13, 01:55) Wade Casaldi

Your welcome Wade. I saw your question the other day & it made me think about why you are so gifted - your creativity & visualization skills.. Didn't seem like this ? was the appropriate place for my response..

(28 May '13, 02:03) ele

@wade- i read abt al thse superpowers in the book "autobiography of a yogi"..,same to same as u hav described.., so may be these dreams has to do smethng wth ur past life .., may be i mean..

(28 May '13, 02:18) supergirl

@ele and @supergirl I used to do a lot of God Consciousness meditations. That is why I made my Yahoo group The God Consciousness Experiment.

I know my dream powers evolved over my life. When I was little, I'd have terrible nightmares, the only way out was waking up screaming! But the older I grew the more I fought back. I also liked many wizard movies and religious movies. I imagined how it would be if I had these powers. Little by little these powers developed in my dreams out of necessity.

(28 May '13, 21:57) Wade Casaldi

I read about lucid dreams from this website: From that time I first read the site, I like to have lucid dreams too. I don't have lucid dreams but the desire of it makes me go to bed earlier than I do.

(28 May '13, 22:25) Romel

Only flying and time travel as far as I remember, since I was little.

(30 Sep '13, 03:34) CalonLan
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Oh yes i once had a beautiful dream of gracefully gliding over forests, towns and buildings in a large completely transparent kind of space craft, there were other beings with me in it and we were all invisible ... nobody on earth could see us, very calm and peaceful ...

alt text


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ru bis

edited 28 May '13, 04:13

Cool, this was what I was hoping to see.

The dream world can be so amazing and yet at the time seem so natural.

(28 May '13, 21:26) Wade Casaldi

@Wade - I thought you were talking about having super powers & fighting aliens & the super natural whether religious or otherwise. I'm changing my answer if you are including peaceful supernatural dreams - lol!

(29 May '13, 02:13) ele

@ele any amazing dreams, yes peaceful supernatural too. :-)

I remember a dream that, I could stretch and reach things far away. I could fit under doors similar to the Dr in Fantastic 4. It was just for fun there was no danger. A lot of my flying dreams were just fun.

(29 May '13, 03:04) Wade Casaldi

@wade I'm so happy to hear that - I thought you were battling demons most nights & persevering. lol! Glad you cleared that up..

(29 May '13, 03:13) ele
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I remember when I watched the Matrix, I said someone made a movie like my dreams!

To back track a little, I watched films like Dream Scape and I remember the Freddie Kruger Dream Warriors movie. Any movie that showed incredible powers sunk into my mind. I remember a movie where an old Indian Shaman was going to be hit by a car and he poured some kind of power across the road. The car seemed to hit a concrete invisible wall and crush in front of him.

Some time later maybe years later, I had a dream a witch was going to run over me on a snow mobile. I stood there and waved my hand across me. She hit an invisible wall I had made, she crashed much like the guy on that movie crashed!

A turning point for me was when I used to be chased by ghouls. I used to run, then fly and I was trying to escape. I was fast but they were right behind me. This lasted and lasted until I got tired of running away! I stopped turned towards them! I yelled STOP! They all stopped, I was now not scared, I was angry! I walked up to them and said, "What is your problem!?" They looked puzzled. The leader asked, what I mean. I said, "Why are you chasing me!?" The answer was very enlightening. The leader said, "You was running, so we were chasing. We thought you wanted to be chased..." I shouted, "NO, I DIDN'T WANT TO BE CHASED!" They now looked sorry and said, "We didn't know, we're sorry." I looked at them and said, "Be gone!" Poof they were gone!

I remember after I wrote that dream down thinking, "If I run from any dog, it will run after me. Then I thought running from any animal it will chase after me! Then I thought if I run from bad guys, they'll chase! So I pieced this together that when I run, why am I running? I am expecting to be chased so I am running. I thought to run you must be chased, to be chased you must run! I expect, I react from that expectation, then I experience what I expected! It was a very enlightening moment of realization.

A television movie that had a big impact was, Dr. Strange. Seeing the wizards doing battle against the demon and beating her was very inspiring.

They were using powers directing by will. This had effect on my dreams too.

Another thing when I read about astral projection that had an influence on me. I remember a dream where I was flying standing upright with my arms and legs extended like a star. I was flying over a field, I remember the feeling of speed while flying over that field. It was beautiful and felt exhilarating!

One day I was in the back of my mom and dads car and fell to sleep. I rose out of my body, looking back, I could see the top of the car and the top of the building next top the car. Them the tops of other buildings and the lot but higher and higher I could see the tops of farms near by and mountains. Until I was so high I turned over to see the clouds and from there I took off! Next I know I am at some house going through a screen door into this house. There are antiques going up the stairs and I an looking at them. Next thing I know is I an back in the car waking up because mom and dad are back.

I have had dreams of flying into mirrors, televisions, movies, I even remember being in cartoon world.

I remember talking with people and trying to convince them we were in a dream. They would have none of that, so I walked up a wall to the ceiling and talked with them. I still couldn't convince them! LOL.

Most my dreams, I don't know I am dreaming but at the same time it seems perfectly natural to use supernatural powers.

I could go on and on battles and amazing adventures but I would need write a book with all my dreams.

I used to try to lucid dream, to know when I was dreaming. Over time I realized that was not necessary to have these abilities. What was was to know God and I are one and in my dreams I am the author, director and actors because the dreams are made in my own head by my own brain. That has to be believed a lot even mediated on, I create my dreams so I choose how I want to be in my dreams. Immortal, all powerful in command of the dream itself. All of this needs to be mediated on, affirmations and mantras are good too.

We want to influence the subconscious mind to know this as fact so that when you sleep or happens automatically.


answered 28 May '13, 22:34

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Wade Casaldi

edited 29 May '13, 20:24

Very interesting. I like the whole concept that what happens in your dreams to some extent reflects what you're subconscious or even conscious beliefs are. I mentioned in my early teen years in my comment below that I had dreams of having superpowers. Back then I was completely unaware of these teachings on this site, but always had some instinct or internal nudge that I had more power than I realized. I always believed that, and at the time of having those dreams I was stress free from what I

(29 Sep '13, 04:06) lex

can remember. A couple years later, I went through sort of a depression, a lot of stress, and completely blocked out any thought of me actually having control. I wasn't miserable by any means, but I definitely wasn't connecting with my higher self, or was in any sort of alignment, etc. For a long time I had dreams about massive floods. I'd always be on the verge of drowning, dying, going through a fast stream of water etc. And I could never save my loved ones because I couldnt save myself. I see

(29 Sep '13, 04:10) lex

how that applied directly to what was happening in my mind, therefore, manifesting in my life. I didn't grasp that until a year ago. I don't have them anymore and am better than I ever have been, it's all peaceful dreams or the occasional superhero ones haha. Just another perspective on dreams I felt like sharing

(29 Sep '13, 04:11) lex
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Oh yea, definitely and especially when I was in my early teen years. It would always consist of having the ability to glide, fly, etc. I'd be in a normal setting taking a walk, usually at night and would feel a random surge of power flow through me, then random impulse to try to do one of those things I just mentioned. Then when I succeeded I'd be astonished that I could, because like most dreams I perceived it to be real. Or I'd have super strength and would be fighting bad guys. Could've been the fact that I always had a fascination of super heroes haha, nonetheless it sucks they were merely dreams.


answered 29 Sep '13, 04:01

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