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Sometimes, after I wake up from a dream, it feels as if it really happened. After being awake awhile ill "come back" to my reality and remember it didn't happen here, but in the dream.

Ill use the dream I had last night as an example, since its still pretty fresh in my mind. It was night in the dream. I was at a large college where a cop was waiting in the parking lot. I went outside, got in my car, drove off and he pulled me over. I got a ticket for "using the wrong hand on the steering wheel." He said since I'm right handed I need to use my right hand, not my left. As silly as it is, when I woke up I kept wondering how much the ticket would cost. A couple minutes later... "oh wait.... I never got a ticket... YES!"

So... is that weird? Does it happen to anyone else? Do you think the dream world is more real than we sometimes claim? I know some believe we are "astral projecting", and it is just as real, we just aren't in our physical form. Or some would prefer, it shows how much of a convincing illusion reality is. Because I truly believed in that dream you could get a ticket for using the wrong hand when you drive. Lol.

What do you think?:)

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Reminds me of a book called "2150". In this story a man fell asleep in 1976 and woke in 2150. He was brought forward by his 2150 soulmate to learn spiritual development. When he falls asleep in 2150, he wakes, with new knowledge and abilities in 1976.

(25 Mar '12, 05:43) Dollar Bill

Right Hand can indicate the "Right Hand Path" (Dexter) of creation. Deosil or widdershins. "Left Hand" (Sinister) of removal. Check out Shiva.

I had an age regression once where I was apprenticing into a magikal society. As part of this initiation I took my sword (instrument of Air) and cut off my left hand as a statement of not pursuing the Left Hand Path, then I picked up the severed hand and healed it back on my arm with my right. Glad I don't have to go through THAT in a waking state!

(25 Mar '12, 05:50) Dollar Bill

@Dollar Bill interesting... I'm definitely gonna look into that book. And I've never heard of the right hand path & left hand path... gonna check that out too! Thank you! :o)

(25 Mar '12, 18:33) LapisLazuli

Yes, only once. Ive dreamed about a job I had in an office, only there 2 weeks, lots of officey stuff and I was out of my depth. I left after a couple of weeks. I keep thinking where the hell was that job, but it never was at all. Its a dream or rather more than that. Its actually now a memory, but its a memory that's not mine. Ive been thru my work history,its not there! Im partial to a beer or two..but even I cant have missed a job! And yet its there.

(06 Oct '13, 05:07) Monty Riviera
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Maybe the veil of separation between the inner reality and the outer reality is getting thinner and your higher self is preparing you to handle this adjustment.

In a certain way many people do live in a make believe reality of their imagination where they are constantly worrying about things that have not happened yet. Such a person lives in an imaginary reality.

You are constantly at a crossroad of imagination and reality.

Like an artist, your physical existence is the result on the canvas. Everything else, including the details in your dreams, are your inspiration; to create your art (of physical expression)

You are the master when your imagination contains all that you are experiencing and all that you want to experience.

If your imagination contains all that you DO NOT want to experience, you will be informed of this dis-connect through a constant state of dis - ease.

Keep it long enough and you will be informed in a physical reflection the inner state of your constant dis - ease.

So you can say that someone who is worrying about all the things that might happen to them has confused their dream world to the real world, because what they are worrying about doesn't actually exist in their life yet. (Only in their imagination)

So you can say that MOST people confuse their dream world to the real world and constantly suffer the consequences of this habit.


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The Traveller

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Oh, that's a very good point, I agree! I didn't think of it that way. Thank you:)

(24 Mar '12, 12:57) LapisLazuli

Excellent answer! Stirs chords within me. I like your style, @The Traveller

Why two "Ls" in your name? Numerology or video game? <grin>

(25 Mar '12, 05:53) Dollar Bill

I'm from a former British colony that was taught to spell with two "Ls". There is another famous former colony that used to do that, but somewhere in 1773 they refused further taxes, dumped a whole bunch of tea in the harbour and dropped one "L" from their spelling just to rub it in. I still dance to the programming of my colonial master.

(25 Mar '12, 12:10) The Traveller

My spell check defaults to the renegade colony's spelling & I didn’t bother to fix it.

(25 Mar '12, 12:25) The Traveller
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The only moment that exists is now. The past is but an illusion, even if it really happened, it only exists now in our mind. So dreams after they are drempt are in the past also. We use physical, sensational cues to determine if it is a memory of a real event or of a dream. Sometimes I fly in my dreams and sometimes I have to jump off a cliff or building to get air, and sometimes it seems so real that I pinch myself to make sure I am really dreaming because I wouldn't want to jump if I am not dreaming. So even while in dreams, they can seem so real that it is difficult to tell if it's a dream or reality. However, when I wake up and know that I don't really fly, that that memory is of a dream.


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Fairy Princess

I agree, there is only the now moment. I definitely make sure I'm dreaming before I do anything crazy too! Thank you:)

(24 Mar '12, 13:05) LapisLazuli

Fascinating answer!

(25 Mar '12, 05:54) Dollar Bill

Dreams can be very useful and because I consciously make a point to receive guidance and information through them, I find that I often do. When I wake up and remember something that seems meaningful-as in what you have written about, I ask my guides or "spiritual team" as I think of them, to help me become consciously aware of anything I should know, do or understand.

It is quite amazing what comes through when you spend some quiet time.

For me, it is usually after I make the intention known that I am open and receptive to the answers. And then it seems to be when I am doing something that finds me alone with my thoughts yet monotonous enough that it doesn't require my focused attention-like doing dishes, taking a shower or working in the yard etc. All the sudden, I have an "aha moment" when I get the meaning.


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Thanks terirose! Welcome to IQ :) Another part of the dream, that I forgot to mention, was the day and night kept changing as soon as I thought "day" or "night". It started to frustrate me because I couldn't keep it where I wanted- I then had one of those "aha" moments. I need to be more focused on things rather than being "scatter" brained as I call it, and stop letting my mind wander in eight different directions. Thank you for your answer!:)

(24 Mar '12, 14:55) LapisLazuli

Thanks for the welcome. I'm really glad I ran across this forum. It seems that there are some thoughtful questions being presented. I love discussions and different views.

I once had a dream about a beautiful colored snake that was transparent. I was looking at the beauty when a guy I had been in a relationship with previously stormed in and killed it.

Later I had a great "aha moment" when insight came to me about how different people view life in very different ways. The filter they look through only allows for a specific view of things that is much different that another person's view. It was a profound experience to get the lesson in that dream. Not easy to explain to someone else.

(24 Mar '12, 15:40) terirose

Youre welcome! Can't wait to hear more of your answers and questions. :) very interesting dream! But I really like what you've interepreted from it, we all do see the world so differently, and its interesting to see how people can approach the same ideas from completely different points

(24 Mar '12, 17:33) LapisLazuli
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This seems like that it could be a premonition of your future. Please be aware and careful if you happen to be at college and get that weird feeling creeping up on you like, "I have done this before!" Pay attention to that feeling because you could remember the police officer and thus drive a little less carelessly.


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Haha good point, ill remember that! :)

(24 Mar '12, 12:54) LapisLazuli

I have had this experience as well as the opposite (thinking you dreamt something that actually happened). The actual nature of dreams are an interesting issue. Neville wrote Out of This World where he explained them as a kind of fourth dimensional movement across time.

There was this guy, Dunne, who wrote another book called "An Experiment With Time". The basic idea of Dunne's book is that he had a dream of an accident and shortly after he saw the news of that accident in real life. Intrigued, he made an experiment where he recorded his dreams and then looked for news stories that matched them. He found that his dreams would often predict real events, something most people do not realize simply because they do not pay attention to their dreams.

This other guy, Ian Wilson, did something similar but even crazier. He got into lucid dreaming early in life and then started noticing something disturbing: some of his dreams playing out in real life in exactly the same way he dreamt them. So he did an experiment: when he became lucid in his dreams, he would add a geometrical shape somewhere to see if, in case one of those dreams came true, this would affect waking reality. It turned out that it did. He made a triangle appear on the forehead of one of his co-workers.

It seems that the relation between the dream world and the waking world is not so much one of unreal versus real as it is of a different layer (dimension) of reality. How these two dimensions interact is a topic that more people should discuss.


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yes a number of times it happens specially when i have my exams. i find myself dreaming that i have not completed my exam and i start panicking when i get up i feel i have lost it all n then suddenly i realize i was dreaming


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