I am asking this question, because I am not sure if this is socially accepted. And I do not want to send out the wrong message. What do you think?

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Elsa, can you clarify how your question relates to spirituality, mind power or reality-creation? Thanks.

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I'm closing this question for now until you've had a chance to make the connection clearer

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You envision the social acceptance into existence by commanding that outcome within your consciousness.

If you envision that you could be sending out the wrong message, no matter what you do, the feedback you get from others will always seem like they are disapproving your actions.

For example, If you feel "poor" and that the dress you wore to the party or funeral or what ever event is inadequate because you couldn't afford a better dress, when somebody says to you "Hey Elsa that's a nice dress" to you it will seem like they are saying that to make you feel better about your cheap dress. When in reality that person has no idea what's going on in your mind.

The brilliant intelligence within creation coordinates these events and happenchance interactions so that each participant get's the effect of what they are envisioning within their consciousness.


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