The bible says that there is nothing new under the sun (Ecclesiastes 1:9). So, is it possible that we might lay our hands upon a stone or rock, or maybe we walk into a particular area that we may download information into our brains and begin to think and create things or ideas on our own, which we think are new and they are for this time and area, but may have been a long time ago done as well?

Our brains are capable of discovering things or picking up on things we let to learn or fine out how we know or know how we done it. So isn't it possible to walk into an area that is just waiting on us so that we can pick up on its waves or whatever way it has of delivering information to us that has been left behind by generations past with or without their knowledge of it?

I read somewhere that the earth has a brain and we are on the inside of the earth's brain, and when we walk into certain areas that has been a great deal of damage like death, rape, it holds the information there in a interference patterns which are encoded on a holographic film and constantly plays it back like a movie over and over again; that is why they say the metaphysical have a name for some (not all though for their are ghost or spirits) ghosts; they are not real they are play like a movie over and over again like a recording upon the sheer surface of the earths brain. Interesting thought though.

Sorry folks I honestly don't know what site I found this at and I just read it but I didn't think to keep it until now when I thought about it. I will post a link if I run upon it again though.

Here is the link:

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Thanks Vesuvius for the bible verse and any corrections you may have done to my question.

(11 Jan '10, 05:50) flowingwater

You're welcome. If you want to see the edits I made you can view the edit history here:

(11 Jan '10, 06:15) Vesuvius

OK, thanks Vesuvius.

(12 Jan '10, 03:49) flowingwater

The link in your question was not working, but I found the article I think you were referring to and added the link to it. Readers will have to search or scroll down through the blogs at that site to one entitled "Earth's Brain, Akashic Records and Paranormal Imprints" by Jay Alfred.

(13 Feb '10, 07:57) John

Thanks John I appreciated you you added a link for mine was not working so thoughtful of you John.

(13 Feb '10, 08:39) flowingwater

Oh, and I corrected the reference to the Bible verse. It was Ecclesiastes 1:9, and I suggest readers look at verse 10, also.

(13 Feb '10, 09:24) John
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I think I understand the idea you are trying to get at through this question, or if I can put it another way, I think I know the thing that wants to be known through the question that came to you. Because this question has been coming to me since high school & I have been trying to comprehend it ever since.

Something has been coming to me from time to time that keeps saying "Create what you want, for you are incapable of creating what is impossible"

As the years go by I am starting to understand it more and more. But I'm not completely getting it yet.

First of all what is this “thing” that is saying this to me? I have come to understand that the "Creative force" that is creation itself, is saying to me "I am a self contained system that is all that is, and your very consciousness is incapable of going beyond it"

This is the reach of what I have been getting, and I have been trying to convert that concept into a workable understanding that can be explained into a cause and effect or law of attraction based understanding.

I have concluded that everything we know as human beings fall under 2 areas, the physical realm and the non physical realm. With our limited consciousness we are incapable of even imagining "what more can there be?" But I have a strong inkling that there is much more beyond this. It is even beyond our very ability to "Think". So we are stuck within only what we can assimilate with our five senses, and consciousness.

This totality within which we are stuck represents the "There is nothing new beyond this" area. I am tuning into an understanding that outside of this totality, that we are capable of comprehending, there are other processes that are busily working out more possibilities and adding to our limits of what is possible. So the boundary of what is possible is for ever expanding by the infinite power of creation.

So the boundary of infinity, even from a conceptual point of view is constantly being re-defined. However our reach stops at that boundary (as long as we are stuck in this human vessel).

Within this constantly expanding boundary of working area there is nothing new, only that which is recreated (or potentially waiting to be created).

I imagine the limits of this working area as a block of Styrofoam (it's the ether of potential within physical or manifest able reality). Now imagine how many shapes can be carved out of the volume that is made available by this block of Styrofoam? Well that is the limit of our potential manifestation. The block, by conceptual definition, contains everything that is potentially waiting to be carved, therefore contains all the limits of possibility.

But who is defining the block? That is where infinite power of creation is. It is even beyond the limits of this block, downloading into this block more and more of what is possible for us to manifest.

See what I'm getting at? It's a never ending search. One can go on and on trying to get to the answer, for there is definitely something there waiting to be defined.


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The Traveller

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The Traveller you went way deeper than what I was talking about you went all the way to the source of creation which is God and really tried to explain how he allows us to create through the law of attraction of what we are thinking and than it moves on in time to the material physical world but is first create in the spiritual world made of the ether of potential reality of manifestation brought into this world by the thought process.

I was talking about the bible says there is nothing new so all that we are creating have been created before. But you never know it might all be the same.

(13 Feb '10, 07:21) flowingwater

Flowingwater. Your summary is beautiful. I love the fact that you get it so easily. You have no idea how hard it is to discuss these concepts with the greater world out there. Most people try to understand within only what does not contradict their existing belief system. But I can see that your open mind reaches beyond that limitation, if such a limitation even exists in your case.

(14 Feb '10, 06:07) The Traveller

Lots to ponder - thanks Traveller and Flowingwater:-)

(14 Feb '10, 14:35) Michaela
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You might be thinking of the Akashic Records. From Wikipedia:

[The Akashic Records] is a compendium of mystical knowledge encoded in a non-physical plane of existence. These records are described to contain all knowledge of human experience and the history of the cosmos. They are metaphorically described as a library, and other analogues commonly found in discourse on the subject include a "universal computer" and the "Mind of God". Descriptions of the records assert that they are constantly updated and that they can be accessed through astral projection.

A Google search for "Earth's Brain" brings up a number of useful matches. Here is an interesting article about that:


answered 11 Jan '10, 04:14

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Yes, Vesuvius they spoke of the Akashic Records but than they went on to the Earth's brain and how we leave holographs or images of things that have already happen and it is recording onto the surface of the Earth's brain and how it replays over and over if we happen to stumble upon it. Something else I just remember it says that our brain might have a way of uniting with it so that we can see what is being played back and that the Akashic Records are before us but if we don't see it than it blends in with the background we are looking at. The sleeping prophet was excellent at reading it.

(11 Jan '10, 05:58) flowingwater

Thanks for that new information. I edited my answer accordingly.

(11 Jan '10, 06:16) Vesuvius

I love talking about the Akashic Records you might want to ask this as a question because I was thinking of it a while ago. Seriously, thanks to the sleeping prophet we know about it and that anyone can go there I am just afraid to. I will ask this question later if you don't. You carried me down a different road that is so great. For there are so many ways of looking at something. Thanks for your answer.

(12 Jan '10, 04:17) flowingwater

Oh, you are so welcome Vesuvius I have found the site I will add the link later.

(12 Jan '10, 04:18) flowingwater
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You seem to be speaking of Alchemy, transforming one thing to another, Jesus was a master of this art, now to look at it from an atomic level, there is really no difference between a rock and a loaf of bread, or water and wine. It is only in how the atoms are arranged that makes the difference.

If we seriously studied Einstein's unified field theory and how can it be applied I believe we could have machines that turn one thing directly into another thing by now. Just imagine going to poor lands and seeing dry desert and contorting that dry desert into pools of fresh water and green vegetation and food! I really believe one thing can be converted into another, we do it all the time the slow bulky way of melting things or dismantling things to build new things.


answered 11 Jan '10, 06:55

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Wade Casaldi

Science has already progressed to the point where we can convert one raw material into another. Look into Glenn Seaborg: who turned atoms of bismuth into gold atoms. It was only very small amounts and required a lot of energy - but new advances often start that way and become more efficient with later development. Unfortunately I'm unaware of any later work in this area. I wrote a rant about it when I was annoyed in a class that was talking about economics. :P

(11 Jan '10, 07:48) Liam

WOW WOW WOW WOW This is exciting news it should have been front page all over the news, this is a huge leap for human kind and it is like a foot note! Oh by the way I turned bismuth into gold.

(11 Jan '10, 21:17) Wade Casaldi

I was not talking about turning something into something else. I read of just one man that did that turn something into gold and some how also he became immortal along with it. I have to go back and research and find his name. I am glad you carried us down that road for I would love to talk about that but I was talking about picking up on the energies or waves of information left behind by other generations of people of long ago maybe. Since there is nothing new according to the bible we just re-create something and I wondered how our brains came up with the (we think new ideas) Wade Casaldi.

(12 Jan '10, 03:59) flowingwater

Ask the question Wade Casaldi about in this day and time can we turn things into Gold or other things. This is great I am glad you carried us down that road. For I was playing a game and it was back doing King Herod's time and it showed his castle and his many beautiful marble buildings and swimming pools, how the furniture was made it was so beautiful that it started me thinking how was all that great engineering and the great way that they design the building. They would really look good now. So how was it lost and than some how we get this information? Is it in the air waiting on us to use.

(12 Jan '10, 04:10) flowingwater

Oh you meant it knowledge wise I thought you meant it material wise, if we look at everything on earth it was all created with everything the ever existed on earth. So the same stuff existed thousands of years ago, the only difference is the intelligence of how to use it.

(12 Jan '10, 05:37) Wade Casaldi

I hadn't posted a question in along time, maybe you are right, it would be an excellent question on a material level.

(12 Jan '10, 05:39) Wade Casaldi

In one of my comment of talking about playing the game I was talking about thought wise but No I was actually talking about material wise I read of one man that did it but I forgot his name. He also became immortal after he done it. If I find his name again I will post it for you. Have a great day Wade Casaldi.

(13 Feb '10, 18:31) flowingwater

Amazing this is the kind of stuff our news never gets a hold of, they are thought to be quacks or off their rocker and never taken seriously. but the goal of immortality is very serious. Well never advance past this earth to other planets if we never reach it.

(13 Feb '10, 19:29) Wade Casaldi
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There is nothing new under the sun but there are lots of old things we don't know.:Ambrose Bierce, The Devil's Dictionary

I am just a sucker for a good "quote"


answered 14 Feb '10, 14:01

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The bible says there is nothing new but you know it is all just new to us in our generation. So, we must continue to grow and learn.

(14 Feb '10, 14:54) flowingwater

this only means that there was one creation- but what we do with the various combinations are practically endless. perhaps- this backs up reincarnation and the fact that all souls have been accounted for-that there are no new souls under the sun


answered 12 Jan '10, 05:11

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eleanor sawitsky 1

Could possiable be true; interesting note though. Interesting everything we say and do is recorded well God told us it was and he says he sees and hears and knows all. So all that we do are have ever done is a recorded living record. So, we must be careful of the words we speak and think and we need too choice wisely the actions we do for he told us our tongue can speak life or death. For we need to better our selves and help others and develop a strong deep personal relationship with God and Jesus Christ for it is written and Edgar Cayce could see it so easily.

(13 Jan '10, 06:44) flowingwater
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