My Dad died suddenly in 2006; we were very close. I still miss him, especially at Christmas. Do you think he hears me when I pray to him? Can people communicate with those who have passed on?


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You may not like this answer.

The more you miss someone, the harder it is for you and that someone to make a connection across the divide of the physical and non physical reality.

This is because the "Missing experience" or the "You are not her" or the "I am lonely" experience is more meaningful for the individual experiencing the loss than the "I know that you are Here in spirit" experience.

When you feel a loss continuously you are also requesting or praying for that "loss" to be continuously manifested as an experience in reality.

Therefore, the person on the other side cannot make a connection with you, because if they did, it will interfere with your preference to experience the missing of them.

And furthermore, if a connection between you and your dad is to be made it is also up to him as well.

If you read books on "near death experiences" many who nearly died & came back, perhaps because their time was not up, describe meeting their loved ones on the other side, almost like a welcoming party, waiting to greet them and ease the transition into the new reality.

So you will definitely see your dad again. Imagine that he has gone on a vacation to a far away land, a land to which you will eventually travel when you complete the lessons that you are here to learn.


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The Traveller

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Why wouldn't I like your answer? I am seeking the truth...and truth is soothing! Not a**-kissing! As a matter of fact, you really helped me! Now, I have a whole new way to look at it. And that helps- a lot! I am now picturing my Dad sitting in a room in heaven, discussing WWII with the vets who were there...A pleasing idea! And then, I'll have a whole bunch of new questions! LOL! I like the truth. Thanks. Hugs, Jai

(20 Dec '09, 07:00) Jaianniah

I loved your answer, Traveller. I miss my parents as well, and knowing they will welcome me someday to the other side is such a comfort.

(20 Dec '09, 14:38) LeeAnn 1

@The Traveller - I love this answer. I have been missing someone badly for the past few weeks. This wonderful old answer gives me a new perspective and good incentive to change the way I think about it. It makes perfect sense and more than that, it just feels right. Thank you. And speaking of missing people, I miss you around here Wise One. :)

(20 Nov '14, 18:44) Grace
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I would have to disagree with the traveler on this question as there is no divide between the physical and non- physical. There is only a difference in vibration. Like everything else, the closer you can come to matching your vibration to one who has transitioned, the easier it will be to communicate with them. There is nothing to prevent a non-physical soul from visiting us for any number of reasons. This occurs more often than you might imagine. Many who have transitioned will remain, as an unseen guest at their own funeral hoping to console loved ones. It is the living that make communicating difficult because they are usually in a state of grief or depression (lower vibration), whereas the friend or relative who has "passed on" is free from these lower vibration states.

Your father has simply returned to our collective home. He is back where the unconditional love of source permeates all souls after their transition. He is experiencing the joy and excitement that is to be expected when reuniting with old friends and loved ones. That group most likely includes a reunion with a portion of your soul that stayed behind while you re-explore physicality. (see reading suggestions below) His great joy at this homecoming along with the separation from the body will be reflected by his higher vibration.

Our loved ones are always aware of our circumstances, good and bad alike, however, we tend to call upon them at the worst times, when we are feeling "low" and thus vibrationaly distant. There is a better chance of actually experiencing his presence, his vibration, when you are joyful. It is at those moments in life that you should think about him and look for signs of his presence both through direct means and through synchronicities that may occur that cause him to come to mind. When you stop believing it is possible, you will in a sense, stop "hearing the phone when it is ringing".

For those of you who would like to try to "hear" from a departed loved one, you might try one of the following experiments. Purchase or make the most delicate wind chime you can. Place it in a room where it will not be affected by a breeze of any kind, preferably a place where you might go to think about, prey to or for, or just to celebrate the joyful memories of your loved one. Ideally, it would be a place or room that is familiar to this person. When ever you are in that room and/or thinking about them, let them know that the chime is there (gently blow on it) for them to communicate with you if they are able to manipulate the energy needed to activate the chime. Some souls will find this easier to do than others. Don't expect instant results and do not be frightened when they manage to get through. Imagine how disappointed you might be if you finally managed to get a sign of your presence through to your loved one and instead of being happy about it, they run screaming in terror for the door! J Furthermore, you must remember that they are not experiencing time as you know it. The few "days" they spend working on directing energy to move the chime, might be years for you. It may happen when you least expect it.

Another thing to try along with the chime or independent of it is a "Walk Through". If you feel tae person's presence near you, whatever the circumstances, stand still, close your eyes and ask them to walk through you. This is something I have experienced personally (at my mothers funeral). When their soul walks through you it feels as if a gentle breeze is blowing through you rather than around you. You can get a clear sensation of their personality that will leave you without doubt as to their identity.

I would not suggest trying either of these methods if you have a strong belief in devils, demons, wayward ghosts, or any fears of possession etc., again, because the last thing a loving soul wants to do is instill fear in you. Remember, there is likely something only your loved one will know from your time together and they will be happy to allow themselves to be put to the test if it will assure you that they are now and will always be available to you in times of need as well as in times of joy.

For further exploration of Life between lives possibilities, I would suggest reading "Destiny of Souls" and/or "Journey of Souls" by Michael Newton. Both can be purchased through Amazon or downloaded at no cost as PDF from sources online at:


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I've had a visit from my deceased mother, 20 years after her death, and I've also had a shared death experience (SDE) and I was 'ordinary' before these things happened to me. I was a skeptic and borderline atheist/materialist before I had these experiences. I'm maybe a little odd compared to the rest of the world now, but this is because these things happened to me as they resulted in my becoming open to all things spiritual, with a special interest in the quantum world.

So, yes, an ordinary person can communicate with people who have passed on.


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Sure. I sit and chat with my Dad from time to time. When I miss him, I open up and chat with him -- not from sorrow, but from the place I would be if he were with me, as I am sure he is, because the thoughts that come to me are not mY thoughts.

It probably helps that I was once a practicing psychic, but as I learned that skill, you can learn as well. Don't need to learn, mind you. You only need to believe that those ideas or thoughts that don't sound like they came from you but do sound like they came from your father are evidence of your father chatting with you.

It helps to do this while you are alone. If you would be embarrass if anyone saw you doing so, the embarrassment will block communication. All emotions block communication.


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