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I need to preface this "remembering" that I experienced today with an explanation about how I happened to have this come to me...

I found out last week (because I had a sleep study) that I have severe chronic obstructive sleep apnea. While I try to sleep, I stop breathing about every 50 seconds. I have thus been floating around for weeks and weeks very short on sleep, which has really made things interesting in my brain. I believe that my left brain has been not very dominant, and that I have been having spells where my right brain has been able to "come out and play." Thus, today, I felt a very good feeling, a kind of warm and glowy feeling, followed by what I believe to be a short time when I was able to access my memory of Heaven. It felt like remembering any other thing.

Anyway...Heaven! When you die, your soul separates from your body. I have no memories to share about the time right after Death, but I am positive that leaving your body and "moving on" to Heaven is not the horrible, big scary thing that religion has told us Death is. It is very much to Religion's advantage to frighten us into good behavior. After all, who has been able to come from Heaven and tell us about the daily life there? I would not have even believed what I remembered, except for the fact that I have come to be in this "floaty", other-worldly state because of my sleep deprivation. Where you end up after your life all depends on what you did in that life...If you were a murderer, you go to a much different part of Heaven to be healed and "cured" of what you did than someone who did much good. I am not saying that murder is forgiven and "okay"- it is very hard to be set aside to one section of Heaven and kept away from those you knew in Life. It is sad, lonely, and hard to be sanctioned in Heaven.

Your Soul consists of a type of plasma-like Spiritual Matter. You are Soul- there are no moving or separate parts. It is hard to get used to at first. If you want to move, you just "think" yourself there. To communicate, you just extend part of your Soul, kind of like an amoeba, and touch some or other people. Other Souls can tell you are new by your "clumsiness"- you slide over into other souls, have trouble remembering you have no arms, legs, mouth, etc. Everyone is unique, and has a different "color" (Color is the closest thing to express what you "see" when you look at other Souls. Our auras on Earth reflect this unique "color".) It is amazing to see a large group of Souls and that no two have the same "color"- it is wonderful and beautiful to behold.

There are not "Places" in Heaven as on Earth, but you do move here to there to experience different things or to see other Souls. Where everything is located becomes familiar with time, and starts to feel like "place". There is constant talking and sharing of experiences, both of Earth and Heaven, and it is the main purpose of Heaven to learn from what you did in Life. Some Souls enjoy living and have many lives to tell about; other Souls prefer savoring and spreading out their lives over time. There are no bad feelings at all, no discord, no problems. This is because you discover that without a body, it is easy and great to exist; it is our bodies and the challenges of physical existence that cause all the problems in Life.

Yes, some Souls are stronger, brighter, more "Holy" than others- what you have learned reflects in the strength of your Soul. You are in complete control of your entire existence, and after a few lives, you become ever more eager and willing to "advance" your Soul and learn about Love. Love is Everything. God is truly all Love, and the more you Love, the more you learn about love, the more brightly you shine.

When it is time to be reborn on the physical plane, you gather at the Vortex, the "Passage" to physical existence. I have already remembered this, and wrote about it on IQ here. You decide when to leave; you decide what you need to experience, but it is God Who does the actual details and events- He Truly is Everywhere and Everything, and we exist in Him and as part of Him.

I hope you find this information as interesting as I did...and I hope you will discuss it and share it. I really cannot believe my brain just made this all up. It was too rich and real to anything but true Memory. You just cannot believe how comforting this Memory was to me. I hope it comforts you as well

Happy to share with you all,



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i agree with you Jaianniah there is nothing to fear about heaven. it is a place full of light where people communicate at the speed of light,you see everything that the other spirit send you like if you would have experience it your self. but only God the holy father know all from the beguinning to the end. he is the biggest light right in the middle of the place.

(09 Dec '12, 03:22) white tiger

no fear, only love and feeling successful and fulfilled:)..a woohoo moment sliding into home plate with the crowds cheering us and applauding us home. a feeling of 'look at me! i did it!'.....then love and family and God and friends....more of a sweet homecoming than any of us could imagine.

(09 Dec '12, 06:34) clearheart
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smile experience and enjoy

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white tiger

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hahahhahhaaha, i do love God's sense of humor and exact timing!

(09 Dec '12, 06:36) clearheart

@whitetiger- Hilarious! TY! Jai

(09 Dec '12, 08:31) Jaianniah


Thank you for sharing this. I was just wondering if this could be that you actually visited without your physical body dying or just accessed the memory.


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It really felt like remembering- it just flooded my brain whole. I got big and little bits, as you do when a memory comes back suddenly. But I cannot rule out your ideas completely! Thanks for posting. :)

(09 Dec '12, 15:10) Jaianniah
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