Please do not quote Elizabeth Kubler-Ross. I have the book; I took a course on Death and Dying in College; I have done volunteer hospice work for years...And yet...

My cat died and I feel totally beside myself with grief...I can barely hold myself together...He was young and beautiful beyond belief, and died a hideous death, for which I cannot forgive myself (one of the feelings I mentioned above).

This has made me see what I complicated emotion is grief. (Also, I know the stages of grief...I am in depression right now, flip-flopping back and forth between that and shock and anger, so please, please, please do not lecture about the stages of grief, either!!!) You may be asking yourself: Well, what else can I say to Jai??? Please be creative. Why DOES grief hurt like nothing else??? Talk about Cat Heaven or something. Just be with me in this. I need the support from you guys.

Thanks so VERY much, your Jai

Teddy Click on the thumbnail and the pic will open!

asked 30 Jun '11, 22:17

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We'll all miss you Teddy. :-(

He was a very nice cat.


answered 30 Jun '11, 22:21

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Wade Casaldi

Thank you, dear. You are definitely a true comfort to me! Your Jai

(30 Jun '11, 22:29) Jaianniah

Nice cat Jai you miss him that is why you grief. But know that he is close by watching over you. Stop seeing it as a lost, You miss him but Teddy is close by. My dog comes around once in awhile. I see the dog in dream he pass through the door and I am not the only one to dream about the dog. My mother tells me she dreams about the dog and it is the same day or the next day when it happens.
So do not worry or see it as a lost because nothing is lost. I am sure Teddy is close by watching over you. peace and love Jai.


answered 01 Jul '11, 00:56

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white tiger

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I lost T.grrr a few years back she was my cat she would hop up on the railing and give me hugs . She went a way suddenly without warning.One of my kids found her .
She may be gone from my psychical realm, but her memory brings me the same gladness as when she was here.
Enjoy the memories. And like most cherished things in ones life they do come back again .


answered 04 Jul '11, 20:53

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Because we're human, because pain is an inevitable part of this journey but we do have a choice how long we suffer. Because attachment is always a choice, but I think to fully participate in the human experience, there are some things or some people we choose to become attached to.

( Even though I think the Buddhist philosophy is , for the most part wonderful, I think to fully experience being human we have to become attached ( to choose not to do so means to deny your humanity) hence suffering is inevitable when that attachee( I don't think there's such a word) passes away.

It's ok Jai... you really can just grieve Teddy ( apologies, I got the name wrong), you're human and it's allowed :)


answered 05 Jul '11, 03:23

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I am sorry your cat died and you that you are grieving. I guess we need to have ballance so that we are not overly attached to this world, yet joyfull to be in it while we are here. Tap on the guilt and negative emotions. That should help a lot. I am sorry, I don't know why, and I don't want to ask. I have to be careful what I ask, because I might not like the answer.


answered 30 Jun '11, 22:46

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Fairy Princess

Hi Jai

I share your sadness and pain with you. When I have lost any of my cherished 4 leggeds over the years, the pain is HUGE.
The only thing that helps me is to try and distract myself by learning new things until eventually things become maneagble and the intensity lessens to a small blip instead of an all encompassing gut renching feeling of dispair. Be kind to yourself Jai and take things easy if you can.


answered 06 Jul '11, 11:55

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