I want to purchase subliminal videos. Can anybody suggest a good website to do so?

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Barry Allen ♦♦

http://www.centerpointe.com/ - Maybe try this website if you're looking for subliminal 'audios' they'll send you a free demo. I'm sure there are lots of others if you just google 'subliminal audios'. You could also try www.mindmovies.com/ I think they may do subliminal videos.


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I use the centerpoint meditations and highly recommend them. When you go beyond the basic series you then record your own affirmations on the CD which are subliminal.

I'm a successful sharetrader, partly because of using my own subliminal affirmations on their meditation cds.

(23 Dec '09, 07:25) shazsays

I bought a pile of Nelson Berry's Subliminal Videos a year or two back from http://attractingabundance.info/. Just can't resist trying out anything new that comes along :)

I think I bought the Love'n'Luxury and the Manifestation Master sets.

Both reasonably good actually - you watch them on your computer. Some pretty positive and inspiring images of a luxurious lifestyle in there along with the subliminals. Certainly left you feeling good about the good life, if that's the sort of thing you're interested in.


answered 22 Dec '09, 16:57

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Did you get any results that you could attribute to the subliminals?

(30 Nov '10, 05:52) Hitesh

Not that I'm aware of, but I got them mainly for curiosity. I'm always on the lookout for new interesting ways to apply universal principles. The results I get are pretty much all based on the first two manifesting experiments...after years of trying everything else :)

(30 Nov '10, 22:51) Stingray

I will second Stingray's suggestion of Nelson Berry's stuff. I have not used the ones Stingray mentioned - but used the "Intelligent Warrior" ones.

As an added benefit - when you buy his stuff, you get resale rights. Which means you can sell them to others and keep all the money. (I believe the site Stingray mentioned is doing that - or at least they have a load of affiliate links)

They are good. But, one issue I have with them is you have to actually sit down and watch them (you watch the images, listen to the sound etc). The one's I watched ranged about 10-20 minutes in length. They aren't ones where you sit on your computer doing whatever and something flashes across the screen. [That said, I found them more effective than those ones that merely flash words]


answered 22 Dec '09, 21:30

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