I found a website, http://quantum-mind-power.com/special3.htm.

On this website, it seems that if you bought their audio track wich is made of subliminal sound, you can completly change your beleif system, attract everything you want, get in a deeper relaxation state then a Zen master and so on!

Just listen to the cd for 30min. for 56 days! No will or concentration needed!

This seems fantastic but I really ask my self if you can made as drastic changes in you brain with absolutly no will?

What's your opinion on this? I suggest you to chek the website for more details. It seems very interesting!

Thank you

asked 13 Jun '11, 12:56

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Barry Allen ♦♦

When I click on a site and all I see is testimonials and prices, I get leery.

Though it might be beneficial, I think you are doing the right hinge by asking here. Then again some things work better than others.

For me the best tools in the tool box, you already have and are free. The fun part is discovering them for your self.


answered 13 Jun '11, 15:41

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Great observations :)

(14 Jun '11, 02:01) Eddie

I'm with Michael on this. I would be wary of anyone who claims to have some sort of magical fix that requires no effort at all on the part of the participant.

Personally, I believe that any kind of personal development or self growth requires some sort of effort and commitment on the part of the person partaking.

This is not to say that I think that bianural beats and subliminal technology don't work... I personally use Holosync technology. However, I know that it is only something I implement to enhance my own practice and meditation... real progress is determined by my own persistance and determination, and I am the only person who has the power to change my belief system.


answered 13 Jun '11, 20:39

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Agreed, the power is within you :)

(14 Jun '11, 02:02) Eddie

Thanks for your advice everybody;0). By the way Eddie I'm actually reading your website! It is such a good mixt of everything I need to know! When I start reading I just can't stop:0)

(14 Jun '11, 02:15) mojo
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