I finished Think and Grow Rich last week and I'm attempting to reread it and study it. However I find it difficult to begin the exercises.

I've read other self-help books and the same thing happens.

In my Jerry Seinfeld voice, "What is the deal?"

Is it that I don't truly believe? Is it self sabotage?

Your thoughts, encouragement would help very much.

Thank you in advance.

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(26 Dec '09, 07:44) Stingray

Stop being so hard on yourself, and accept and love yourself for who you are. And know that you have the power to do and be anything you want to be in life. So, start loving yourself more, and beliving in yourself more, trusting yourself more, and have faith, that you can, and you will.

You just need to believe that you are capable of self discipline, and that you are capable of meeting your goals to succeed in life. Remember, you are your own best friend, and Not your own best enemy! Know that if you want something bad enough, know that you have the power within you to achieve it, and to succeed at it.

It all has to do with the power of belief, and beliving in oneself. So, go for it, just do it, you can do it, and you will feel a whole lot better about yourself. Whatsoever it is that you put into your life, that is what you will get back out of your life. Good Luck!


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Procrastination is simply a frame of mind...people who procrastinate think they work better "under pressure"...If you are having trouble getting yourself to do something, try this trick:

1. Picture yourself all done with the task:

2.Then picture yourself praying for yourself back in the past, for the self who is procrastinating- say the prayer like this: Lord, thank you for helping me to get this job done; I just did it and it wasn't so bad after all;

3. Send the prayer back in time to you

4. Then picture yourself just starting the task, and imagine that self also praying "Thank you for helping me start this task," and send the prayer back in time to the self who is procrastinating.

5. Remember that time is meaningless in the spirit world- enforce this in your mind.

6. If you have set the intent in the future properly, you will notice that you suddenly start feeling like doing the task. When you do, act on the feeling, and get the task done.

7. As you reach each point where you had previously prayed, pray again for the person in the past who is procrastinating...this time, send the prayer back to the past.

8. This "time-loop" praying really works. As far as I know, I invented this method...it's weird, but it works!

Good luck, and blessings this Boxing Day 2009, Jaianniah


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One of the purposes of books like "Think and Grow Rich" is to help people rise above their negative attitudes and beliefs.

Many people have "stinkin' thinkin'". That means that they have patterns of thinking and beliefs that are not serving them well. They say that they want a better life for themselves, but they don't really want to make the effort required to get there. Some lack self-confidence; they don't try because they don't think they can succeed. Others actually take pride in the fact that they can "make do with less." Still others have a negative viewpoint about abundance and wealth, and look down on people who have it. Some believe that they will have to cheat, or otherwise compromise their principles.

Do any of these sound familiar? These are all attitudes that will prevent you from achieving abundance.

The Wikipedia article on procrastination is excellent. It basically lists out all of the causes of procrastination. So now you know why.

How to overcome it is simple. What would make you feel good about starting the first task? Dwell on that, and continue to dwell on it. Once you are sufficiently inspired, I think you will find yourself compelled to begin. Lather, rinse, repeat with the remaining tasks.

Come back here in a day or two and post a report of your progress. I'd love to hear how well this worked for you.


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Thank you That was really good. I think for me it's a lack of self confidence and fear of failure. I'm going to go with the feeling of memorizing the self confidence formula in Hill's book and form there thank you again.

(23 Dec '09, 18:43) Chris 2

Powerful realization came to my mind upon reading your post. It's not the problem that some effort is required. It is that people believe some effort is required. Thousand years and many less years of our lives of society scripting us in way that we have to "pay" with efforts, talents, money, for what we want. When we don't. We make it hard on ourselves, because we believe it's ought to be hard. Because what comes easy in not earned? And not earned, has no value? What a sick believe I was sold.

(26 Mar '12, 09:34) CalonLan

It is how we think of what we want to apply or learn, example: you said, "I find it hard to do the exercises." What about any exercise? How much do you really like to exercise, push ups, sit ups, etc... I'll bet you don't. But here is something about this most people don't, I am in Karate and it is the most boring part the stretching out before class, it is the work before the fun.

So we could say exercise is work, who is eager to start working? Maybe someone that is starving and knows it will bring food, but the joy of the work itself not there. Even if we say for example, "I need to make some time so I can really read this book." That is like saying I need to do this notice not I want too do this but need to, remember how children say "aww mom do I have to?" She would respond, "yes now share your toys" or something else momish. lol

So need to, have to, want to even are all negatives because if you really "wanted to" you would not want to, you would be doing already. So there are ways to get past this, one is force your self whether you like it or not grow up you have to do things you don't like to get things you do like!

Or a much better way is to get excited over it, see it as an adventure instead of as work, a chore, a task, an exercise, something that you have to, need to or want to get around to doing. If you instead see it as exciting and adventurous you do it and have to try to find time to fit other things in like, "oh I have to try to find time to watch my television show coming up."

I find the more excited about learning and applying I get the more I do, that is something I also learned millionaires do too. They are excited over their latest project to make even more money! It is such a joy that they don't have a lot of time for anything else, that is their adventure, their play time for them. For them watching television is more like work, a task, a chore, it is something that takes away from their fun.


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I have done the same myself - it's like I am deliberately holding myself away from my good. the other day I found, with horror, that I have been hoping for my business to just survive, and to just get through - and suddenly wondered what ever sort of goal was THAT! And it has been so - as I expected and hoped - I am dealing with the consequences. Now I have all this knowledge of how to make my life better and yet I still had trouble writing the script for a better life.

Self sabotage becomes a way of life, an addiction in the truest sense. I decided that there are no prizes for seeing how bad I could create my life and 'just about survive' it. I am working on a new script now.

Try Joe Dispenza's book Evolve your Brain (free download on Scribd), Thought Vibration by William Walker Atkinson free on PsiTek, and Maxwell Maltz PsychoCybenetics another free download on Scribd, and Richard Bartlett's The Physics of Miracles - Tapping Into The Field Of Consciousness Potential. Along with Abraham Hicks, these give the psychology, the chemistry, the spiritual and the Quantum - all of which tell us the same thing from different perspectives. WE design and create our lives! WE have the power ...

I'm off to write a better script and rehearse it in my mind , with faith, appreciation and joy... :>)

Belated Happy Christmas all!


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I think at this moment and time it just does not interst you. Yes lazyness is part of it in an general sense but I think it is not where you are focus at right now. You are in the learning curve of knowledge but it has to be soemthing that catches your intentions and than maybe later on you can come back to it and you would have renewed your interest because you are now on another level of vibrational frequency at a highter level.


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