It's like I can't even start doing focus blocks or faster eft or any other method. It's been like that for months and just can't push myself enough. What's the reason behind it and how can I stop procrastinate and start to enjoy doing vibrational work?

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Maybe you have a fear that these tools won't work and you will feel disappointed and frustrated afterwards. This was my reason some time ago when learning about clearing techniques. So it might be a fear of disappointment and frustration.

It can be also a fear of losing control over your life when these tools don't work for whatever reason. So at least you are safe in your current (not miserable, but not good either) vibrational state and feel safe (*"I could use these tools if I wanted to. That's good to know. I feel safe. But I won't try it out because it might be possible that these tools don't work. And if they don't work I will feel miserable. So I will stay in my vibrational comfort zone")

The solution to this kind of procrastination will usually come when you drop below your vibrational comfort level (feel miserable) because of other things that happen in your life. And then you will again be more motivated to use these tools until you reach your vibrational comfort zone again.

I would recommend you don't try to overcome procrastination. Accept that it will come a time when you will be motivated again. And when that time comes, commit to make vibrational work a daily habit.

Create a specific and strict morning ritual and commit that you will do this ritual at least 21 days. Because after 21 days you create a habit, a neural pathway in your brain. Then it will be easier to do vibrational work every day. And even if you drop that habit later, you will have established a neural pathway in your brain. So it will be easier to return to that habit again and again.

And also when you experience that this habit and your tools work consistently, your limiting beliefs about vibrational work will be dissolved.


Here is why it is important to start creating a new habit immediately when we feel that we have a little bit more will power (motivation) than usual:

I would also recommend this book for anyone interested in habit creation:


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