Honestly, I have the time, the equipment and the desire, but i procrastinate taking steps toward my goal. this is my challange now. Thank you for your answers :)

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Check out the answers here - http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/2643/why-do-we-procrastinate-disbelief-laziness

(28 Jan '11, 01:56) Michaela

Yes I know this myself too, but in me at least I recognize it as a fear of the unknown. I have a set goal but feel what if I mess this up, what if I am wrong, what if I lose money again? All this worry and fear leads to procrastination or more precisely non-action. Not acting on what I set out to do, "I don't know so I'll just do nothing, at least I know this and can't lose this." That is the talk in my mind when it comes to trying to decide what to do. On the other hand starting small and seeing the rewards is exciting and leads to I want more! for example I just wrote up the seven cures for poverty as stated in The Richest Man in Babylon, I know last time I didn't apply them but last time I did not write them out either so I am making progress.


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Thank you I'll check it out :)

(27 Jan '11, 18:59) all2gethernow

Think about how good you will feel after you push through the resistance.

Also, this one is bad that I use to do it, trying not to, but think of all the people you will out do or be ahead of because they are lazy.


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I am guilty as charged. I stay in a dream state most of the time. Contemplating complex ideas in my head to such a degree that I don't get things done that I know I should. I also feel that I use it as a defense mechanism when I feel powerless over a situation. I get a sense of control over the rebellion. My solution is to write your goals down, and hold yourself to it. Break tasks up into smaller chunks and just go for it. Thanks, that helped me too.


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Procrastination is indirectly self discipline, since you have to discipline yourself into being a procrastinator!

So, my best advice to you is to use that same energy in a positive way, and you will reverse the behavior from negative to positive to work for you not against you try it and you will see a big difference in your performance!


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Procrastination is an indication for you that perhaps you should be doing this in a different way, none at all, or it isn't the time for it just yet. So don't be hard on yourself, listen to yourself. When the time will come for you to do that task it will feel good to do it and you'd want to do it. People have been programmed to be "go getters" instead of synchronized with the flow. They're told they lack discipline if they don't do what they are supposed to be doing (by society's standard.) The thing is you'll be naturally self-disciplined when the task and time are right for you. I wouldn't force it for it would only generate repulsion.

thank you, namaste


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Brilliant! Thanks

(27 Jan '11, 18:58) all2gethernow

self discipline by whose philosophy, does it have layers
you were born with the potential for it,
do you keep it tight or let it unfold


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