If a manifestation requires significant resources (such as time and money), do I also need to manifest the required resources (via focused attention), or do the resources come automatically as a side-effect of the original manifestation?

Note: for purposes of this question, let's assume that my long-lost rich uncle doesn't miraculously emerge from the forest to provide the resources.

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No, we do not have to manifest the requirements required for a manifestation to happen. The resources do present themselves automatically in our lives. If we are aligned with our desire and we are in an allowing state, these resources will be inspired actions I call them.

In fact, I think that the requirements to a manifestation are a barrier to us manifesting things in our physical reality. To put it into context, if your desire is to own a big expensive mansion house, a lot of people get bogged down by thinking that they require let's say lots of hard earned money or winning the lottery to get the manifestation. This is NOT TRUE. There are an infinite number of ways this manifestation can happen which might not require any cash contribution from us at all.

The universe is abundant in its ways and it is our beliefs regarding the resources required which stops us in most cases from getting our desire manifested. Our focus should on the manifestation and how it would feel once it happens. The rest just happens and we will be inspired to do things that will ultimately lead towards the manifestation.

To put it in the context of the mansion house, let's say that the universe could create the circumstances (which you are inspired to follow) to unite you with your long lost rich uncle and and you get his mansion house as an inheritance, maybe if he is old...


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Pink Diamond

that was really helpful, thank you:)

(08 Jan '10, 09:26) DivineHammer

I see that as logical step manifesting, it does seem to have a valid point. For example: I map out the big goal and all the little goals to get to the big goal, thus the finer details of the little goals take the pressure off the big goal. This is sort of like, if I want to build a bridge instead of working on manifesting the bridge, I work on manifesting a board, then a bolt, then a nut, then another board, and so on until I can build my bridge piece by piece.

The problem with manifesting is, if I am broke and penniless and I want to manifest a Rolls-Royce, it is much easier to imagine manifesting a dollar. Then manifesting a few more dollars and so on until I manifest a Rolls-Royce. Easier than it is to just go for the gusto and and say I don't care if I can't even afford to eat, I am going to have a Rolls-Royce!

This is because of from our conscious awareness we see things on levels like a dollar is way closer to what we have already, so it is way easier to manifest than a Rolls-Royce is. But from a metaphysical point one thing is not harder or easier than another thing. Everything is just vibrations of light and thought. That is a lot to wrap our minds around so it does seem step manifesting is a logical work around to getting the things we really want.


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Wade Casaldi

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From a purely attraction point of view, when you are trying to "Manifest" or attract something, it never falls down from the sky to hit you suddenly on the head. What shows up is the opportunity to act. Some circumstance will show up on your doorstep (symbolically of course) that is available for you to act upon.

Now you can choose not to act on this opportunity & completely sabotage the existence of the "thing" you are trying to manifest.

This is what really happens to most of us. We ask for something, & instead of that something showing up, some un-connected event of participation shows up. Since we cannot see that the participation in this event will eventually connect the dots, we constantly walk away from the opportunities that we attract.

So we don't have to manifest the details. We only have to do the asking, and all the connecting details are taken care of by some higher power.

This higher power gives us a tool of identification called "excitement" to help us identify, which of the opportunities that are immediately available in front of us will eventually lead to the things we are trying to manifest.


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The Traveller

@Traveller, I'd like your thoughts on this question: http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/2503/what-is-the-distinction-between-raising-your-vibrational-level-and-using-your-em. Can you post an answer to it?

(29 Dec '09, 00:55) Vesuvius
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