I am currently considering remodeling my house, at a substantial monetary cost. But there is a good chance I will be living somewhere else in 5 to 10 years, because my wife and I have specific ideas about where we want to live and what kind of house we want to live in.

The future house is fundamentally different from our current house, as our current house is a two-story, and our future house is a one story (among other things).

Does the pursuit of the current remodeling of a house that doesn't match our future vision (and takes resources from that future vision) interfere with the manifestation of the future house?

asked 28 Dec '09, 17:26

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There is no metaphysical/manifestational reason at all why any vision of the future should interfere with what is happening in your now, or vice versa.

But, if you don't mind, could I make a few observations about the way you phrased your question which might give you some insights into where your beliefs on this subject currently lie?

  • You mentioned substantial monetary cost. What does using the word substantial tell you about your current feeling about your financial situation?

  • You are talking in terms of getting the real thing you want (your future house vision) in a timescale of 5 to 10 years. Why put any timescale on it? If you were to hold the vision of it and it came tomorrow, would you reject the new house? If not, then is there a self-imposed limiting belief here about timescales?

  • You are thinking in terms of only one house - the current one or the future one. Why are you talking about just one? Why not many houses scattered around in many different locations and each being a different type of house? That way it wouldn't matter what you did with your current house. You could have future houses modeled in different ways depending on your mood at the time.

The only limits that exist in our lives are those we impose on ourselves.

So while there are no universal-law reasons that what you are currently doing should affect the future, perhaps there are some indications of underlying beliefs that could be moved into a more abundant mindset?

Just a friendly suggestion :)


answered 28 Dec '09, 18:06

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