Please share your most powerful affirmations for creating wealth, abundance & prosperity. . .

asked 29 Dec '09, 21:08

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I am wealthy, abundant and prosperous

No, it's not a joke, that's all you need, combined with the absolute confidence that this statement is absolutely true.


answered 29 Dec '09, 21:12

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The Traveller

One of my favorites is from Abraham.Their is'nt anything I cannot Be,Do or have. I have a huge non-physical staff thats ready to assist me and I'm so ready.Another one I like is, I'm wealthier and wealthier every day in every way.


answered 29 Dec '09, 21:38

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Cool, an affirmation with a double-negative in it.

(30 Dec '09, 03:19) Vesuvius

You know the saying two negatives make a positive :)

(30 Dec '09, 03:59) Roy

"Money comes to me easily, and effortlessly."

Yes this is true, you have to say this affirmation several times a day, and very soon you will see the money coming into your life. Do not think where it will come from, relax, wait on the universe, and the Law of Attraction. It is like magic! Remember to share your experience with us.


answered 30 Dec '09, 03:02

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Inactive User ♦♦

Every day in every way I am getting better and better.


answered 30 Dec '09, 03:17

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One thing is for a affirmation to be good it should rhyme, it doesn't have to but rhyming is better for setting up a wave frequency you are tuning into.

With that said I'll give you one now.

Wealth comes to me, wealth comes through me, wealth surrounds me, wealth abounds me.

This is repeated over and over again, you could sing it even like a rock song if you like what ever you are tuning into this frequency.


answered 05 Jan '10, 07:23

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Wade Casaldi

The Universe is abundant! I am a money magnet. I love money and money loves me back. Thank you God for everything.


answered 05 Dec '10, 17:27

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Highest God,Highest Good,John Gozzi


answered 30 Dec '09, 03:36

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John Gozzi

I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy. See The Master Key System - Lesson 9.


answered 19 Jan '10, 23:43

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Being new to this and as with all things new, I tend to forget about affirmations:/ Then when listening to eft, the guy says “I am rich, and I chose to love and accept myself” [you then repeat this yourself out loud] and its turned out like one of those jingles you hear on the radio. Over and over it plays in my head on a loop. So although it didn’t start out to be a repetitive affirmation in itself, it has ended up being one, which is useful:) I am rich...there goes that song again!


answered 20 Jan '10, 18:48

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